Holy Man

Using Culture and Elders “Again”

The  shAIMster Script and Mentality Continues

Cast: Russell Means, Floyde Red Crow Westerman, Leonard Crow Dog, Arvol Looking Horse, Fred Alan Wolf, Martin Sheen (Narrator)

Reviewed a trailer for this film, and noted it presents distant historical profiles of government and belief systems atrocities, which is well acknowledged and recognized as wrongs in that distant past from the oppressing entities. Douglas White’s family members testimony led to his conviction. If their testimony was actually false at the time, why portray in this film the cause of their behavior is from the distant past, when the family members mentality, character and world views were shaped by teachings given to them in present time, by the likes of  people in this film ?

If their testimony was actually false, they should all be charged with perjury and held accountable for their actions that placed Mr. White into jail where he died, in place of trying to evade the responsibility by saying “The  Devil (government) made me do it”. They have been taught well.

When one digs into the layers of recent changes in Lakota Spirituality and Ceremony, it is obvious  current bastardized teachings by AIM over the last 35 years have failed miserably for too many people. The failure of positive social growth based on current spirituality is the result of people like CrowDog, Arvol Looking Horse, Russell Means and other affiliates who are portrayed in this movie as advocates for 1st nations people, when in reality their agenda’s have been and continue to be predominately self serving. What a sad attempt to pass off accountability and responsibility of  current social, spiritual degradation by pointing the finger at the government and other belief systems “again”.

Perhaps someday people will start looking under the deceptions and realize there are many voices that understand these attempts to continue promoting the illness that those in this film perpetrate. Those many voices will continue to put out the self serving bastardized fires. These actions do not make money for producers or anyone else, thou it does ensure the survival of  ancestors voices. no? Quit pointing the finger at the distant past, and recognize what is occurring now and start looking at who’s current teachings are accepted and being followed.

It is absolutely mind boggling how people with such good intent, such as writers, producers, narrator’s can fall prey to the sickness that is killing us from within. A sickness they are blinded by and unaware of that uses them to grow in strength and move about.


 An interesting inbox reply to postings on the Holy Man fb page

Eliase Graywolf: u must be an apple hu lmao …well to all u apples that support the bia …and their stoog actions …were going to find all of u make sure justice is done our ways. a.i.m. restance now and forever long live uncle russlle and all those that oppose the goons and trible corruption

Joe Wade: your comment “were going to find all of u make sure justice is done our way” are mirrored words of Dick Wilson back in the 70’s, you have been taught well you little tool, LOL!

Eliase Graywolf: what u apple lover ….s.a.i.m. is going to wipe all u off the face of the planet …. and start over…one nation one voice …

all tribes united for the good of everyone … the secound american idian movment is strong were going to start making changes with our spiritaul ways of life …. 7th generation now is our time.


Real “holy”, spiritual movement being reflected by the youth that is generated by the teachings from those who are suppose to be voices and role models for 1st nations people. The developed mindset of the  youth displayed in the above perpetrates self genocide.

There is nothing spiritual about that mind set, thou it might be “holy” , and it is what the writers, producers are being used for by the AIM mentality , to generate higher levels of “Hate”

Those kids and others that follow and allow that illness to get under their skin, haven’t a chance with any form of healing, or moving forward in an upwardly mobile fashion. It only creates more oppression and destruction for all concerned.

In short that kids voice, is the mindset that will support acts of rape, physical abuse, etc to their own when people refuse to follow the bastardized teachings of AIM, and they will continue to try and evade responsibility of their ill actions by pointing the finger at all other for their behavior.

It is also the mindset of hatred that will lie and deceive in order to put a grandfather in jail.

Robert Redford needs to make room for Martin Sheene on the couch of one sided documentaries, that serve no purpose other than to promote the illness of bastardized teachings from so called NDN hero’s and role models…. please quit clearing a path for that sickness that grows stronger with each valorized media release.


South Dakota Senator, James Abourezk invites Tetuwan Ceremonial Chief & Holy man, Frank Fools Crow to give a opening prayer before the Senate 1970.
Is this where it all started with the government collusion…to prevent Fools Crow from ever getting back the Sacred Black Hills for his Tetuwan people?  ~LBW, Suzanne Dupree~

4 Responses to “Holy Man”

  1. S Says:

    Natives are not the only people in the US that are destroying themselves. They seem to be doing the best job of it. I could cry when I think of the waste of all that human potential. Keep up the good fight.

  2. jpwade Says:

    S, you words very much appreciated, here is one to pass on to those young ones, and some of the older ones too, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bF___7S0Rp4 …. and when you finally reach your star ….

  3. Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree Says:

    Reblogged this on Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog and commented:
    Another great read….

  4. Miiengunkwe Says:

    I would like to point out that Eliase “Graywolf” is Eliase Yenageta, an Ethiopian that is falsely claiming to be Lakota as well as falsely claiming to be a relative of Russell Means. He is under investigation by several agencies. He is persona non grata in Indian Country.

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