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“Such the big shame this is and we have done nothing to deserve to be treated for this way.”

This above comment made by M+J in The Most Victimized Group In America blog that indigenous women have done nothing to deserve the decline in status and the abuses that followed has haunted me.

I see it as a plaintive cry, an expression of a collective misery given voice, a mourning song sweeping across Indian country-and a great shame heaped upon the nations that is suffocating us one and all.

We speak of the land as the mother who gives life and sustains us-it is the ultimate truth-and among the nations our women are the land-land where seeds are planted, land that nurtures and produces our continuation, and insures that we will remain.

A land that has always been the repository of tradition-and always respected for the gifts it provides.


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  1. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

    The truth prevails….

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