Stuck in Denial

A AIMster Zealot tries to pass blame and responsibility of division onto a facebook page.

“This page is here only to cause upset, pain and division. It should be banned”

AIM murders one of it’s own women, membership continues to support the leadership that ordered the execution and the men in jail for the murder and the zealot tries to blame division on a fb page. I hear the whisper of denial in my ear.

One reason for division is the disrespect for woman, what traditional person would stand with those who do not support woman?  The division has been created as a result of spiritual shift. If AIM were found guilty of murdering a fellow man, the out cry from AIM would be 10 fold of that for Annie Mae. The brotherhood is believed to be more valuable than woman. There is something seriously wrong with this and it makes me wonder exactly what causes men in these modern times to drift away from the traditional behavior  by placing a brotherhood and themselves above woman and all other.

This is what that spiritual shift has generated, persecution of, men towards men, men towards woman while it enforces the “termination policies” that are still in play.

I will continue to say AIM mentality generates self-genocide, “one reason” being it refuses to support woman. Many people go through ceremony, call themselves pipe carriers, drum, sing and partake in dance, while at the same instance, they denounce those who seek justice for woman. There is nothing traditional about this and there is a spiritual sickness that will grow stronger and stronger as time moves on.  The staggering increase in rape, violence, domestic abuse, etc. are examples of that sickness gaining more momentum.

The pain that zealot speaks of is a result of people striving to hold on to tradition, while the thug, good ol boy mentality of AIM  continues to corrupt culture and tradition of ancestry.

Perhaps people should speak up about other innocent’s such as Jeannette Bissonette, Perry Ray Robinson and the several people Matthew King reported as being killed within wounded knee by AIM.

fb post  Why should anyone support the mentality that sits back and watches AIM Zealots such as Lizzi Cornish denounce and slander Native Woman.

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