The Camellia Shows Itself In May Colors

Another Fund Raising Scam by AIM

and the News Media

Turning an Elder into a Cash Crop



Vern being blind was “told” KKK was “carved” into his stomach and he “believes” he is scared physically for life as per his comments in his video. His mind has been hurt and this can not be undone. Vern relayed what he was told and protestors now believe he was “carved” into. The news media is doing it’s part as normal in support of AIM’s protest scams.

By continuously re-iterating the word “carved”, Banks, The Lakota Peoples Law Project (LPLP), Last Real Indians (LRI)  and other promoters are tapping into peoples anger, frustrations and resentments to generate the belief, a “hate crime” to an elder occurred at the hospital .

Banks affiliates Chase Iron Eyes and Madonna ThunderHawk of the Lakota Peoples Law Project and other support groups will exploit Vern for as long as possible to reap maximum amount of dollars and attention they can in any way that they can while they continue to tell the public KKK was “carved” into Verns stomach.After Banks and friends are finished they will toss Vern to the side just as they did at wk2 and all their other campaigns of exploiting issues.


My wife has had a few minor cuts into her lower abdomen from minor surgeries and day to day bandage exchange started to result in surface skin tears, to the point we had to stop tape all together and use other techniques to hold bandages over the wounds so that repeated tape removal would not continue to tear the sensitive skin.

There is no doubt in my mind  bandage replacement for Vern  resulted in the skin scars , that is obvious from the numerous photos of the wounds on Verns stomach, that are_are not “carved”

i was raised in the swamps of s. louisiana and am very familiar with the KKK mentality which is no different than that of the White Camellias. A supremest is a supremest and i have experienced their behavior enough to know their mentality for action is based on “pride”. The wounds on Vern’s stomach are not a supremest KKK message of pride. If it were the letters would be well defined and in line, not obscure and sporadic.

  • The Knights of the White Camellia were founded in the mid 1800’s. Thier acts to this day continue to greatly disturb many of us. For example; State district Judge Taylor Beattie declared himself head of the “Peace and Order Committee” and led a massacre where as many as three hundred African Americans were murdered, it is said for a labor dispute. Hitler was a later Camellia in a different time, just as those of the KKK, and as Banks today.


2012 Banks, LPLP, LRI Fund Raising SCAM


“I will not come over to your side,”  I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already ~Adolf~

Banks is doing no different than Hitler  by using children for his personal agenda to create a hate movement. So who is the KKK here?

If people want to allow the Camellia to exploit this elder and the youth for his agenda’s of personal gain, that is their  choice.

Deja Vu , anyone see the cycle with AIM and the News Media?

More innocents  being  used and abused

one year before the Wounded Knee occupation,
according to hostage interview recordings (link at bottom of post);

initially Russel Means arrived at the museum and trading post with a bus borrowed from the local school district, he told the superintendent the usage was for school children going on a field trip. After the children vandalized the museum and trading post and in the process of being run off,one of the school kids told the owners “wait until the big guns get here” , The owners elected not to press charges on the school kids for the vandalism.

*** below is what followed the usage of children to vandalize ***

Ludington Daily News pg1; – Mar. 10, 1972 – Wounded Knee Museum Hit By Indian Raid

(UPI) – About 400 Indians shouting burn, burn, burn – climaxed a week of protest Thursday night by storming a trading post and museum in Wounded Knee, roughing up operators of the two firms and making off with $50,000 worth of Indian artifacts.
The Indians arrived by bus and car, apparently from nearby Gordon, Neb. where between 600 and 1,000 had been staging a protest over the death there of Raymond Yellow Thunder, an Oglala Sious, at the hands of whites.

Recordings of Wounded Knee Hostages Reveal Their Story ,




After the school was over and I moved To the other side, I found a different country but I never Lost my pride, Military Madness was killing the country, Solitary sadness creeps over me

And after the wars are over, And the body count is finally filed, I hope that The Man discovers, What’s driving the people wild, Military madness is killing your country, So much sadness, between you and me


  Wounded Knee Incident & AIM – The Truths


6 Responses to “The Camellia Shows Itself In May Colors”

  1. Joe Wade Says:

    a sad part is, a high percentage of the people responding to these protests are “good hearted people”. Hoping after all is done, they will not allow the sour and ill motives of those like Banks to enter their hearts.

  2. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

    Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Other Voices, same thoughts & feelings about AIM….

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