The Colonial Mailbox

Walking down the road one notes a mailbox pole tilted, in place of passing by, one might place a stone or two at the base and pack them with soil, as in setting a new foundation with them, to correct  alignment.

Why?, given enough time, the mailbox will topple over, that’s just the way gravity works,  and the mailbox will no longer be useful for it’s intended purpose, thou it might make a good home for a ground dweller.

An individual does such without expectations other than to prevent failure and help out. To sit collectively to initiate such an action is not necessary; the action is prompted by an individuals natural traits.

For some reason people today believe it is mandatory to assemble at scheduled times, in order to maintain alignment with “being” human. People who elect not to attend assemblies are often ostracized, pushed aside, set as an example of what not to be. Why is that? It’s a control mechanism, for leaders to keep followers in line and “upright” as per leadership desires and needs.

One can not rid the colonial mindset or continue to point the finger at colonial influence until aspects of “colonial beliefs” are discarded. Colonialism is not the workings of this explorer or that explorer; it is the result of governing bodies (leadership), belief systems and followers.


Who has the courage to stand alone,

if need be, to re-align mailbox’s ?

In “the”  most basic form

In general people use to relate to “their environment” (individual aspects of creation or creation as a whole). Communications  consisted of , giving thanks, requesting guidance, asking for help, expressing sorrows etc. Communication was not directed towards “the creator”.

People today, talk “to the creator

Instead of communicating,  “with creation


Don’t cross the river if you can’t swim the tide
Don’t try denyin’ livin’ on the other side



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