Honor the Earth Pedophilia Healers

August 23, 2015


For years and years, notification after notification, children have reported sexual abuse from so called healers, medicine men, activists, indian study academic guru’s, etc.,  who are continuously allowed to pretend being advocates for preservation of 1st Nations identity, cultural traits and beliefs.

Yep, community members go silent, tribal health care workers go silent, tribal law enforcement go silent about such abuses while they all continue to put icing on the horrors and project everything is peachy for the lives that have been ruined, for the culture that has been ruined, for the beliefs and traditions that have been ruined, while those same continue to mask such illness prance about saying how their world views and ideologies will help the non-tribal communities to advance with healing.

People like Michael Dahl, Eddie Benton Banais, Leonard Crow Dog, etc. and so called academic grand poo pah’s should have, in many instances, faced judges and the judiciary system for their sexual acts against children, in place of being shifted from this position to that position, in some instances with promotions while their sick actions are passed along to the next generation of followers.

All of those same smucks want to call for federal funding , grant monies to address violence against women, sex trafficking, child abuse, alcoholism and substance abuse, mental illness. Those who speak up against such sickness are blundered, forced out of employment, stripped of services from the tribes, and degraded along with their family members.

It Is what it Is , Hate has No Logic!

Mike Dahl (middle)


Calling Child Sex Abuse a Personal Matter is about as WEAK as calling Acts of Terrorism work space violence. Lets practice the Peace and Tolerance B.S OR GE BLUNDERED !

Not unexpected from people who have had their world views and ideologies altered by the American Indian Movement Old Guard Mentality and fear being blundered as the teachings of AIM dictates when  cash crop icons  are threatened and called out to be accountable and responsible for VIOLENT SICK ACTIONS ….

Wino is just as much an enabler as those who are too weak to voice out sickness for what it is.

How about a peacemaker and sentencing circle to establish bonding between the pedophile sicko’s and the children they have assaulted , just great for addressing the trauma seeded into the child’s soul  ,  eh?

Q: Where does a child turn after community, health services, law enforcement have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to justice for the sickness and hatred witnessed by those children?

A: Alone in a dark corner of their room , trying to figure out why their life is so meaningless to those who are suppose to be protecting them.

Looking for a way out of Life because of the Betrayal !


Board of Directors for Wellness in the Woods with Wino na’s

cherished and nurtured Medicine Man of White Earth, Mike Dahl

Juanita BlackHawk (top right)

Mike Dahl (bottom left)

blackhawk and dahl

Caution to those who try  to hold people accountable and responsible for their actions,  or be the next to be shoved out of the Door, falsely arrested, along with other attempts to blunder you into submission.

These same working groups of so called Spirituality and Healing now want to bring such B.S to the doorstep of U.S Veterans and other non-tribal community needs (main-stream america)  for Mental Illness/Wellness Healing.

As mentioned in my previous blog, just ask Al Franken!
blackhawk and franken

Saturday Night Live Comedian AL and Rick Nolan’s push for increase of Veterans Services and Rural Mental Health Services has taken on a new TWIST …. Wellness Groups with WRAP agenda’s that equate to Shake and Bake, Traveling Medicine Men concoction cures that can fix anything from dry spells to toe corns! , under the pretense of,  and coined as “Holistic Healing” , which is the  modern times and trends of cultural appropriation of ancestry’s teachings that have been twisted over the years by the pan ameircan and new age identity altering scripts.

“Our organization is committed to weaving Wellness Recovery Action Planning into the fabric of our system of care, so we can provide alternatives and a holistic framework to support individuals through their journey towards wellness and recovery.” ~Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery – Developer of WRAP~

Seinfeld – Holistic Healer Scene for your Journey, as per the end of the video , to the hospital, nut house or grave, if one does not conform to acceptance of the peace and tolerance programming.



More Shake and Bake to assist the Veterans and non-tribal community


Seriously, the Soldiers of this county that continue to witness the mental anguish from action from their services DO_NOT need such B.S that has been administered to NDN Country since the 70’s.

Especially from those  within the Nations who have Totally Failed the Youth while pursuing their careers of recognition and grandeur at the expense of enabling the total breakdown of family structure in our communities because of their silence.

These posers who claim to be representatives of Ancestry’s Expectations, are  right in line with that Syrian Peddlers Son who re-branded the American Indian Movement by creating LastRealIndians / LR Inspire.


lriGlorifying the Hanging of Priest , just what the youth need for inspiration eh?

If anyone believes Rick Nolan and Al Franken who sit under the umbrella of James Abourezk  are_not_aware of what is happening OR believe those same, are_not_promoting the continuance since the 70’s, of  the same crap onto Native Communities , with the intent to bring such Sick Chit onto Main Stream America ….  Do Your HomeWork !!!!

Wellness in the Woods fb dialog , worth a review




Joe Wade: in closing you say “We do not offer spiritual teachings only connect individuals and communities with resources”

that is such a line of deception, here is one of your promoted events through working groups, you should add to the place matt a UFO object for this shake and bake concoction of new age native teachings with the abalone shell for smudging, asema medicine pouch, and whatever other spices of superstition laid on that matt within that circle of paper plates with fluffy words for seduction.

please re-check your evidence based ethical practice barometer , it is very evident you are a few bars above zero with all this craziness.


Lot of Wellness and Healing Going on  eh?

When You Believe in Things You Don’t Understand, Then You Suffer!

Superstition Ain’t the Way ….

~Superstition – Stevie Wonder~

Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor


How about getting back to the basics by remembering

when spirituality is abused, Illness follows ….


Get Ready for the upcoming Medical Marijuana Twinkies 

to go with the newest crock pot scripts –  to slow cook minds


One thing is certain with cultural appropriators, whether tribal or non , they hang together and  take no prisoners, everyone is game from the child to Vet to the Elder.


WCCO News – What a Crock of Crap Onomatophobia journalists

August 11, 2015

Onomatophobia:  A Fear of words because of their significance.

What is WCCO News Fearful of ????



Banned from WCCO News fb site after,

WCCO Deletes Comment Replies

at: https://www.facebook.com/CBSMinnesota/posts/10153619988903825




jw Joe Wade How about if we just toss them off the cliff, or send them down the river face down as ancestry did , I am talking the real deal of 1st Nations judicial practices :)

in place of going with the state and county mutual agreements of understanding with Tribal Courts with the intent to bring so_called_traditional native american judiciary practices into state and county courts with Peacemaker TRIBUNALS and holistic Healing CIRCLES. Lets just wave a feather over the sicko’s heads and have everyone sit in circles giving each other hugs eh?

Peace and Tolerance , coming to your doorstep main stream ameirca under the cloak of so called traditional native american values, beliefs and practices created by the pan-ameircn movement initiated in the early 70’s with the american indian movement , during the same years the pan-arab movement in the arab/persian countries was imitated through the Baath Party (PLO) that transformed the world views, ideologies and beliefs into so called peace and tolerance….

Isn’t it just great that the Dept. of Justice (DOJ) under the Obama administration has soooo many people at the helm who are of OR WHO_ARE proponents of the Muslim Faith …. Get It?

spearheaded by the same idiot who directed the pan-american indian identity altering scripts through the Ameircan Indian Movement t, who also directed the pan-arab movement , during the same years when he was in the 70’s the 1st u.s diplomat after the days of the 6day war to enter the israel/palestine concerns, of course in support of the Baath Party ….

Here is a bit on that Syrian Peddlers son today and how his efforts are being propagated by the media ….

My Voice: Is death penalty too costly for taxpayers?
An opinion piece by James Abourezk


jw Joe Wade sustainability my arse! , it’s about shoving peace and tolerance down the throat of main stream america …. just ask Al Franken :)

[End of FB Replies Deleted by WCCO]


 Reiterating my comment reply at the Arugus Leader 

to Assborek’s editorial “My Voice”


jw Joe Wade  Hey SCUM BAG, Yes we are still walking around, even with your continued attempts to give us dirt naps …. as said before get the hell out of our camp!!!

Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

“For example, Since the 70’s Abourezk has advocated support for the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) , Symbionese Liberation Army (SLA) and developed many working relationships with terrorist icons in the Arab states, the Ukraine, Cuba , etc …. , he was the 1st u.s diplomat to enter negations with Islamic icons since after the days of the 6day Arab/Israel war in support of terrorist groups.

In the 70’s Abourezk with his working groups advocated for a terrorist held in Israel to be released, resulting in that person being flown to Jim Jones of the people’s temple, Jim Jones during those days also held working relationships with Dennis Banks and AIM.

It was during these days Abourezk started categorizing Palestine people as “indigenous” in order to garnish support for islamic terrorist icons from 1st Nations people on this continent, to this day Abourezk and working groups continue to promote those of Islamic Ideologies and worldviews as “indigenous people”.

Where is Syrian James Abourezk today in all this mess? , Sitting next to Obama and Valarie Jarret as an adviser for foreign policy, along with Bill Ayres, Ward Churchill working groups, in support to the recreate a Islamic Caliphate (ISIS), while the media and Obama’s gov. handlers push to change the ideology of americans by classifying current islamic attackers in our country today as “mental illness” …..

this country is full of basket cases that actually buy into their b.s script of social manipulation chaos.” …. https://jpwade.wordpress.com/2015/01/13/abourezks-tin-soldiers-creating-1st-nations-hate-machines/


With Regard and Respect …. Listen !!!!

Scott Kayla Morriosn

(murdered 2 weeks after this speech)

Part 1

Part 2


Oshki-agojin Gathering

July 26, 2015


The Oshki-agojin Gathering existed for 4 years, organized & conducted souly through volunteer interest and efforts. The Oshki-agon Gathering & Grounds closed it’s fires on what would have been it’s 5th year of activity since the local indian council planned and  initiated it’s 1st PoW Wow to be held next door on the baseball field, on the annual dates of the Oshki-agon Gathering.

“the assertion of imperialism in conjunction with cultural appropriation lays the foundation for cultural genocide. the dominant meanings of another’s society renders the particular perspective of one’s own group invisible, at the same time, that  group is stereotyped , morphed, transformed into something other than it’s origins.

the dominating group’s world views, ideologies and perspective of reality is elevated, sanctioned, and universalized and becomes the norm that the other is obligated to accommodate.


2015-  14th  Onigum Traditional Powwow – Advertised as the 17th


The Big Lemon at the Lemon Aid Stand


Under the Pretense of Healing

Other Local POW WOW Moments this season

* Dishing Out Dollar Bills to the Youth –

* Street Dancing to the tune of Michael Jackson


Money Don’t Let It Fool Ya!


Truth and Reconciliation Healing – Pick Your Flavor

July 19, 2015


When You Believe in Things You Don’t Understand, Then You Suffer!

Superstition Ain’t the Way ….

~Superstition – Stevie Wonder~

The truth and reconciliation psychotherapy brainwashing scripts have quite the affiliates with mountains and mountains of so called holistic healers (click for list).

Take your pick of flavor, Vincent LaDuke’s (SunBear) acid dropping hippie commune BearTribe and Children medicine wheel and astrology rhetoric, Phil Lane Jr’s Bahai’s (offshoot of islam) influenced talking sticks and answering feathers, Eddie Benton Banais (who recently declared all 1st nations of this continent as Anishinabe and that he is the direct bloodline of the knight temples) freemason influenced midewin which includes Billy BlackWell Sr’s hype of spirituality and ufo mix. Dave Courchene’s twinkie mix at his so called turtle lodge (which also includes bahais and fremason symbology and influence). All tied together with Circles of Healing as per the muslims at the top of the DOJ (Maha Jeweid who btw did child custody cases in Jordan as part of her internship before going to England) and her sidekick Mohamed Shahabuddeen that were instrumental with implementing Sharia Law in England …..

All to create tribal / non-tribal judiciary, education, health service systems through mutual agreements of understanding with state and county administrations …. under the pretense of 1st nations values, cultural traits and beliefs ….

It really is a Joke that people are having their world views, identity and ideologies altered by scripts while trashing 1st Nations identity, social manipulation scripts that tie all the way back to the early 70’s by people like that syrian peddlers son James Abourezk ….

Welcome to the latest and greatest of Kool-Aid BrainWashing!!!!


A morphed brainwashing model of the Jim Jones Peoples Temple  ….

James Abourezk – Jim Jones – Dennis Banks

Deja Moo! eh?

Anyone who believes this White Bison org b.s (which ties back to all that mentioned above ) shake and bake concoction for Circles of Healing will create any form of sound foundation to preserve identity MUST HAVE ROCKS IN THEIR HEAD!


 Chief” Bemidji – Truth and Reconciliation 

Bemidji City Council April 20th – Bemidji Plaque Content – Video

Bemidji City Council June 15th – Citizen Reply to Bemidji Council – Video


Shameful and Discouraging ….

Good Hearted People being Played like FOOLS!



Pick a Photo – for More Info



**** The Self Serving will never understand what a True Gentleman is about ****


“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People’s beliefs, values and traditions.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”


Those who appropriate are in reality, Not_Standing with Ancestry of the Nations

Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation – Hiding Truth

July 12, 2015

Peacemaker Tribunals for State & County Courts

Does the American judiciary system need such foolishness from that Syrian Peddlers son James Abourezk’s working group through Maha Jewied (doj) and her side kick Mohamed Shahabuddeen who are working so diligently creating the groundwork to sneak foreign law (sharia law) in the future , into the state and county court systems through Tribal court mutual agreements of understanding with the pretense of “so called traditional” native american judicial practices with peacemaker tribunals and holistic healers ????


The Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation startup was sponsored by Bemidji Leads,  and hosted by the BSU’s American Indian Resource Center.

Becky LaPlante, of the Blandin_Foundation, has been working on a similar effort, the Circle_of_ Healing being carried out by a group from the Grand Rapids, Minnesota area.

 The Circle_of_ Healing BRAIN WASHING Team  was Initiated in the early 1970’s with the likes of (SunBear) Vincent LaDukes Bear Tribe & Bear Children at an experimental college, Davis University / Berkley,  Mr. Bahais Phil Lane jr Four Winds Nature Institute through the Seattle Bahais and other government handler, hand picked so called spiritual leaders, such as Eddie Benton Banais of Three Council Fires & David Courchene of the Turtle Lodge.

Mountains and Mountains of 1st Nations Cultural Appropriation click to view Circle_of_ Healing Workshops
 A licensed social worker, Moren holds the master’s degree in counseling and psychotherapy from Adler Graduate School, bachelor’s degree in social work from Bemidji State University and associate of arts degree from Itasca Community College and attended Grand Rapids High School.
She is a commissioner with the Human Rights Commission for the City of Grand Rapids.  Moren is a graduate of the Blandin Community Leadership Program (2000) and has held a wide range of leadership roles, including Circle_of_Healing.

Delete, Hide, Bury the Truth at all costs to protect the cause

The Old Guard Mentality and Indoctrination attributes

The Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation  Dog and Pony Shows’ Horse barely got out of the gate before the Horse Tripped, Stumbled and fell on its face with deception.

Truth and Reconciliation , LOL !!!!

Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation June 9 fb post

  • l Linsey Marie [McMurrin] > Mike, we’d appreciate hearing more about your thoughts. We need input from local community members– that is the phase we are in at this point. Please fill out the survey if you haven’t already and there is space to share your thoughts there, as we t… See More

jw Joe Wade  > the means at which the bemidji plaque context was delivered to the public, gives a great indication of the character of this so called truth and reconciliation group …. expect teh same more smoke and mirrors, deception and lies …. Que Sera Sera

  • btr Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation > We are pleased with the perseverance of the Shaynowishkung Statue committee and their steadfastness to include historical context on the plaques, and thank them for their work. While we are supporters, we are not affiliated with their committee. We encourage interested community members with constructive feedback to contact us or attend planning meetings as we move forward.
  • jw Joe Wade  > do not take me for a fool, not affiliated eh?, twist and spin any way you like :)
  • btr Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation > Certainly not sir, we encourage you to do your own research if need be. Miigwech!
  • jw Joe Wade  > so exactly whom am i texting with, i.e who is the Truth and Reconciliation committee/members representing this fb social media site?
  • btr Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation > Page administrators are Linsey McMurrin, Michael Meuers, and Anton Treuer. I can be reached via email at linsey@peacemakerresources.org if you would like to learn more.
  • jw Joe Wade  > LMAO! , EXACTLY !!!!
  • jw Joe Wade  > are you speaking of Linsey McMurrin who with Mark Olsen the pastor , both of the WTC who teamed up with Dennis Banks during “their” accusations towards Walker Mn. WHA school district, Walker town and sheirff’s department SCREAMING and trying to label them as RACIST back in 2012 , that working group that started throwing out generational trauma in their review and needs to address the social chaos script that was put into play while trying to avoid accountability and responsibility for a few kids that assaulted sheriff deputies at the WHA school , to garnish sympathy to try and shove down the throats of the non-native community that cultural sensitiviy teachings needed to be put into play to fix a few out of control teens that got arrested for assaulting Cass County Sheriff Officers .
    that same working group who then brought into the Onigum community Audrey Thayer and Al Nygard (a Spirit Lake Counsler for healing) for reconciliation between the tribal non tribal communities …. Heck Thayer’s spirit dish did not even cool off , before she was outright lying when questioned at that meeting about her claims on police profiling in Bemidji and calling northern minnesota the birmingham of the north …. all tied to Larry Aitkin, Elaine Fleeming, Lenore Barsness, Anton Treuer, Sally Finday, etc, etc, etc …. and the followers of the secret grand medicine society of Eddie Benton Banais with his midewiwin freemason influenced grand poo pah spirituality con …. as said …. do not take me for a fool: next i will be hearing your working groups efforts are in no way affiliated with Sandy White Hawk and White Bison org’s morphed teachings from Mr. Bahis (offshoot of islam beliefs) Phil Lane Jr and working groups who all tie back as tin soldiers to that Syrian peddler son James Abourezk (adviser to Obama), Maha Jewied (DOJ) along with Mohamed Shahabuddeen …. Get Real eh?
  • jw Joe Wade  > 7-1-15 Indian Country Today – Imagining Reconciliation: Bemidji Group Works Toward Common Ground – ” Linsey McMurrin, Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe, is on the staff at Peacemaker_Resources, Inc., another group invited to participate. “When we talk about historical trauma, people think that’s all in the past. What they don’t understand is that it’s also ongoing. That piece really needs to be brought to the forefront. So many people dismiss the concerns that Indian people and their allies have about historical trauma,”
    **** September 2014 U.S. Department of Justice & U.S. Department of the Interior Expert Working Group Report: Native American Traditional Justice Practices [PEACEMAKERS] – Maha_Jweied – Access to Justice Initiative – U.S. Department of Justice
    “Transferring Practices to Non-Native American Communities Brett Taylor, Deputy Director, Center for Court Innovation Brett Taylor described the Center for Court Innovation’s (the Center) Tribal Justice Exchange, which, in addition to working with tribes to instill problem-solving justice principles into their Tribal justice systems, seeks to identify practices in Tribal courts that could translate to state court systems.While on a site visit to the Navajo Nation to help plan and launch the first community court”
    **** Tribal Healing to Wellness Courts – prepared by the Tribal Law and Policy Institute – 2002 The treatment plan is designed to provide the individual with insight, understanding and empowerment so that he/she can begin to make choices that are beneficial to him/her and his/her community. Treatment should provide the individual with an opportunity to:
    • Succeed in changing his/her perception of his/her place and goals in the world; • Practice healthy, life-affirming choices
    Evaluate his/her role as trouble-maker vs. PEACE_MAKER; and
    • Build a bridge back into the community GROUP PROCESSES Becoming a contributor to the group helps the participant to heal. The group is the place where the individual is asked to PRACTICE PEACE AND TOLERANCE and to “feel” other persons’ feelings.
    The group provides an opportunity for the participants to develop a community for themselves. By helping each other regain balance and create positive roles, the participants can establish a sense of value for themselves.
    **** in closing, Get It? “a nation can not be totally conquered until it’s identity , beliefs and values are altered to serve the dominate” ~Choupique~
  • jw Joe Wade > Linsey, should we discuss the Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation script and how it coincides with the upcoming mutual agreements of understanding between state/county and tribal entities and how those agreements are being set up to coincide with the recent proposed indian child welfare act regulations, the new tribal recognition guidelines, obama’s grand idea of tribal economic development as mentioned during the xmass tree lighting week , that has up to this point turned into pot farming, eric holder’s justice reform who has Maha Jewied at the helm for wellness courts (county/tribal court agreements already in play) which will eventually include peacemaker concepts into tribal courts while at the same instance trying to contaminate the county courts with so called native justice and healing , obama’s generation i youth programs, all tied neatly together with the latest and greatest brainwashing scripts from White Bison org through with Sandy White Hawk and her quazi fruitloop holistic healing con’s that date all the way back to the early 70’s that have TOTALLY FAILED THE YOUTH and totally screwed up the identity of the Nations …..
    Not that this Truth and Reconciliation working group should be concerned, because addressing such correlations would mean having to take hands out of the Federal Funding Pie ….. Keep it up, you guys are doing a great job at enhancing and promoting Self Genocide, while the non-tribal people in support of all this craziness are led to believe they are assisting the Nations with healing …. Que Sera Sera …. What a JOKE!
**** UPDATE ****
**** July 20, 8 days after publishing this blog entry ****
This is Not Part of this FB Dialog in this blog entry ****
Turtle Talk FB Site Post that correlates my last reply above to Linsey Marie [McMurrin] about ICWA , joint jurisdiction, wellness courts, peacemakers , etc ….
and my previous comment in those fb replies –  ” who all tie back as tin soldiers to that Syrian peddler son James Abourezk (adviser to Obama), Maha Jewied (DOJ) along with Mohamed Shahabuddeen …. Get Real eh?


screen capture below from Columbia Law Schoo WebSite
Closing Note for this Update:
May 2013:  Standing Rock [where Obama visited the following year] and Oglala Sioux tribes protested through letters submitted to Congress and the Department of the Interior the first week of May. Tribal representatives from Standing Rock also travelled to Washington D.C. to meet and discuss the disapproval of the original agenda. Since then, the agenda has changed. Kevin Washburn, the new Assistant Secretary – Indian Affairs will be attending the Summit and former Sen. James Abourezk, who was key in the development of ICWA, will be participating as well. “We’re pleased that the agenda has been amended in significant ways,” Iron Eyes said in an interview with Indian Country Today Media Network. Along with the inclusion of Abourezk participating, the agenda will now include a section to address funding among the tribes for ICWA related issues. “I would like to see direct funding so we can do it ourselves,” Brewer said in a phone interview with ICTMN in reference to Native foster care systems. http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2013/05/13/great-plains-icwa-summit-hoping-address-native-foster-care-concerns-149326 AND Feb 2015: Obama Moves Tribes from Discretionary to non-discretionary for  contract support of IHS
One thing about shining the light on Roaches, they scatter, get in a hurry & make mistakes as they try to push their agenda’s forward, ahead of schedule :)
  • Kathleen Blanc > Scott and I are most interested in participating in Healing Circles where there is speaking and listening in respectful, deep ways. We know how to both set and hold sacred space where there is only One. We are deeply, deeply grateful to have this opportunity to be vehicles for community healing with indigenous people who are also reaching out to us. Thank you.
  • jw Joe Wade  >  healing circles, talking sticks, answering feathers were introduced into 1st nations beliefs, culture and traditions by Mr. Bahais Phil Lane Jr. back in the 70’s , who is in no way a traditional lakota as he claims to be as that of his father Phil Lane, keep in mind the Bahais is an offshoot of Islam. might want to do your research on that …. . as far back as the 70’s Phil and his Bahais working groups have been contaminating 1st nations beliefs and teachings, those groups who btw were directly involved with the initiation of the indian child welfare act (icwa) through the Seattle Bahais creation of the DayBreak Center (now the United Tribes) & that Syrian peddlers son James Abourezk (who’s son Charlie was at the home where Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was beaten raped the night before she was exucuted by AIM, as per the directives of AIM leadership, and Charlie and leadership to this day are directly tied to the lakota peoples project, lastrealindians, all who are pushing the “Truth and Reconciliation Scripts” , and keep in mind the working relationships of those same people who tie back to Vincent LaDuke’s (Winona LaDuke’s father) Bear Tribe and Children that was conjured at the Davis University experimental college, that bear clan that gained its thrust through acid dropping , pot smoking hippie communes, that college where dennis banks became chancellor during his days of working with Jim Jones of the People’s temple …. . Neat to have such a foundation for healing circles now being administered through “Truth and Reconciliation” identity altering scripts laid out by twisted government handlers such as James Abourezk eh? …. spiritual seduction at its finest under the pretense of healing & truth …. . here are a few notes you might want to research before trusting that so called healing circles , which in reality are coercive persuasion tactics , https://jpwade.wordpress.com/…/birth-of-pan-american…/ Linsey McMurrin, Michael Meuers should have caught on by now of who they are working with, Anton Treuer and Mike Meyers have been at for years and know exactly what they are doing ….

    addition to blog entry “Abourezk’s Tin Soldiers -…
  • Kathleen Blanc > Blessings to you, Joe, on your sacred journey. I trust the heart connection that is being called forth by the Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation group. I honor that you do not. We each get to choose our path. I have chosen. Thank you.
  • jw Joe Wade  > so you are co-creator of Heartwoods Healing Center …. curious just exactly what you give back aside from a product to sell …. Onjinee AND do not get it twisted  for real? , one thing i have learned over the years, appropriators hang with appropriators, it is just the nature of their being …. even more vile when the quazi fruitloop shake and bake is added …. https://www.facebook.com/kathleen.blanc.9/posts/635612239782805
  • jw Joe Wade   > Kathleen, your spiritual seduction rant is a great example of the pan-american cultural traits mention in my comments to the U.S Department of Interior / Bureau of Indian Affairs for the proposed ICWA regulations …. As for your comment “Blessings to you, Joe, on your sacred journey” TAKE YOUR TRAVELING MEDICINE MAN CURES ALL SPIRITUAL COW CRAP ELSEWHERE. , Take a Hint eh :)

    Anishianbee_MOO_win  by Anton Treuer as per the teachings of  Eddie Benton Banais 3 Council Fires Midewiwin Lodge, Banais who recently declared himself a direct bloodline decedent of the Knight Templar’s.

    Another Minnesota Trusting Political Person Being USED AND ABUSED  with this social manipulation and judiciary system con put into play by the Obama Administration , through Valarie Jarrett and James Abourezk, Bill Ayres , etc …. 


    Why Treaties Matter was implemented as part of the reconciliation for the Walker Minnesota Walker-Hackensack-Akley (WHA school district) bogus RACISM ACCUSATIONS by  Linsey Marie [McMurrin] working groups –
    “Why Treaties Matter” is made possible by a partnership with ICC and the Circle of Healing, a local cross-cultural/generational group. Support for the project was provided by the Blandin Foundation, Minnesota State Colleges and Universities and the Northland Foundation.
    Representing Circle of Healing, Barb Sanderson, of Grand Rapids, explained how much of the information offered through the project often goes untaught even within schools in close proximity of reservations. .



    If people want to sit back and watch James Abourezk & BJ Jones advisers of the Lakota Peoples Law Project , along with the likes of Chase Iron Eyes, Madonna ThunderHawk, Bill Means and the entourage of their AIM Indoctrinated militant tin soldiers oppress people with their  agenda’s under the pretense of cultural preservation and ancestry’s expectations, DO_NOT EXPECT any truth & reconciliation OR Healing to occur.Welcome to the next level of the pan-american MILITANT islamic indian identity alteration script, NOW BEING PLAYED OUT ON MAIN STREAM AMERICA. THAT SAME SCRIPT THAT HAS BEEN PLAYED OUT ON 1ST NATIONS UNDER THEIR LEAD SINCE THE 1970’S.Currently being administered from Obama’s Islamic loving team thorough Minnesota Gov. Dayton, hollywierd hand picked AL Franken (current seat on U.S Indian Affairs) , Congressman Rick Nolan, Betty McCullen, etc …. etc ….

    Feb 2012 – Anishinabe Legal Services (Paul Day) try to use Elder Code attempt to try and implement BANISHMENT AS A TOOL TO OPPRESS 1ST NATIONS PEOPLE, followed up with  ABUSING the Leech Lake Tribal Court with BJ Jones of the Lakota Peoples Law Project that tried to attach BANISHMENT TO A BOGUS CIVIL ISSUE

    Oct 2012 – BJ Jones of the Lakota Peoples Law Project ABUSES Leech Lake Tribal Court WITH Paul Day of Anishinabe Legal Services (now judge for leech lake) to try and attach banishment to a bogus civil issue conducted in the Leech Lake Tribal Court.


    Who will be Next, to be Selected for Punishment  , to try and make the punished  kneel on a rug facing the east to commit their soul to illness ?

    If people can not see how these working groups will USE AND ABUSE county and tribal court MUTUAL AGREEMENTS OF UNDERSTANDING  to oppress people (JUST AS THAT ABOVE)  YOU MUST HAVE ROCKS IN YOUR HEAD !!!

    <<<< In Closing – a Random Thought >>>>

    Circle of Healing-Grand Rapids Ohio Group- Toledo Drum Circle Meetup Wednesdays

    In 711a.d Islam invaded Spain by crossing the Straight of Gibraltar as per the continuance of Mohammad’s Arab Conquest. 374 yrs later, in 1085 when Toledo Spain fell while under the rule of Islam (Al-Andalus), it opened an avenue to free people  from Islamic Rule , there is much to be said for Spanish (Toledo) Steel ….


    celtic-cross-1The LeJeune Family name is first found in Brittany (formally Armorica, the Celtic Tribes of Veneti (Gaul) , Curiovolitae, and the Asismii) , where the family held a family seat since ancient times **** . .


    July 21 – UpDate –

    Such Honorable and Noble traits eh?

    Keep in mind over 1/2 dozen AIM members testified to the actions of the murderers.

    Since when is it a political issue to cherish support from  an organization who’s members were directly involved with the  murderers of a Native Woman who was raped, beaten until her teeth fall out, then had a  bullet put in the back of her head while she prayed for her children, then tossing her to the winter elements to die a political issue.

    Great Bunch to have support from eh?, while people who cherish such support, try to justify their affiliation with  sick people.

    Bemidji Truth and Reconciliation Deletes more Truths from its FB Site

    Sickness at it’s Finest !!!!The Maine Wabanaki tribe mentioned in the lakota peoples law project post (below) promoted by the Bemidji Truth & Reconciliation group , are family relations of Annie Mae.

    Those family members  have been targeted by the likes of the LPLP, Sandy White Hawk of White Bison org and working groups to be USED AND ABUSED to promote and garnish support through the Truth and Reconciliation script that is being applied towards the new  …. proposed Indian Child Welfare  (ICWA) Regulations …..


    Image1jwJoe Wade > noticed and promoted by chase iron eyes of the Lakota Peoples Law Project who supports the AIM members who murdered a a Mikmaq Woman , Annie Mae Pictou Aquash , such pride in recognition from such people is an insult to family , community and the Nations , especially family such as Denise Pictou Maloney the daughter of Annie Mae.

    Keep in mind Madonna ThunderHawk of the LPLP slapped Annie Mae around during interrogations during the same time AIM memebers raped her, beat her till her teeth fell out , then executed Annie Mae the following morning with a bullet to the back of her head while she prayed for her children, then dumped her body as if she was garbage. Keep in mind the advisor of the LPLP James Abourezk’s son Charlie Abourezk was at Bill Means house that nite AIM leadership ordered the execution , that nite before the Dawn Annie Mae was executed …. They all lied for 25+ yrs to everyone …. great bunch of people to hold honor from for recognition eh? Great bunch of people to be proud of for promoting this truth and reconciliation eh ?

    Received a response – That is a Political Issue,

    Really?  – Truth and Reconciliation ????

    It Takes a Really Sick Mind and demented morals and ethics to call such a Political Issue , no matter what a persons heritage or personal beliefs are.



    7-25, 2015 update for info links of current events discussed in this blog entry

    Feb 2015 – push to remove oversight of tribal health services (non-discretionary – will allow instances such as Spirit Lake Child Services to continue without congressional intervention)


    April 2015 – push to alter tribal enrollment criteria  (increasing membership by reducing blood quantum to zero?)


    Feb 2015 – push for tribes to farm marijuana July 2015 – push for tribes to allow “recreational use of marijuana”


    July 2015 – push to reduce federal tribal recognition criteria – making way for new reservations (landless reservations?)


    July 2015 – push to allocate more funding for joint jurisdiction (wellness courts, healing circles & peacemaker con’s)


    July 2015 – push to allow tribes to take ownership of children – proposed icwa regulations that create an avenue to harvest children for federal funding oppertunities.



May 30, 2015

One of the primary aspects of a sound Spiritual Foundation; is the ability to confront some of humanities ugliest illness’s eye to eye head on, without tossing your cookies, to contain or kill it off, while_not_allowing your world views and ideologies to be compromised or consumed, to serve “it”. That above is a primary concept not_being given to the youth with teachings such as that of Eddie Benton Banais’s Spin about 7 Grandfathers & 7th/8th Generation Prophecies (or whatever generation it is suppose to be nowadays) , Phil Lane Jr’s Talking Circles along with Leonard ShowDog SunDance ceremonies mixed teachings for When the Condor meets the Eagle Prophecies , nor from the recent conjured White Bison Org indoctrinated HOG WASH based on healing for so called Generational Trauma. Welcome to “their continuance” of Myth, Lies & Deception that fall right in line with the new ager teachings  of Vincent LaDuke’s Bear Tribe and Bear Children and Dave Courchene’s Mud Turtle Lodge’s Seven Sacred Laws and the Eight Paths of the Medicine Wheel.

Which is one reason WHY total collapse of identity is resulting for the youth who are con’d into following the supremacy teachings and everything is peaches and creme teachings from those with self serving agenda’s.

Over the past 40yrs The spiritual shake and bake by those previously mentioned has not done squat for reducing the violence on one another in the communities. DO_NOT EXPECT any change to occur by such institutionalized rhetoric , that is except for the statistics of violent crime and assaults on one another to continue escalating for those who follow “their” lead.

The anger and hatred witnessed , from those who have taken the hook line and sinker of those quazi fruit-loop teachings, that have come to the realization they have been betrayed,  far exceeds the anger and hatred those kids had before being con’d into the brainwashing hype.


Programed for failure to ensure the continuance of Federal Funding that is promoting Self-Genocide while people pretend to call for accountability and responsibility of ill acts, the continuance of brainwashing programing scripts  through the likes of that  Syrain Peddlers son James Abourezk >  Mohamed Shahabuddeen & Maha Jweied who continue to set the stage for altering world views, ideologies and  beliefs to garnish support of Sharia Law…. do your research ….


“The history of Islam in West Africa can be explained in three stages, containment, mixing, and reform. In the first stage, African kings contained Muslim influence by segregating Muslim communities, in the second stage African rulers blended Islam with local traditions as the population selectively appropriated Islamic practices, and finally in the third stage, African Muslims pressed for reforms in an effort to rid their societies of mixed practices and implement Shariah.” ~Margari Hill, Stanford University, January 2009~ ( Hill is Muslim, and Director of Muslim Anti-Racism Collaborative – muslimarc org)

sharia lawNative American Courts: Precedent for an Islamic arbitral system * In the United States today, there is a system of courts which is just outside of the federal and state court systems, known as the American Indian Tribal Courts. The Tribal Courts deal with criminal, civil and family court issues, and have their own lawyers, judges, and court officials. The Muslim Community can learn from the experience of the American Indian Tribal Court System as we attempt to implement Muslim Family Law in North America. (….)
Family Courts Since our concern is primarily with family law, let us examine some issues of family law in tribal courts. The same matters considered to be part of Muslim family law (marriage, divorce, support, custody, adoption, legitimacy, abuse etc.) are covered in tribal courts. (….) In 1978, the U.S. Congress passed the Indian Child Welfare Act, which radically changed the relationship between state courts and tribal courts. One result was that tribal courts had greater jurisdiction in the placement of adopted Indian children. Many tribal courts were created just to take advantage of the greater powers given then by the Indian Child Welfare Act. (….)
Numerous local and regional social service organizations have been created to address problems of American Indians and work with tribal courts. In short, a vast network of support organizations has been developed which strengthens the tribal court apparatus. Although the Muslim community in North America is vastly different from the Indian community, I feel that in developing a plan for the implementation of Muslim family law, we can in some ways imitate the paradigm of the tribal court system and its supporting network. In particular, I recommend that as a first step, supporting organizations dealing with Islamic family law be established immediately. A professional association of Muslims in the law field (of whatever specialty) is a must. A law school students’ support group should be formed, and Muslim youth should be encouraged to enter this field. A second step would be to establish institutes in the U.S. which can supplement legal education with courses in Islamic family law. At the same time, pressure should be put on law schools to include courses in Shariah taught by Muslims…. (extracted in part from here)

for additional information – note blog entries

Mar. 2015 – Birth of Pan-American Islamic – Indians

Jan. 2015 – Abourezks Tin Soldiers – Creating 1st Nations Hate Machines

SUCH A JOKE ON the Nations it is , All in the name of hanging a Plaque of recognition on the wall to Gawk at!

People that follow the “Institutionalized Pool of Teachings from HOG’s FULL of HOT GAS , can stay in the pool , that is their choice …. just saying :)


Proposed ICWA Regulations Rant – May 7, 2015

Recorded by Drew Nicholas who is producing the Blood Memory Documentary


Edit Version


Our Fires Precede “their” Ink and Paper

May 17, 2015

lltc graduation**** Bemidji Pioneer FB Link https://www.facebook.com/bemidjipioneer/posts/10153855563299951


Our Fires Precede “their” Ink and Paper Stupid Can Not Fix Stupid !!!! Bemidji Pioneer – VIDEO: Tribal College grads look to Future



Charwood has no regard or respect towards those who assisted and prompted him to



Remember Gary,

What was Given,

Was not Meant,








repost deleted





censored 2


Our Fires Precede “their” Ink & Paper
Which is a Funny Thing about Truth  eh?

Link to the Bemidji Pioneer Dialog


A Call to Seventh Day Adventist Child Sex Abuse Victims

April 28, 2015


Pedophile Network – “Currently they are focused on third world and Aboriginal First Nations children, who have the highest numbers in-country for human trafficking, child sex tourism, and sexual abuse (like Pakistan, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the Philippines – next to the United States).”

Originally posted on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog:

Please contact Suzanne Dupree for further evidence supporting your (victims) case against the Seventh Day Adventist Church, chapters North-eastern Washington state, Oregon and Maryland. You may contact me via any of my social media or website (lookingbackwoman.ca), yourselves or through legal council.

You are not alone, there are other victims/children who have been sexually abused by the perpetrators and more yet to date being sexually abused, exploited and abducted. We can stop it and bring the perps to justice.

View original 1,048 more words

Faux Left Wing Racism

April 23, 2015


:) “The motivation is always the same throughout time – money/wealth, land acquisition, controlling natural resources. Sounds and is like this administrations’ government overreach, where Americans are being held captive by the Communist Party USA; dictatorship that is affecting every aspect of our lives. If we do not submit and refuse to believe the outrageous and flat out unbelievable lies and rhetoric and seek out against it we are targeted by the IRS, NSA, FBI and every weapon and underhanded tactic afforded the phone and a pen and the – by executive orders. All which by the way skirts our constitutional rights, civil rights and the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.” ~LookingBackWoman / Suzanne Dupree

Originally posted on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog:

No more native named mascots? Red Skins, Chiefs – team names for football, baseball etc? When since contact has any immigrant cared for offending native Americans/First Nations people? With manifest destiny and genocide used against us, what is the difference between that and ISIS today? Nothing!

View original 639 more words

Congressman Rick Nolan’s FB Site Burying Truths

April 11, 2015

shAIMster Sympathizer Tactics in Play

lltribalcollege aimCongressman Rick Nolan’s FB site Burying Truth


Screen Captures and Text of Deleted Reply’s to Congressman Nolan


source for above screen capture reply  from Wounded Knee Time Line at: https://www.facebook.com/362949370395312/photos/a.671893092834270.1073741826.362949370395312/671893639500882/?type=1

(link includes links for Hostage Recording)



Link to interview from the daughter of Annie Mae:http://jfamr.org/denise_interview.html

Hint: “you can_not have one foot in the sacred and the other foot in darkness” ~ Suzanne Dupree / LookingBackWoman


**** Nolan’s fb site DELETES German Sheppard’s Re-post also  ! ****


(in text format)

  • Image6German Sheppardthose on the email list say they are unable to view your post below:in regards to the photo taken in the speech class, with the black and white American Indian Movement promo (so called 1st nations champions) , on the bulletin board upper right behind Mr. Rick. SOMEDAY the Tribal College will start teaching the truths about what happened during the Wounded Knee Siege by the American Indian Movement (AIM)Welcome the words of Truths as per the hostages taken by AIM during that Siege, the hostages included women who’s family was of White Earth Reservation.
    ****Residents of Wounded Knee were locked down in a basement as Hostages. AIM claims they entered wk in protest of the tribal government, and conducts themselves as that below:The siege started with AIM members vandalizing and looting the Museum, Trading Post and Church and shooting up the exterior of residents homes. AIM then entered the homes locked and loaded, and forced 11 unarmed residents into one home declaring them political prisoners. AIM again labeled the Anishinabee women of those families as white racists to try and justify their acts of violence.The Trading Post and Museum:
    * Everything was eventually looted or destroyed
    * A Head Dress had the Eagle Feathers ripped out
    * Historical items destroyed or stolen
    * All other artifacts stolen or destroyed by AIM members
    * Personal property and jewelry stolen
    * Both buildings were burned to the groundThe Church:
    * The priest was tied up and forced to watch AIM members desecrate the church altar,
    * urinating in flower vessels
    * took the chalice and danced to drum and song throughout the night
    * The Church was eventually burned to the ground

    Names of those who took the residents hostage:
    * Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Carter Camp, Stan Holder
    * Two Anishinaabe men related to the residents were guards

    **** Image2
    source from TimeLine at: https://www.facebook.com/362949370395312/photos/a.671893092834270.1073741826.362949370395312/671893639500882/?type=1

  • Image6 German Sheppardhere is another others are unable to view:

    LLTC still promoting Dennis Banks as a part of it’s Board of Trusties , the Honorary Elder Advocate eh?

    Redefining the meaning of Honor eh? Here is a reply that Mrs. P elected not to submit for fear of retaliation from Dennis Banks and AIM. Today she is 80+ and still lives with that fear because of the knowledge she carries, this copy at the link provided came from her archive of information hidden away in her piano bench for over 40yrs, TO THIS DAY she lives in fear.



  •  Image6German Sheppardanother unable to be viewed by those in the email list:
    John Trudell testified to this, quote: “Dennis (Banks) told me she (Anna Mae) had been shot in the back of the head. He told me this in February, about the 25 or 26 of February. He told me this in California.”

    The cause of death wasn’t established until March 10, so how did Banks know in February? He knew it was Anna Mae but her body wasn’t officially identified until March 3, and our family was informed March 5, but he already knew. – Denise Pictou Maloney – Daughter of Annie Mae

    Yep, that would be Dennis Banks part of the AIM leadership who ordered the execution of a native woman, that murder carried out by AIM members who were convicted in 2004, 2011

    So many years of lieing to EVERYONE while blaming the U.S government , now that the truth is out AIM and it’s sympathizers continue to support murderers of Annie Mae (and others) , while those so called “traditional activists” jump up and down about substance abuse, sex abuse, child abuse within our communities.

    Hint: “you can_not have one foot in the sacred and the other foot in darkness” ~ Suzanne Dupree / LookingBackWoman


  • Image3 Joe Wade German, Merci for the heads up and Keep doing what you do best, Protecting Truth, which is obvious this fb site admin has problems with , such Honor eh?


Imagine that, our Congressman Rick Nolan’s Working Group , doing the same as AIM , Burying Truths …. Anything less expected from the likes of him, Al Franken , Mrs. Betty and the rest that are  supportive of that Syrian Peddlers Son James Abourezk, one of Obama’s advisers to Israel who supports and promotes HAMAS with their attempts to assist the annihilation of  Israel.


Click Here to ASK Rick Nolan for an Understanding


STUPIDITY AT IT’s FINEST !!!! – White Bison org

Walking & Singing  in Darkness Together

Lets address Violence against Women,

Child Sex Assault,

Alcoholism and Substance Abuse,

Child Foster Care

with those who follow the lead and are supportive and sympathetic of those who commit such crimes



Image of Minnesota Senator Al Franken, the Holy_Wierd Saturday Nite Live Comedian, who represents the Tribes of Minnesota for the U.S Indian Affairs Committee …. That committee which was initiated by the Syrian Peddlers Son during the days of AIM’s Reign of Terror across Indian Country , that to this day continues to ABUSE AND USE our Ancestry

Do_Not expect any upwardly mobile change to occur as long as the 1st Nations confide and trust in such CLOWNS!



In early Aug, 2000, Scott Kayla purchased a rifle. On Aug 8th, her body was found by local authorities. A month earlier, Morrison was in New York explaining to an audience that there is no guarantee of freedom of press, speech, or assembly on reservations.

Scott Kayla Morrison  – Part 1

Scott Kayla Morrison  – Part 2


Scot-Kayla-Morrison1Scott Kayla Morrison, (1951 – 2000)

Scott Kayla Morrison, Attorney and Author, grew up on her grandmother’s allotment in the old Choctaw Nation, OK, where her family has been living since the Trail of Tears in the 1830s.

In early August, 2000, Scott purchased a rifle. On August 8th her body was found by local authorities.

A month earlier, Morrison was in New York explaining to an audience that there is no guarantee of freedom of press, speech, or assembly on reservations…but that there is retribution against the families of those that speak out against tribal governments. She said she feared for her life and the Choctaw knew she was here “telling on them.” 30 days later back in Oklahoma she was found shot dead. The local sheriff ruled the death a suicide with a rifle.

Morrison, a member of the Oklahoma Choctaw tribe, was the recipient of numerous awards, including the 1990 Phillip Hubbard Human Rights Award.

Morrison graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 1987 with a Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in writing. Morrison then attended the University of Iowa Law School where she was President of the American Indian Law Student Association. While at UI, she was a research assistant to Professor Robert Clinton, a leading Indian law scholar, and did …

Read More in Dying in Indian Country ~ ©2012-2014 – No reproduction or duplication full or in part without permission of author



For The Truth  Protectors  – Bless  Their Souls
sMay You Always Walk in SunShine ….

May the BlueBird Sing Your Song ….


interesting to note schedule of Nolan’s visit to LLTC came on the heels of Muslim indoctrination 101 as posted on April 1, note the comment replies of that post



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