DeJa` Vu 40 years later

Back in 1972 AIM used school children to vandalize the museum and trading post of Wounded Knee, afterwards AIM membership did the same thou at higher much degree of destruction and theft, while they declared the assaulted as “White Racists” , who in reality were family of Anishinabe ancestry.

1973 , One year later AIM occupied Wounded Knee under the pretense it was for the concerns of treatment by the tribal government towards the Lakota people. AIM upon entering one of the most sacred sites of the Lakota immediately assaulted family of 1st nations people, AIM then directed their assault towards the US government that had set a containment parameter for the area because people were taken hostage. This was 1973

DeJa` Vu, here we are 40 years later and again the “White Racist” card is being exploited again with the inclusion of the Ku Klux Klan and a assumed Hate Crime.

If people nurture this current “Hate Campaign” and it escalates to another military conflict, when all is done a new phase of the termination policies will have been achieved. That is to say, if the b.s of 1973 WK2 occurs today in these times of the terrorist acts and indefinite detention acts, Homeland Security will step in and take total control of Sovereignty.

It will be too late for people to say we do not support the vultures that are feeding on traditions, culture & ancestry because all that will be left of the Sovereignty is borders on a map that represent a skeleton, a skeleton of nations and the spirit that resided within it.

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I fully expect that I will aggravate some people with the  words that ensue but the truth is they need to be said and I’m not really concerned about who gets upset.

Any anger should be directed solely towards me as they are singularly my words and thoughts-I’ve neither discussed them with or asked permission from anyone to post them.

I don’t know how the numbers break down, what percentage of  FB “likes” translates to supporters in the U.S. and Canada as opposed to  those in other countries-but I think it’s a safe bet to say of those who have signed who reside in either the U.S or Canada aren’t representative of the numbers who frequent Annie’s,Ray’s,
and Leonard Peltier Still Guilty sites.

That raises a few questions for me-the first would be what’s the problem? A person who cares enough, has enough of a sense of social  justice

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