Unconditional Truth

     Recently there was a comment made that I think needs to be further addressed. The question was asked what we were looking for here, was this group about dismantling AIM, and is this a hate group for AIM? As mentioned before many times this page is about bringing justice for Annie Mae and sharing the truth. The AIM leadership and Leonard Peltier have dismantled themselves, we never told them to take one of their women out and murder herand then blatantly lie about it for 36 years, nor did we suggest they publicly support those murderers and use the excuse “ the government made them do it.” The only people in my experience that have used that excuse have skeletons in their own closets they don’t want exposed, like the murder of Perry Ray Robinson, and others who went missing during WK, or their long term knowledge and involvement in those murders and the subsequent cover ups. This provides an easy out for those feeling guilty that eases their conscience in having not to accept any kind of complicity. Yes her murderers are sitting in prison , after 28 years of silence , but those who ordered and facilitated it are not, and they are still at work spreading lies and deception at every level in ndn country to maintain their lack of complicity, not to mention that the AIM leadership and Peltier both publicly support Annie Maes’ murderers.  IF there is an “infiltrator”, as some claim then we will find that out when  the AIM leadership exposes them, since they seem to have the evidence supporting that.

There have been a lot of assumptions made about my feelings and opinions of the government and I think I need to make a few clarifications. This is not about hate, this is about not compromising my integrity because a group of thugs thought they managed to pull the wool over NDN countries eyes by using 100 years of bad history as their justification for behaving like the oppressors. I marvel that people think that 28 years of lies and manipulations by those who murdered Annie Mae can be explained away by “the government made them do it” I am fully aware of how complicit and how ignorant all human beings can be, BUT because I refuse to allow the government to define me or carry any weight in my moral code or consume me with hate and distrust of them , that they count on I might add, so I will assume they will not do their jobs does not mean I am a hater nor a lover of the government. I expect them to do their jobs here and now and I will be the first one to point out the areas where they are falling short.

My mother told me exactly what the government was about and she also told me about human beings and our responsibility as those human beings. It was human beings who brought my mother justice, and it was human beings who made the choice to betray her and take her life . She never allowed the government to define her, and she never expected much from them either. I live in a different era, I know the control we have as human beings, thanks to my mother and I won’t waste time waiting for a  government that historically doesn’t have a lot to brag about in the resolution department to define my moral code. Is that not something we should all strive to take ownership of ourselves? Is my mother’s justice in holding ALL those responsible for her death accountable to be a waiting game now , waiting for a government that many claim is corrupt anyway , to become moral and lead the way for us? LOL! I am not gonna hold my breath on that one . Shouldn’t we try to expect more from our communities, brothers and sisters if we are to ever overcome this hold the government has on us?

We managed for 10, 000 years before the Europeans came and now we are to just toss in the towel and accept the victim card the government deals us ? Not this women. I refuse to compromise my integrity and expectations by allowing the actions of a historically corrupt and racist government to cloud my moral judgement in recognizing injustices that occur right in our own backyards by accepting them as a consequence of being ndn and not expecting our own family members to  abide to our own traditional moral and ethical laws nor that the government won’t ever do their damn jobs . Likewise I will not use those atrocities and bad history to enable and give excuses for the abuse and violence suffered by our own women to continue in our midst. It may explain how it can occur but does not EVER justify it. How can we expect the government or any entity outside of our communities to take us seriously about the injustices and atrocities we suffered and still suffer if we allow those same atrocities to occur in our own backyards and turn a blind eye? It stops here, and because I chose to stand up and attempt to denounce this behavior and expect the justice we are all told is our birth right does not mean I am ignorant of the injustices occurring in our backyards everyday nor that I am a fed, FBI Pawn, or racist …lol… titles I will remind everyone that were bestowed upon my mother before she was executed for speaking the truth . Murder is murder period and I am highly offended that her supposed AIM friends and family would infer that I am in any way connected to or doing the governments bidding or assume that I will not follow this thru till the full truth is known no matter who gets swept up in the exposure of that truth …,this is what unconditional justice looks like. – Denise Pictou Maloney –


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