At what point does LaTortue cease being LaTortue?

In my mind, there is no doubt Vern is being used big time for quite a few different reasons, with hopes someone can still reach him so that he can step back a bit to re-evaluate the occurrences, with hopes Vern will “see” the who’s & what’s & why’s of what is occurring.

Vern needs to understand where this campaign is going with some people and directly address those with the attitudes expressed below.

Talk on Rapid City , SD Rally for Vern at blogspot radio


51:29, Naomi’s brother? speaks up

monday could have been so much more, when people started to voice their outrage they were silenced by people within the protest, as if they were working with the police to keep things quiet , shut down by people within the protest, security, organizes of the protest.


just when there was some strong folks that got out in front of the crowd, they were pointing at the police, and hospital, expressing angers …. Someone from within the protest said be quite be peaceful and respectful and then brought out a drum and sang,  if this was real they would use the power of song to motivate the people for action instead they used those songs to pacify people.

**** Using the power of song to maintain peace and respect is not real because it deters  the spirit from moving toward unrest ?

1:00 :17

the police list crowds in different ways, you have a peaceful crowd, you have an angry crowd, then you have a mob and then you have a riot. the police manage crowds to keep them in a peaceful mode so that the crowd can not accomplish anything. Our crowd was starting to evolve into something that had more power and they shut it down.

**** A peaceful mode is not more powerful than one that invokes fear through the intent of violence ?

1:05 :00 Leo speaks

racism is integrated here in SD, and if a doctor has the audacity to do such a thing to one of our Lakota elders, it’s as if he already knows he is going to be protected. we have KKK in everywhere, police, lawyers, we have KKK obviously in our hospitals

1:06 :52 (host speaks? , man who created the red man march)

do you hear that America, we are angry, we are mad, and I agree we need to stand up no matter what the cost , some of us are going to have to sacrifice, some of us are going to have to suffer and i don’t care, what is our life for, what is the circle for, we are in the circle, and we need to create  the voice and the vision … rant,rant,rant, we are the ones that need to make the change in the world for indigenous people.

**** The Circle is to create a I don’t care voice and vision for invoking fear and violence to change the world for indigenous people ?

2:04:20, Leo speaks

I am looking for a lot more different results for the next protest, 6 weeks to next protest, we need security to raise the moral of the people, we need people inside the crowd to get others out on the parking lot, we should have our elders, grandmothers out front, to be able to walk all the way up to the hospital and be face to face with the cops, when the media gets a hold of that grandmothers face to face with the cops , thats when people realize this situation is critical.

older man talk show host;  i have to take my hat off to the young people for that.

**** Jepordizing the safety of  Grandmothers and Elders,  using them as shields for an angry mob,  is whats needed to bring out awareness ?

(end of extracted audio comments)


Back in 1972 AIM used school children to vandalize the museum and trading post of Wounded Knee, afterwards AIM adult membership did the same thou at a much higher degree of destruction and theft, while they declared the assaulted as “White Racists” , who in reality were family of Anishinabe ancestry.

1973 , One year later AIM occupied Wounded Knee under the pretense it was for the concerns of treatment by the tribal government towards the Lakota people. AIM upon entering one of the most sacred sites of the Lakota assaulted family of 1st nations people, AIM then directed their assault towards the US government that responded as per their obligations.

DeJa` Vu,

Here we are 40 years later and again the “White Racist” card is being is being thrown out again with the inclusion of the Ku Klux Klan and a assumed Hate Crime.

If people nurture this current “Hate Campaign” and it escalates to another military conflict, when all is done a new phase of the termination policies will have been achieved.

That is to say, if the b.s of 1973 WK2 occurs in these times of government policies for terrorist acts and indefinite detention acts, Homeland Security will step in and take total control of Sovereignty.

It will be too late for people to say we do not support the AIM militant mentalities of vultures that are feeding on traditions, culture & ancestry.

All that will be left of the Sovereignty is borders on a map that represent a skeleton, a skeleton of the nations and the spirit that resided within to be named Poverty Point, even thou some spirits seem to carry on.


For the Youth,  be cautious what you feed the fire

When you find your Star …. Remember Who You Are  ~SteppinWolf~

This campaign  needs to take AIM and all affiliation with military brotherhoods and  Peltier or other so called political prisoners out of the mix.  The campaign is not about flag waving and flashing banners for them, it is about treatment of 1st nations people and should be a representation of 1st nations people without the b.s flags and banners.

Note: Vulture in the writing  relates to Carencro, a town in Cajun country named from the  Ishak language (southern ancestry), corruption from carecros   (carrin crow with red head) who carries the spirit of flesh to the  after world. I feel like going off on a  tangent about LaTortue (The Turtle) or Nezpique (Tattooed nose) ancestry from  Bayou Queue de Tortue and Bayou Nezpique (lands of Nementou)  of the Sunrise People who were exploited and how  tradition and way of living is practically non-existent today as a result of  corrupted  vultures  that are  self serving , thou I will save their memories for another day.

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2 Responses to “At what point does LaTortue cease being LaTortue?”

  1. jpwade Says:

    Feed The Fire
    Words and music by John Kay and Michael Wilk

    You’re off to see the land of dreams
    Be careful, things are seldom what they seem
    Cling to your hopes and follow your heart
    Don’t lose that sparkle in your eyes
    To some empty consolation prize
    Stay on your course, follow the chart
    And if at times you lose the light
    Then let your passion be your guide

    Strike a spark, fan the flame, feel it burn deep within
    Let it rise and let it shine
    Keep it burning day and night, guard it with your very life
    Feed the fire, never let it die

    You’ll fly alone to reach your mark
    Don’t fear the silence or the dark
    They’ll be good friends you’ll learn to love
    Solitude’s no sacrifice
    To catch a glimpse of paradise
    May you find peace and fly with the dove
    And when you finally reach your star
    Always remember who you are

    Strike a spark, fan the flame, feel it burn deep within
    Let it rise and let it shine
    Keep it burning day and night, guard it with your very life
    Feed the fire, never let it die
    Feed the fire, never let it die

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