When we are forced to stop helping, who pays the Price ?

There is a scar in a  tree from my youth i can still see, Mark N. put it there just before his 327 short block ended up in the back seat of his 68 Camaro.

A community youth makes a drunken blast through a stop sign, crosses the two lane highway and smashes into a tree. Another youth drunk sitting in the road is plowed over by one of his own family members who in years past was drunk and responsible for running another car off the road into the trees causing deaths. In the midst of a dog leg turn just before home i pick up a kid that was stretched out sleeping in the road and drop him off at the party house he was run off from because they said he was too drunk and became belligerent.

I leave telling the group it is your responsibility to take care of him, if he gets killed its on your hands after they tried to attack me for bringing him back.

These are just a couple of instances that prompted one of the community members to start up a night patrol watch. None of the community parents wanted to give their time with helping curb the night life activity. We started off with 2 couples, Matt and his wife, me and my wife alternating 8 -12am and 12 – 4am shifts of cruising the community, tagging along with any out of the ordinary traffic. Our shift logs showed activity such as 12:30 – 1:00am group of kids riding around license plate# and car description, returned to such and such home. 1:00 – 2:00am sat at dock and watched water reflecting off lake. 2:30am group of 3 cars pull in at such and such house. 3:00am watched deer cross road, 4:00am stopped on breezy point and picked up feather in road.

Most patrols were this way and after the sheriff was called in one night to check on drunk kids blasting around,  most all night time activity ceased. The word was out, eyes were on the streets. Parents started complaining that no one wanted to come  into the community and party any more. Not to mention no one wanted to make nite time drug drops either. It was the fear of the unknown that brought the night traffic to a halt, is the night watch patrolling? , what are they logging in their book? , who’s house is being watched for late night activity?

Two community parents ask to join into the patrol group. Both women that present themselves to society as AIM mentality activist with concerns for the youth while at the same instance would close their eyes and turn a deaf ear to illicit acts within the community. The log book is handed out  on their watch, and passed around for a few days between the youth and other community members. The youth realize the book contains nothing of significance, that  most entries are of lame patrol time events such as 2:00am – 3:00am sat at breezy point and listened to community dogs howl across the lake to one another.

The word is out again, there is nothing to be concerned with  from the nite patrol, they all they do is ride around taking notes about nothing. The night watch eventually becomes a target for harassment and threats which brings the program to a halt after a group of seven or so young girls went off on a watch group  with verbal assaults and throwing beer bottles.

Since then to name a few, young woman over doses and has brain damage, young woman is raped during her drunken state by multiple guys of similar age (a older man while discussing it laughs saying,  heck i missed out on that one). Within the last few months 2 young men were stabbed to death while partying, the others are now in jail.

Today within our own community we are looked upon by some people the same way some people view Special Agent Price.  We have been called FBI informants, haters, blamed for unrest and attacked in many different ways to include blood being poured on our door steps for trying to hold people accountable for their actions, to curb the violence that resides here. We very well understand Mr. Price’s position as expressed toward the end of the  video below, when  he says “I left & I haven’t been back”.

What kind of thinking, what kind of mentality passes off the blame 40 years later to  the likes of Mr. Price? It is the same mentality as that of the AIM leadership that has deceived and lied to all 1st nations for over 30 years while trying to pass off accountability and responsibility of their actions.


CWS – Part IV –  Wounded Knee Investigations and Prosecutions

from: http://www.youtube.com/user/IndianCountryTV

For 30+ years the public, media, Hollywood, press and academic America “used” the murder victim Annie Mae Pictou Aquash to promote and support AIM and Peltier’s agenda’s while blaming the execution on the FBI.

Now that it has been revealed the murders were AIM members as per the order of AIM leadership, not one person at the 2012 Center for Western Studies (CWS) conference on Wounded Knee last month had the consideration to ask Annie Mae’s daughter Denise Pictou Maloney, after her presentation, a single question about her mother or her families experiences.

The CWS website author has not one post relative to Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, while it flaunts AIM across its fb page. They have buried the truths that AIM members were convicted between 2004 and 2011 for the kidnapping, rape, beating and execution while the likes of  Banks, Means, Bellcourt and the AIM membership are glorified.

I find all of that above most disturbing, that this woman, her family, her community and Nation’s justice has been tossed aside as a insignificant instance in history, like a book shoved on the back shelf  to collect dust. Why is  the AIM leadership portrayed as honorable achievers and role models for the youth?


CWS – Wounded Knee Questions Revisited Part II – Denise Pictou Maloney

from: http://www.youtube.com/user/IndianCountryTV

I  wonder why some people feel the current social status of Indian communities is partially a result of the US government responding to AIM’s “assault” on Wounded Knee.  AIM leadership manipulated the trust of the traditional Lakota leaders and community members to get permission to peacefully occupy Wounded Knee, one of the most sacred area’s of Pine Ridge reservation. AIM’s proposal was a “peaceful stance” to address concerns about treatment to tribal members by the Tribal Government. Frank Fools Crow  the eldest traditional leader gave AIM permission to enter Wounded Knee on February 27, 1973.

The occupation immediately turned into violent acts against native and non-native residents of Wounded Knee. AIM forced their way into homes at gun point and declared the residents political prisoners. AIM also occupied and looted the museum of artifacts, the trading post of provisions and the church which included desecration of it’s alter, to include urinating.  AIM later, directed it’s violence towards the U.S government, who in fulfilling their obligations set a detainment parameter around the community. As the occupation continued for 71 days the violence turned inward between AIM members and people inside of wounded knee started getting murdered for suspicion of being informants. The occupation ended May 8, 1973.

After the occupation, AIM leaders and most all it’s membership abandoned traditional leaders such as Frank Fools Crow and the reservation members. Civil unrest followed on the reservation that was not much different that inside the Wounded Knee camp during the occupation. The Wounded Knee community, left in shambles, had to be bull dozed to the ground and to this day has not been rebuilt.

Today academic America & the media continue to valorize the actions of AIM that desecrated the culture, traditions and spirituality of the Lakota Nations. By not keeping the truths in focus they protect  AIM from being held accountable for their lies, deception and destruction.

So why should  Special Agent Price be held responsible for current social or economic dysfunctions when he was there for 4yrs, 40 years ago. What influence did Price leave behind that continues to survive to this day creating negative effects that he is expected to take responsibility for?

The influence  AIM seeded from that era has been nurtured and caressed as positive character traits for the identity of 1st nations youth for 30+ years now. We are witnessing the impact of  those seeds today because the AIMster mentality through its behavior teaches, it is traditional to avoid accountability and responsibility. This will escalate in the future, if the bastardized teaching “AIM is traditional”,  stays alive.

Who was responsible for putting that Camaro  into the tree?  The influencing role models, their teachings and the driver.


.Wounded Knee Incident & AIM – The Truths

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  1. Joe Wade Says:

    No doubt Price owes apologies to people for his actions in the past, thou i do not see where his influence over that 4 year span shaped or re-defined the forth coming generations to cause current social or economic dysfunctions.

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