Authentic AIM Belly Dancers

UN Report on combating violence against Indigenous Women and Girls – 16 May 2012

“Throughout the world, indigenous women and girls experience diverse forms of violence due to their marginalization within their own communities, and in society at large. While causing harm on a personal level, this also deters their ability to engage fully in community and societal developments.” , read more

The opening comment of the above article relates directly to how the shAIMster leadership mentality of not being accountable and responsible for actions has allowed people to abuse cultural traits to any degree that fits their desire while they marginalize woman’s character. The same mentality that imposes brute force over woman, leading some of them to believe they are a piece of furniture for men to retire with. Why is it some women will correlate their cultural attributes to sexual, sensual themes. I am thinking it’s a result of violent physiological, sociological  attitudes that force women to believe they are here to serve men.

For example, meet one of the 2009 Sturgis Bike Rally Sexy Barmaids,  she is promoted by Danny Bissonette, Tokala Prints.

Junal Gerlach is a modern-day role model for some of the young women and is a staunch supporter of AIM’s influence and the likes of Banks, Means, Bellcourt, Trudell and the Leo_Nerds. It is obvious she carries the character and mentality traits of their bastardized traditional beliefs.

This woman’s life story is not one of pleasantries, a review shows within her own community and outside she has had to endure extended time spans of abuse from people with the good ol shAIMster mentality while she believed they held her interests in favor. From alcohol and drug abuse, to rape, to beatings her life has been total chaos to include loosing her children. Yet to this day she still supports the brotherhood that shaped and influenced her social setting. It seems the character of that AIM brotherhood never helped her, it only assisted in the degradation of her character. Yet today she still hold it in high regards, perhaps from fear for being ostracized.

Junal Gerlach; AIM Belly Dancer Song lyrics:

She moves her body like a cyclone
And she makes me want to do it all night long
Going hard when they turn the spotlights on
Because she moves her body like a cyclone

Shortie got looks
And shortie got class
Shortie got hips
And shortie got ass
Plus she hit the stage
She drop it down low like
(rew rew rew rew rew rew rew rew)
Ah this is crazy
Its amazing
She must be the way to the ladies.

Another example of traits that AIM has instated, corrupted  traditional values that people have nurtured and cherished resulting in what has been churned  out into the world for children to follow. Until people discard the corrupted values of AIM, it will continue to “deter their ability to engage fully in community and societal developments.”

It appears that Gerlach believes “She must be the way to the ladies” with a parac0l and rouge , thou it definitely is not the way of  Woman.


If people want to relate their identity to that of  the natural world such as a  Cyclone, they should do so in the same manner of the accomplishments by such women as those from Tobique.

Enough is Enough Aboriginal Women Speak Out

 “Enough is Enough Aboriginal Women Speak Out


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