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You know, I have a real problem with non indigenous people who give themselves what they think are “Indian” names and then assume it is an entitlement to tell the rest of us what traditions and culture are about. I have a problem with all that crystal waving and the pay to sweat and dance crowd-with all their “spirit guides”, pipes that came from the Dollar Store passed on to them by some questionable “elder”, and that being  a lithe warrior or some buxomIndian babe in a past life.

I have a problem with one’s such as these attempting to tell us what to believe and what not to believe, that because the blood speaks louder to us than to them and we don’t jump on their cause celebre band wagon they take it as license to call us every invictive they can think of and make a career…

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  1. Richard Boyden Says:

    I am finding much information on Trudells role in the murder of Annie Mae, possible if not probable FBI collusion etc. I would appreciate any and all info you have on him so that I can “connect the dots” before I submit the TRUTH about him to my beguiled and deceived WHITE “wannabe” wife who will sooner or later be “bedding down” with a “Aimster” ! Thanks!

  2. jpwade Says:

    Richard, contact Denise Pictou Maoney ( Annie Mae’s daughter, she is much better informed to testimony, timestamps of incidents ,etc and has had personal contact with John the paranoid poet and song writer, who still does not comprehend the meaning of truth. here is also a recent idle no more online broadcast link where Denise discusses the events that led upto AIM being exposed for her mom’s murder, video is at the timestamp/date of 12-11-2013 in this timeline post,

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