Who Seeded Verns Mind

Are the  Abourezk’s involved with turning the “Justice for Vern Rally” into a glorify AIM Leadership campaign? 

Thoughts to consider about Vern’s YouTube statements

Play & Pause video while reading the text below


Surgery performed Aug 26 , discharged Sept 8, 1st nurse home visit was day after discharge

approx. 14 days after surgery Vern is visited by nurse at his home

0:00 , what was done to me is called a racial hate crime, i am blind unable to help myself, i don’t know if it was done in surgery, if it was done in surgery then there was not only a doctor there was several nurses and then the whole staff was in on it, if it was done in intensive care, i had a male nurse, telling me that if i did not shut my f… mouth, he would come over there and shut it for me, because i was asking for pain medication when i woke up in intensive care, because the open heart surgery was the most painful i ever went though in my whole life, i went through several surgeries before, but nothing like that, if that guy did not do that, the male nurse, why , but it does not matter who did it, the klu klux klan has members in high-class society too, they are business men, lawyers , doctors ,and nurses and they all belong to the klu klux klan, and they really have to.

comment/questions for above

  • if the assumed letters occurred in surgery or in intensive care, the scars would not appear to be bleeding 12 or so days later when the nurse observed them , as per Vern’s comments at time interval 5:00 ,
  • the photo’s of Verns chest shows the operation chest scar  healed over at the point the photographs were taken,  the scars of assumed letters would be healed over also if they occurred in surgery or during  intensive care. Photos of Scars
  • Verns above comments , tie directly in with Dennis Banks comments at the Justice for Vern Rally that Banks was paid to attend and speak , Banks made comments about the wrongs of the KKK  in the south and that the Klan is now raising its head in indian country.
  • Banks and promoters have tried to magnify the surface scars as a hate crime by saying Vern was “carved” by the KKK


1:09 the only good thing i can say good about them, is there’s a lot of white people that are good around there too, this one woman that come to me and told me who told me i was to be discharged, are you Mr.Vern, and i said yes, whats your date of birth , and i said 6 12 43 , and she came around my bed and was massaging my head and shoulders , and i was in a lot of pain and i appreciated that,and she said, are you being discharged tomorrow morning to go home and i said yes, i am looking forward to that, i don’t like being in this hospital, i said  i would rather be home, i don’t feel right in this hospital. and she said they did something to you ,i don’t like what they did to you, i don’t appreciate what they did to you, and i am going to tell you something, and i want you to do this as soon as you get home, have someone with a camera to take pictures of your front torso and also your back too, and do this as soon as you get home, the hour that you get home start looking for somebody to take pictures of you, if you can make arrangements now over the phone. but i couldn’t, because i didn’t know anyone with a camera.

comment/questions for above

  • Vern being blind assumed the nurse above is white. Why would the nurse say to take pictures of his back when it is evident the scars on his back are from previous operations and have nothing to do with his open heart surgery.
  • no fresh cuts are shown in the pictures of his back, the healed scars on his back seem to be at least a year or so old, i.e completely healed


stopped typing text at 2:26
started typing text at 4:00

4:00 (a few comments here have been shortened/not exact)
4:00 she took a look and she took a closer look, and she came right up to me and i didn’t know what she was doing, i thought she saw some bleeding and she said oh my god i don’t know what they did to you , you got so many different marks on your body i cant tell  where they all came from , she said, i see the regular surgery stitches and where they cut you and i also see 3 drainage holes they told us about that and to check them but there’s no drainage, they are all closed , the only thing is there are scratches all over, it looks like someone took a knife and went all haywire all over you, used something sharp and ……

comment/questions for above

  • first comment of fear being seeded into Vern’s mind is when nurse told him someone took a knife and went all haywire on him


5:00 there are 3 letters on your stomach and they look like they are reddish and trying to bleed a little bit,  two are definitely k’s and the 3rd one is probably a K too and it looks like a G but when i look close its a small k , she said i got to take this up to the indian hospital to show someone up there i cant take this myself, she  said I’ll take these pictures up there and will be back in a few minutes, so she went and took those pictures up there, and she was back in 15 minutes, they want to see you up there they do not believe the  pictures, they want you up there stat, right now, so i am going to take you up there, but before i take you up there they said to call the tribal police first and have the tribal police come over and take pictures, and make a statement to the tribal police, she called the tribal police and they came over,

comment/questions for above

  • the assumed letters looked as if they were still bleeding, the scars must have occurred within a few days of being released, not during surgery or intensive care as Vern is led to believe.
  • additional fear seeded by comments of  3 letters  being cut into his stomach, nurse said the reddish scars were definatley K’s and he needed to contact law enforcement.
  • At the time of photographing Vern’s   operation  and drainage scars are healed over.


6:00 (the text forward is pretty much verbatim pretty much exact comments)
they took pictures and one of them said looks like you have a knife wound on your left side, looks like it penetrated into your organs, you at least have to go up to the hospital we have seen knife wounds before and it looks like a knife wound, we deal with knife wounds every day and every nite and that looks like a knife wound, you may be in danger, so you go up to that emergency room , I’m on my way because they want to see me,

comment/questions for above

  • additional fear seeded by police saying a knife wound in his left that could have penetrated his organs and that Vern might have to go to emergency


6:24 they want to see these marks, so they said what kind of statement can you make, the only thing i can say is that i had surgery in rap city regional hospital and i  came back last nite and this woman told me to have someone take pictures of me and i told the nurse and she took pictures and took them up to the hospital,and they wanted to see me they don’t believe that uh .. that somebody would mark me up that bad , but they don’t believe  somebody would put letters on my stomach either.

7:00 and to me at first to me it looked and sounded like to me that somebody took a branding iron and branded me because there 2 k’s that looked like the only way you could accomplish it was through some sort of a a , if it wasn’t a  knife used on me, some sort of heating instrument, or maybe a little home-made branding iron or something,

7:18 so it penetrated my 3 layers of skin and went down into my flesh and i am to have those marks on my stomach the rest of my life

comment/questions for above

  • Vern mentions he knows nothing more than being operated on, and re-iterates the nurse and police telling him letters were put on his stomach
  • Vern mentions ways the scars could have occurred, by branding or knife
  • additional fear of branding or cutting with a knife to make letters
  • at  7:00,  “it looked and sounded” seems to be his seeded mental image
  • Vern mentions the cuts were deep cuts through the skin, not surface  scars and  he believes he will be physically scared the rest of his life.


7:29 i also have those on my spirit, because nobody wants to , to go to heaven all beat up and stuff (sounds in back ground of moaning voice) people have respect for the elders here at pine river, people have respect for the elders ,

comment/questions for above

  • being blind, the nurse and law enforcement told Vern he had KKK cut deep into his skin,
  • this is what hurt Vern’s spirit, the spoken conclusions is what hurt his mind
  • why was Vern in the hospital alone? without anyone at his side such as family , a  friend or a community member making sure the hospital did not treat him like another patient number. He should not have been alone in such a foreign environment


7:53 but the klu klux klan took advantage of me, they are trying to say the tape did it or i have some kind of infection because i have diabetes , i never had an infection the nurses check me out and i never had any tapes on me when i woke up and there is no tape that will make perfect letter K ‘s ,

8:18 there is no way in the world that someone could take something and make perfect letter K ‘s except with a heating element or branding instrument, I was wondering why i was in so much pain , in addition to the other pain i already had, and that was one of the reasons why ,  because someone literally branded me ,

comment/questions for above

  • I doubt   Vern for at least 2 days after surgery knew if tape or bandages were on his torso when he woke up, even thou he says there was none at that time. He would still have been under heavy medication at this time.
  • Vern mentions  “perfect letter K’s” when he can not see the scars which are not defined K’s.
  • His mind is made up that the Klan branded him with “perfect letter K’s”


8:41 it has to be the klu klux klan working in that hospital, and that hospital isn’t going to nothing about it, they are talking about it and i guess they told my attorney, he should be glad we saved him,  and i said  they save other people too but was it necessary to put 3 k’s to save me,

9:00 they did not need to put 3 k’s on my stomach to save me, they didn’t have to do that, i said hospital i trusted them , if i can i am never going to come back to this hospital again, and i said im scared of that place, i didn’t want to go back there, now i have no place to care myself,

9:26 i have to go , i wanted to go to sioux falls doctor , but it’s too far, they said Bismark, but its too much, i terminated my contract with my lawyer, (asked for napkin and blew nose) , i terminated my contract with my attorney and the way i got my attorney , i was calling people around and before i had an attorney and (blew nose), i did not know what to do because i dont have any experience in this.  (film roll cut short/end of you tube ,

 Photos of Scars day Vern Returned Home


update , 8- 2- 2012

Vern had better get another set of lawyers, even their timeline does not fit in the complaint they submitted, before this is over, people will be calling his attorneys and the courts KKK Racists ….

filed 7-16-12 – Verns Complaint Filed – Case 5: 12-cv-05048-JLV

13. Mr. Traversie has had two back surgeries, a gallbladder surgery, three heart attack hospitalizations, a pacemaker surgery, and hernia repairs. In short,Mr.Traversie has had several surgeries. He often tapes his toes to prevent diabetic sores.

16. aug. 22 – Vern admitted to hospital,

16. aug. 26 – bypass surgery performed

18. aug. 26 – sept 8 , accusation of verbal assault

19. Sometime on sept 7/8th a female employee …. told Vern to have observations made when he got home

20. When Mr. Traversie returned home – no date given

21. day after return home. (no date given)
IHS responding technician Mr. Tranversie “has all kinds of cuts, abrasions, and contusions all over his chest and back and that it looks like someone carved their initials into his side of his chest”

note: photo’s from day after returning home , no recent scars on his back

29. on_or_about_sept_7th, 2011 when plaintiff underwent an open heart surgery at the hands of defendants, defendants injured, carved,burned …..

wasn’t Vern discharged on Sept 8th ????

What the AIM mentality/character wants people to believe is that the the hospital discarded Vern the day after the operation when the doctors carved him up and tossed him out the door like a piece of butchered meat.

The hate crime here is, those who are exploiting an Elder for a hate campaign.


Protestors now believe Vern has been “Carved” into , mutalated, branded based on rhetoric by mouth and Hate speech’s by promoters like Dennis Banks.

The more this unfolds, the more it looks like a staged smoke screen exploiting a so called hate crime  for Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde Bellcourt  and affiliates  to appear as worthy men that fight for 1st nations people. Whereas in reality they are using  this Elder and the care abuse from the hospital to try and untarnish their recent disgrace of truths that surfaced last month at the Center for Western Studies on the 40 years after Wounded Knee.

It is evident Vern did receive  ill treatment at the hospital, such as neglect in proper bandage replacement and verbal comments. I do not see carved letters, or life time scars as he is led to believe and has relayed to the public. I do see surface tears from continuous improper taping and tape removal for bandages.

Why build a smoke screen ? 

At the recent  Center for Western Studies Conference, Wounded Knee 40yrs later, many untold truths came to light about AIM leadership that they have lied and deceived everyone about for 35+  years.  The leadership and some of its membership  to this day has dodged accountability and responsibility for those untold truths. Below are just a few reasons why a smoke screen would be wanted.

  1. AIM’s thug mentality is now over shadowing the hollywood hype of hero’s and warriors”
  2. It’s time for that leadership and others to be held accountable
  3. Feds are to re-examine Pine Ridge Deaths from that era

Pine Ridge Deaths article in word format

What does the re-opening of the deaths mean for AIM leadership?  

With these investigations opening back up Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde Bellcourt and other AIM members are facing the possibility for being charged in some way shape or form. To muddy those investigations up an uprising, heated state of native – non-native social dynamics would benefit those responsible for murders that occurred in the past by creating havoc during the upcoming  investigations.

To create diversions  and  high levels of  social unrest tendencies,  James Abourezk who brag’s  about palling around with terrorists in his own writings, would be an asset to the AIM leadership  agenda’s.

His son Charles was affiliated with AIM leadership and its decisions during the days of  the occupation and he was at the residence where Annie Mae was the nite before she was executed.

A U.S Senator Remembering Palling About with Terrorists

As we were filing out of the room, I overheard Senator John Glenn of Ohio telling someone, “Abourezk could start a riot in an empty hall.”

“Aside from a few Palestinian terrorists I’ve broken bread with, I knew another Jewish terrorist—Nathan Yalin-Mor–who had killed a lot of Palestinian civilians during his tenure as one of the triumvirate of leaders of the extremely violent Stern Gang, the Jewish terrorist group.” –   by James Abourezk – March  2012  

http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/03/09/palling-about-with-terrorists/ Or  Article in text format

Here we are a month after the CWS conference where many untold truths arose about the wrongs committed by AIM during the Wounded Knee Occupation , a conference where AIM leadership was exposed for their years of lies and deception to all.
  • Federal government has re-opened 40 deaths from the days of the WK2
  • AIM leadership has been exposed of it’s violent character for personal gain
  • AIM leadership is supported by Abourezk at the conference
  • Abourezk a man today known for his ability to create unrest and riots and brags about it and his terrorist affiliations  in his own writings.
  • Banks is now on stage yelling “carved into an Elder” trying to generate another racist hate campaign


Wondering how many people will follow Banks who is supported by the likes of Abourezk  while they use Vern and 1st nations to generate  another  Hate Movement. These guys will go to any extreme to protect their arse, even if it means more innocent people getting murdered.

Read: If you tolerate this, then your children will be next


The future teaches you to be alone
The present to be afraid and cold
So if I can shoot rabbits
Then I can shoot fascists

Bullets for your brain today, But we’ll forget it all again, Monuments put from pen to paper, Turns me into a gutless wonder

Gravity keeps my head down , Or is it maybe shame , At being so young and being so vain, I’ve walked La Ramblas, But not with real intent



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  1. jpwade Says:

    Is Elizabeth Lone Eagle implying in her tweet , the arrest of the drug dealers is in retaliation for the rally? Let me guess, next people will be saying its the KKK arresting our drug dealers.

    twitter: BethLoneEagle : Almost immediately following the rally for Vern Traversie: Feds charge 17 for selling drugs on Pine Ridge :

    May 23, 2012 9:28 am • By Rapid City Journal
    A federal grand jury has indicted 17 people for distributing drugs on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation, according to U.S. Attorney Brendan V. Johnson. Among those indicted are …..



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