Why Annie Mae?

For years the AIM leadership and Leonard Peltier and their supporters have whined “why is it only Annie Mae appeared to be receiving attention from the authorities.”  An interesting question considering that those claiming foul had direct knowledge and information about her murder yet swore to an oath of silence to protect the brotherhood for 36 years.  What the public does not clearly understand or know is HOW that “attention” was received. Trust me there were no favors. After sitting dormant for over 20 years with several grand juries that produced no indictments several individuals with a conscience decided they could no longer live with the lies and deceit and stepped up and spoke the truth. It is as simple as that.


In 1976 authorities interviewed over 200 individuals, all who knew Annie Mae and NOT ONE of them would agree to testify or speak about what happened to Annie Mae. It doesn’t take much to imagine how impossible it is to hold a trial without eyewitness testimony. If the marginalization and racism reports were accurate, it should also be no surprise that the authorities back then didn’t steamroll Annie Maes’ murder investigation to the fore front however that does not excuse or carry the weight of responsibility in the delays considering that there were over 23 witnesses who watched my mothers’ 72 hour death march unfold before their eyes and remained silent for decades. I am grateful that some managed to gain the courage to finally speak the truth.


When we first started campaigning for my mother’s justice I was very critical of the authorities for not doing more. I instinctively initially bought into the popular native resistance mantra that all government was corrupt and evil. Trust me with whom my mother was as a human being and the life she lived there was no one more critical of the government than I. I was determined if this was a case of neglect on their part I would prove it. Unfortunately very quickly I was met with controversy of the worst kind from those my mother at one time had referred to as friends and family. After 16 years, I now had to accept that after confirming the truth, from those closest to her spiritually and physically, John Trudell, Dino Butler, NIlak Butler, Robert Robideau and ultimately Arlo Looking Cloud and learning of the level of conspiracy and deceit exercised by the AIM leadership and Peltier with their diversionary tactics, how could the authorities do anything more without witnesses? From my point of view the Aim leadership and Peltier had now become extensions to the original offending government. How awkward to learn that the silence and lack of movement in my mother’s case had little to do with government conspiracy and more to do with blood being thicker than water. Annie Mae was Mikmaq from another country, with no family ties to the Lakota territory and for all intents and purposes was an outsider.


My mothers’ Justice was not about pitting one native against each other, it was about truth and justice unconditionally as it should be when you are dealing with truth and justice. Those who conspired to hide the truth that it was in fact AIM members who took her life made it an NDN vs NDN issue. My mother’s murder was treated like a dirty little secret in NDN country while the cowards who took her life sang her accolades from their podiums and justice pages in their attempts to divert any focus on their responsibility in enabling and facilitating the murder of one of their own women by their own AIM members. It is no wonder NDN country was so confused.


During the discovery process that took 10 years, we were not at liberty to discuss the testimony and information we learned during this time for obvious reasons. However that did not stop the AIM leadership and Peltier from posturing themselves as victims and warriors of yesteryear and focusing on ridiculous facets of my mother’s murder to raise question and controversy amongst the masses. From questioning her hands being cut off (she did not die from having her hands cut off!) to when she was last seen (another Aimtastical invention to distract from the fact that 23 people witnessed her being kidnapped, and marched off to her death) to rumors of pie patrol retaliation (because clearly everyone knows you receive a death penalty for infidelity in NDN country. I would be doing a head count on all of Banks mistresses to confirm that)  to questioning rape charges (which was revealed during testimony but was never an issue since the statutes of limitations had expired, but Grahams supporters felt that proving that he didn’t rape her must mean he didn’t kill her…..okayyy)


We also are now aware of threats of retaliation some women received if they spoke my mother’s name 25 years ago, which made some prisoners in their own communities. I have received at least a dozen emails over the last 5 years from women who said their babies lives were used as a very effective gag for decades for a few of the eye witnesses. These women had just witnessed the killing of one of their own group members by men that they now had to live with in a remote community during a time where there was no trust in the authorities. I can’t say I would have made the same choices nor can I say that I blame them for the choices they made.  It demonstrates the lawless corrupt climate that existed during these very tumultuous times.


If any of us are to believe and hope in a future of survival for any of our nations it is imperative we exemplify unconditional truth to our youth and teach them that killing one of your own women is not something that is just swept under the rug and ignored because there were bigger fish to fry. Regardless of how long ago it occurred, justice is justice, especially when those who are the facilitators still posture themselves as champions of justice and resistance in our communities today. That is just plain hypocritical. Which is exactly the lesson the AIM leadership and Peltier gave to our youth each and every day till the truth was revealed.


My mother received justice because individuals like Paul DeMain and Bob Branscombe took it upon themselves to investigate and ask questions; because several individuals knew if there was ever going to be a shift in ndn country in how justice was served and validated now was as good a time as any to step up to the plate; because her family would not accept what happened to Annie Mae as a matter of consequence. We can’t say what other people would do for their own family member that is their decision, but we would help them in any way we could if they asked. Dennis Banks, Russell Means, Clyde Bellecourt or Leonard Peltier never did anything to campaign for my mother’s justice, unless you consider Clyde’s reckless dare to Paul DeMain to investigate the murder of Annie Mae in 1994.


At the end of the day the AIM leadership and Peltier have lied to NDN country for 36 years that it was the feds who murdered Annie Mae, when in fact it was AIM members who kidnapped, interrogated and murdered Annie Mae. After three trials, two guilty pleas and the eyewitness testimony of over 23 witnesses proving that fact, AIM leadership and Peltier now support her murderers saying that the government made them murder Annie Mae?? Spending the last 16 years campaigning for my mother’s justice in a storm of BS lies and deception, has confirmed one very valuable lesson for me. The truth always prevails.

~ Denise Pictou Maloney ~  Aug 10, 2012




I have stood on the side lines for many years weighing out my options and gagging my words by the amount of verbal abuse and personal attacks I was willing to take behind the scenes each time I spoke publicly. I have been called traitor, fed, pig, vengeful, hateful, diversionary, grief-stricken and a liar for speaking the truth and demanding FULL justice for my mother. I am putting my mothers murderers, the AIM leadership, Leonard Peltier and their sympathizers on notice. IT STOPS HERE. I will NOT UNITE with murderers who have the blood of one of their own women on their hands, until those who conspired to hide the truth for 36 years are exposed and dealt with.

~ Denise Pictou Maloney July 23,2012




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    Let’s just keep it coming, eh???

  3. laptop cu Says:

    This is the perfect site for everyone who wishes to find out about this topic.
    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I personally would want toHaHa).

    You certainly put a brand new spin on a topic that’s been discussed for decades. Excellent stuff, just excellent!

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    Truth will prevail in the “Spirit World” no matter what those who live in darkness and commit the crimes of believe they have escaped from “Eternal Judgment”

  5. jpwade Says:

    Richard Merci for the re-blog and yes indeed so about idiots having to pay dues to judgement …. “they” can all grovel on into eternity …. the day after r. means death, while working in the yard, in the distance was for a moment some blood curdling screams of agony …. for a moment i wondered, was that for real? …. then it dawned on me and a big grin followed , just saying …. 🙂

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