Something is Wrong with Awarding or Recognizing such


I find it horrid that this man is related to humanity in any form since he has never taken accountability and responsibility for the deaths reported by the Lakota Elder Matthew King , nor has he assisted with bringing closure for the families or individuals murdered.

May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)

people can deny all they want that Banks has the blood of innocents on his hands, thou that still does not wash it away

there was much more happening in those days such as,

“Leonard Crow Dog had lobbied Fools Crow to carry what was passed to my Father…stating it should be a full blood, not a half breed……however, it was my Father’s commitment to his people, he was a professor of Native Studies at the U of Lethbridge, and he had the proper vision to carry the Cannunpa in 1970….and Fools Crow wanted It off reserve…but still available to him…and my Father always took It to Fools Crow when he needed it. There was a lot of traffic between Alberta and South Dakota during this time….my Father even got beaten up in Sheridan, Wyoming…and was really hurt because he said it was a couple of the AIM guys he danced with between 1970-1975”
“Fools Crow refused Crow Dog because he did not want the militant faction to control our spiritual legacy….he saw the sickness….and he saw the future of what would happen…he did his best to prevent it by conducting those WBCPC & Sun Dances 1970-1975…and passing the “Staff of Power” back to the women, but the men refused to recognize the transfer…..and now they are our spiritual elders. -Looking Back Woman-

Chain of command is straight forward, foot soldiers gather intel, security reviews and forwards to leadership, leadership weighs options and gives out orders for “action” selected.

AIM leadership lied and deceived all 1st nations and others for 25+ years about Annie Mae’s murder. Those same also partook in stopping her from being returned home during those years. Today AIM leadership continues to do the same is with Perry Ray and others and it is obvious some people “believe” those actions are excusable.

If people want to view that leadership as worthy of recipients of humanitarian awards, that is their choice. I stand with Fools Crow’s position as mentioned above about “militant faction to control our spiritual legacy” for it is very obvious the AIM leadership has and still is perpetrating his vision’s of sickness that was to follow.

That does not negate the fact that it is way past time for Perry Ray and others to be returned home and that not supporting their return will only perpetrate more illness and dishonor.

One of the main themes of the CWS conference was that of reconciliation, bringing people together to initiate healing for all effected by wounded knee2. A part so many people are missing because hollywood, the media and academic america valorized aspects of the incident is that above. Until people acknowledge it,

cycles of social dysfunction will continue and even escalate just as Frank Fools Crow visioned.

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  1. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

    Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Thank-you for saying this so well! You definately have my permission to quote me & use my name!

  2. jpwade Says:

    Ditto 🙂 , you have good eye’s, i just blogged this a day back , the main reason being one of the Rez fb pages did not care for it’s contents and threatened to delete and ban me, so i posted a follow up for them to consider and got the boot, lol , que sera sera … they can stay in darkness as long as they want 🙂

  3. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupreeza Says:

    Some people, mainly people making money off of selling of the Sacred, are the ones who take offense, we have full support from the victims & survivors of AIM! Go figure, eh…

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