The Legacy of Pedophile & Rapist Warriors


People need to connect the dots and realize what continues, is a result of the youth being taught to excuse and regard,  the mentality and character of  Pedophile  &  Rapist Warriors



below extracted from: Was the Truth Buried at Wounded Knee

“Dennis Banks started
having a sexual affair with Darlene Nichols, aka Kamook, when she was merely 15 years old (maybe even 14). Dennis banks was 34. Dennis Banks was a slick pedophile hiding within the AIM. They had their first child when she barely turned 17 and shows he was in a sexual relationship with her at 16.
Which establishes he did knowingly abuse his leadership position to commit child sex acts with the very impressionable young females attracted to the American Indian Movement. The long list of females under the age of 18.
He has never been questioned why he continuously violated the trust of the Indian parents to their children’s chastity and virginity. Why hasnt the United States Government done any thing with this fact? Does Dennis Banks have immunity from the united states government?. Even if the victims say, it wasn’t a violation since South Dakota’s statues explicitly state, 16 years of age is the legal age of consent.
Jean Day explains it like this, neither Dennis or Leonard
peltier broke any laws in South Dakota because both jean day and kamook banks gave their consent for sexual relationships with Leonard and Dennis. even if they were both under 16 years of age. Hmmmm?”

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Trivia Question: Who was the 15 year old white girl from Leech Lake Reservation that became pregnant  ?



A heartfelt thank-you to Mr. West

‎”I am a Tetuwan Minneconjou Lakota registered at Cheyenne River Agency, at Eagle Butte South Dakota… And, I am very pleased to say in writing this to you…. thank-you very much for writing the truth about my rapist (when I was only 17), American Indian Movement leader, Russell Means.”

At the time of the rape in the fall of 1972, Means was in the middle of his Sun Dance commitment, dancing next to my Father, Professor Calvin Dupree, (U of Lethbridge in Alberta) whom was Sun Dancing from 1970-1975 at Frank Fools Crows Sun Dance arbor, beginning at Pine Ridge in 1970 & finishing at Green Grass in Aug. 1975, with my Lakota adult naming ceremony by my spiritual mentor, Frank Fools Crow…naming me Looking Back Woman-HakiktaWin.

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40 Years later the

The Result of  Pedophile  & Rapist Warrior  Teachings




If it moves it has Power

No matter how much anyone tries to cleanse the fact that AIM’s foundation included leadership and member acts of Rape, Child Sexual Abuse, Murder of Innocents, Physical Abuse and Torture, etc …. to both native and non-native people, those actions will remain embedded in it’s legacy, those actions will continue to move within AIM’s teachings of tradition and culture. Influenced to Death from Within.

The movement of those actions are alive and well within AIM especially from those who  continue to conduct and desecrate ceremony. The only way to stop that movement is to stop recognizing and supporting AIM as a positive influence.


One way to inhibit  the ill movement, is for people to dump their AIM indoctrinated World Views and Beliefs  generated by the Old Guard Mentality.



The Old Guard is Alive and Well


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  1. charmaine d'amato Says:

    Note: Comments at this blog are welcomed, providing the comments are not off the wall irrelevant horse shit rants. charmaine d’amoto’s Reply Deleted by publisher

  2. jpwade Says:

    LOL, poor Charmaine Windego , you are such a great example of the garbage spun out by the shAIMster teachings.

    fb inbox, Sunday July 15th, 2012

    Charmaine Damato

    Hey, I don’t like this comment. Please remove it.

    The comment:
    Joe Wade (February 12, 2012): Johannah, my sentiments exactly in ref to your comment , “he put a gun in the mouth of an ndn woman and for that alone he can rot for all I care”

    Content URL:

    Charmaine Damato
    Charmaine Damato

    Since it’s “ok’ to spread your “truths,” then dont mind me telling the world of your “love of children,” your rapes and abuses against women and boys. and the fact of “who,” you really are….oh, I type like lightening too….”OPEN SEASON ON JOE WADE YEAH!!!! aLL POSTED WHERE YOU LEAST EXPECT AND WHERE THERE ARE THE MOST PEOPLE THAT AGREE. facebook’s on to you,…creepy liar. Too bad it took me this long to figure out how to shut you all up, with your lies…but now I have the method. Chortling with glee, yours truly, Charmaine

  3. jpwade Says:

    charmaine d’amato , , IP:

    Name: Charmaine P. Damato on Jan 23, 2010
    Name, Please list legal name. Internet names for petition is not useable.: Charmaine P. Steele
    Comments: Honor the Treaties of The North American Indigenous Peoples. The world is watching.
    What state or territory do you currently reside in Please give only the state in which you reside..: ontario, canada

    Charmaine P. Steele. 12/17/2009. Stouffville, N/A Canada. Private entry. (

    Charmaine P Steele
    Writing and Editing Professional
    Toronto, Canada Area
    Writing and Editing

  4. jpwade Says:


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  7. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

    Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Connecting the dots correctly!!!

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