Fernando and Isabelle Cloned into AIM Leadership

One problem with the european mindset of recording 1st nations history is it valorizes conflict as the primary recording. such a sad aspect because woman’s accomplishments and achievements have most always been tossed aside and today most all history of woman is lost due to the break in oral traditions, a break created by the imposed colonization of 1st nations societies.

In ref to the topic title “American Indian Movement members and sympathizers who went into Wounded Knee as mere Indian protesters came out of Wounded Knee Indian warriors.”

I do not believe for a minute that Frank Fools Crow and many others of the Lakota Nation’s approved of AIM’s thug actions that included shooting up residents homes, forcing their way into those homes at gun point, desecrating the church alter to include urinating , not to exclude the rape and other abuse to people inside of wounded knee during those times.

“falsifying Indian historical events denigrates authentic Indian warriors and bastardizes genuine Indian spirituality.” – John Trimbach-

today those same thugs are considered by too many as examples of modern day tradition and spirituality, supported and promoted by the media and academic america …. it’s no wonder there is still so much dysfunction in individuals, family, community and nations.

supporting such will only continue many on the same path of self destruction.

AIM  “believes” they are above all and need to answer to no one, it’s as if Fernando and Isabella cloned into AIM leadership.

For example; For the Monarch’s to accomplish the Reconquista, they first created a group named the Holy “Brotherhood” (AIM Brotherhood). These men were used as a judicial police force for Castile (Reservations) , as well as to attempt to keep Castilean nobles ( 1st nation traditionalist ) in check. To establish a more uniform judicial system, the  Monarchs created the “Royal Council” ( AIM Grand Governing Council ), and appointed magistrates ( AIM chapters ) to run the towns and cities.

AIM’s program is no different and to this day traditional people who voice out or community members who voice out are persecuted.

AIM leadership, it’s members, minions and sympathizers   complain about Columbus coming to this continent, while they say nothing about Fernando and Isabelle who financed the explorer.

AIM’s actions mirror that of the Monarchs and today people Honor and Praise them while burying the truths  with  myths and lies.

The Monarchs’ motto:  “Tanto Monta, Monta Tanto” , (“They amount to the same” or “Equal opposites in balance”)

or is that Tonto as in  “ke-mo sah-bee” ?


Review:  Domestic Policy, Expulsion of non-Christians and Spanish Inquisition & Exploration  and  decide for yourself  if  AIM leadership is any different.

10 Responses to “Fernando and Isabelle Cloned into AIM Leadership”

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  3. Kira Young Says:

    Excellent work! The parallels are right there. The big lie has been in front of us for a long time. Calling a lie a lie doesn’t make you a hater does it?

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  7. Eugene Wine Tours Says:

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