Leonard and Margaret Reynolds

Sept 5th, 2012

I have been  conservative with comments up to this point, with this Blog entry. People can put on, as much duct tape and band aids  or even change the brand name of AIM.  It is what it is.

I will “never” shore up with People who Excuse Murdering Rapist Liars, that  hijacked the Lakota Spiritual Legacy and continue to conduct ceremony with the blood of innocents on their hands .



If the guardianship of Pe Sla returns to 1st Nations “under legal terms”, People should keep in Focus, it occurred from the work and efforts of 1st Nations Leadership and the current “titled owners”.

Not by the likes of those who align themselves with people that have deceived 1st Nations and the World for 30+ years.  LRI and the Lakota Peoples Law Project,  can toot their horn and wave their flags all they want from their podiums. It is what it is,  AIM at work , deceiving the World.

“In memory of the Grandmother I Never Knew”

created by Annie Mae’s Granddaughter



Considering the complexity and Dynamics involved with this issue ,  this blog entry will change its comments and layout with sporadic updates to try and maintain some form of continuity to the events and how “the return of these lands”, unfold


Aug23, 2012: It is obvious  the Reynolds did a fantastic job with preserving, to the best of their ability , the lands that were titled to them because of  boundaries initiated on this continent. For so long they kept the footprint of commercialization off of those lands and have now elected, for the guardianship , to change hands.

There is no doubt  entities, the Reynolds Family warded off for so many years, are pushing to gain a stronghold,  to exploit the spirituality that resides within. The sad part,  some of those entities are now cloaked within the Nations of  Ancestry the Reynolds Family strived to protect.

The auction of the Reynolds Property went public as early as June 3rd 2012. June 3rd is  the upload date at the auctioneer’s website for the image of the tracts of land for sale.


Zoom in to  view those lands  with google maps. (select aerial imagery if it does not auto load). Reynolds property up for auction in red, existing county road, South Rochford  in yellow


View in Google Earth


From Indianz.com published July 11,2012

“According to Sicangu Lakota elder Albert White Hat, Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community Chairman Stanley R. Crooks have been discussing the matter of buying land at Pe Sla on behalf of their respective tribes in South Dakota and Minnesota.”

“South Rochford Road,   …  is being considered for paving, realignment and drainage-structure additions. (….) Pennington County, the Federal Highway Administration is in the process of preparing a South Rochford Road Project environmental impact statement (EIS). (….) The projected completion date of the study is late summer 2014.”  extracted from Indianz.com


AIM Tactics of Deception  at Work Again

Deceiving the Global Community for a Money Grab, Disguised as a Cause to Save Sacred Land

Aug23, 2012: Since early July 2012, the Chairman of SMSC, Mr. Stanley Crooks  was working with Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux for an auction bid proposal. The Mdewakanton Sioux Tribe’s Community gaming (SMSC),  in 2010 and 2011 alone, gave to outside of their community, 100 million plus to  donations and funding.

Why was the global community led to believe  the Lakota Nation needed financial help? Those in NDN country that know of Mr. Crooks accomplishments , understand the purchase of Pe Sla was a done deal as soon as SMSC sat at the table. (SMSC OutReach Page)

There was no need for LRI to start a money raising petition at the witching hour, 14 days before the auction. This is such a typical give now, or forever miss your chance scam.

When one compares the above news release from indianz.com to the statements made by Chase Iron Eyes of Lastrealindians and AIM Affiliates to gain support for their “money” raising petition, it is obvious their call for  assistance is based on deceptive  comments and a self serving mentality.

It’s an insult to the global community for using  deception and environmental fear mongering comments within their request  and definitely not necessary to gain public support. The character and mentality of “their” presentation should raise flags as to whether or not “they” are worthy to be  representing the Lakota , or any other Nation, especially when “they” do_not make the global community aware of the other Nations who hold ceremonial connections to Pe`Sla. In doing so, “they” display their all me mentality, “it is mine.”

The Fund Raising Petition by Chase Iron Eyes and AIM Affiliates States

“It is likely that the state of South Dakota will put a road directly through Pe’ Sla and open up this sacred place for development.” (roads already exist & no new roads are planed)

“Yet we are trying to work within the current U.S. laws to regain custody of our sacred sites and prevent future road and industrial development.” (what “industrial development?, something like oil or mining companies?)


Aug23, 2012: Initially the global community was told the request for money, was for Auction Bids of tracts up for sale within Pe`Sla, auction date Aug 25, 2012. Their petition goal of 1million dollars is well short of the 6-10 million needed to be a successful high bid for purchase of all tracts or one tract alone.

Five days before the auction, new reasons for the Petition, are assigned. Not mentioned on the petitions main page, but tucked away on the petition updates page, the new primary reason for the petition is to collect  1 million dollars.

Three days before the auction, the fund raising petition deadline is extended for another 17 days. This  put Chase Iron Eyes and AIM affiliates collecting funds well beyond the auction date of Aug 25, 2015.

Two days before the auction, the Reynolds cancel the auction without giving a reason for doing so. (Mr. Stanley Crooks in Hospital?)


Aug23, 2012: The initial reason for the fund raising petition  to bid at the auction for tracts of land for sale within Pe`Sla, turns out to be, just what it is in reality. A SCAM …. Using Sacred Land …. Deceiving  …. the Global Community…. For Money

Timeline  –  of petition changes and other updates/events

 June 3: Brock Auction Website: date of tracts image uploaded to web server,  Auction made public at least by this day. (note: 3+ months before petition was initiated)

July 11: indianz.com Rosebud Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community Chairman Stanley R. Crooks have been discussing the matter of buying land at Pe Sla (note: Shakopee in 2010 & 2011 gave to outside of their community 100 million plus in funding and donations. Anyone in NDN country who knew of Mr. Crooks accomplishments understands , the Pe Sla purchase was a done deal as soon as he got involved.)

Aug 1: LRI fb page:  post about  Rosebud and Shakopee working together for Pe Sla.

Aug 9: LRI fb page: 1st post of fund raising petition to “Save Pe Sla”. (note: 14 days to raise 1 million dollars  for all tribes associated with purchase, presents petition as for the “Lakota Nation” that the tribes supported the effort. The campaign was set up as  “Flexible Funding” , funds are kept  even if the goal is not met, funds are not returnable. There was never an intent to return funds to donators   if a bid for auction was unsuccessful.The petition was presented to purchase auction land for the “Nation”, the goal is not enough to buy one tract of the 5 up for sale. Why start a fund raising campaign knowing the estimated land value to be 6-10 million, aside from Shakopee already involved with Rosebud Tribe for a bid?   The funds are eventually given to Rosebud Tribe as part of earnest money to  secure a purchase agreement for the Rosebud Tirbe to title the land.)

Aug 20: petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle:Our main focus continues to be purchasing the Pe’ Sla land that is being auctioned off on August 25, 2012. Our contingency plan at this time, is to put the funds towards purchasing and protecting other_lands that_may also become available” (note: 5 days before auction, LRI allocates the money if not successful with a purchase, to other lands within Pe Sla.  such as  Borderlands Ranch?, who as per their webpage, conducts “Spiritual Pilgrimages“   based on Anglican, Lakota, Celtic teachings intermixed. In other words pay to pray ceremonies that includes SunDances and Sweats. The Lutheran Episcopal Reverend  is adopted by Rosebud Tribe. Reverand Kramer is conducting a different fund raiser for 120 acres  in Pe Sla)

also note: bottom of page at, Friends of Borderlands (which includes  past pilgrims who are part of  the spiritual community that Borderlands Ranch is building ,  people who gives back yearly, or whenever),  has recently secured a primary portion of the 120 acres, and is waiting for Borderlands Ranch to raise  funds for title.

Aug. 22, petition intent changes: lasrealindians: ” Campaign Team has decided to extend our fundraising deadline in order to raise more funds towards our goal of $1 million dollars. (note: 3 days before auction LRI extendes petition deadline to 12 days beyond Auction date.  to buy other_lands, or grab as much money as possible?)

Aug. 23petition site: Sara Jumping Eagle: Auction canceled on direction  of  owners representative. (note: owners give no reason for cancellation, thou Mr. Stanley Crooks of Shakopee is in the hospital at this time and likely not to attend the auction on the 25th)

Aug. 23. South Dakota Public Radio Chase Iron Eyes with Linda Kramer speak about Pe Sal. Chase Iron eyes questioned about creation story and quotes arvol looking horse and follows up on comments about energy that  initial speaker Rosalie Little Thunder’s made about energy emitting from Pe Sla. Chase refers to Pe Sla as “our” land and and Does_Not mention the other Nations that have ancestral connections to Pe Sla. Rosalie Little Thunder says the purchase could open up opportunities for the  Tribe as in singular, not the Lakota Nation. Linda Kramer says her Ranch is right in the Heart of Pe Sla, “inter faith” and because she is an Episcopal priest she holds Episcopal services just as Lakota Ceremonies are held at the ranch. Kramer mentions she purchased the land at development pricing and the reason it’s market value is in the development status is  because one can not make money from ranching. Kramer makes on comments about the “spiritual community” she has been building for 15 yrs. Chase says the Lakota Nation “owns” Pe Sla. Chase speaks about respect from others for Pe Sla. No mention of auction cancellation new release  this same day

(note:  This pretty well answers why they both deleted postings on their fb sites that questioned if fund raising money would be used to purchase other_land such as the 120 acres  Borderlands Spiritual Ranch is trying to title. Pretty sad that no one else’s ancestry is supported by Chase, and that Rosalie speaks of opportunities for the “tribe” not the Lakota Nation.

Aug. 25,  news release:   Mr. Stanley Crooks died day of auction.

Aug. 27?, tribal webpage:  Rosebud Tribe put protectpesla.org website on hold , removing lastrealindians contact info and fund raising petition links  (note: Chase promoted use of this page, thou never gave an update when it was put on hold, why? , comment from tribe , “Not sure what LRI is doing” & LRI “should not be changing gears”, Tribe publicly disassociates itself with LRI?)

Aug. 28 IndianCountryToday News, ” In a collective effort of several tribes, an offer was made. (note: 2 days after Mr. Crooks death, the councils did a rush to get an offer out to the Reynolds)

Aug. 28 fb post to LRI & Borderlands Ranch: “questioned LRI will petition money be used for 120 acres of land Borderlands Ranch is fund raising for, questioned Borderlands if offered will they accept money from LRI” (note: both fb sites deleted post with questions, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 28 petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle,  “any funds will go directly towards offsetting costs for tribes that need to continue to benefit Lakota families everyday living needs.” (note: petition money no longer for land within Pe Sla?)

Aug. 29 petition intent changes: Sara Jumping Eagle,  posts a “Clarification” , Changes petition intent back to original. (note: petition intent changes back to original intent, to include other_lands?)

Aug. 29, fb post to LRI: LRI should keep their intent of the petition money collected , to go to all tribes that are involved with the purchase of Pe Sla. Does LRI intend on trying to submit all the money to “one” tribe? (note: post deleted by LRI Aug 31st, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 31tribal press release Rosebud Tribe Official Press released , progress report “Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association to act as a spokesperson” … “many tribes working together” , The Rosebud Tribal Council expressed its wish to work with other tribal concils on the management of the site, if the site is finalized in Rosebuds favor”(note: GPTC assigned as public voice for the Lakota Nation, LRI continues to present itself as speaking for the “Nation” ,  The funds went to Rosebud Tribe for earnest money to secure a purchase, for Rosebud hold title to the land, one tribe does not constitute the nation. Chase led the global community to believe he was speaking for the “Nation”)

Aug. 31, fb post to LRI:  “questioned if petition money will go to the many tribes mentioned in the tribal press release or strictly to Rosebud” (note: LRI deleted post question, Silence speaks Volumes)

Aug. 31, LRI fb post:“Upcoming Rally, LRI joins with Lakota Peoples Law Project for Rally to save Pe Sla” (note:  more AIM affiliates  pop their heads up, ThunderHawk, Abourezk)

Sept. 3th, LRI press release: LRI uses the clause the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla  for the Sioux Nation“  (note:  Pilgrimage? , as in the definition of Borderlands Ranch “Spiritual Pilgrimages” , the pay to pray house  noted on Aug 20th ?)

Sept. 4 , indiancountry today news release: Iron Eyes described the process by which his organization, Last Real Indians, conducted a fundraising effort to save Pe’ Sla, raising $300,000. This sum was combined with $1.3 million put forth by the Rosebud Sioux tribe, enough to seal the land deal.(note: the petition money 300k is applied as  part of 1.3 million earnest money used to secure a purchase for Rosebud to “titled” the land. One tribe alone is not the “Nation” was the intent of the petition.  LRI’s has consistently stated “for the Lakota Nation”. The reason for Rosebud Tribe receiving the funds for earnest money to secure  title, was because not all tribes were in agreement with the purchase criteria which was suppose to have been established according to Chase saying the tribes supported him, i.e he was representing the Lakota Nation.)



Sept. 5, 8pm petition site: 323,870 raised, 3 days left to end of fund raising. (note: is the fund raising money  “only” for Rosebud to title the land, it sounds like there is a push for “soul ownership” , Rosebud is the Tribe that Adopted Linda Kramer, the Luthern Episcopal Reverend who owns the pay to pray spiritual pilgrimages that includes sweats and sun dances)


 Considering all above, especially aug 20th and sept 3rd, 4th, 5th  entries, the more this unfolds, the more it looks like there is an intent by some people to  to create a pay to pray and play red light district.

** More Deception, New Fund Raising  Put into Play **

LPLP Declairs LRI and themselves as Sioux Leaders & Schedule Celebration Rally leading the global community to believe Pe Sla has been Saved


Sept 1,  petition site: Sara Jumping Eagle, The Oceti Sakowin could not have accomplished this historic feat without everyone around the world supporting their efforts. (note: petition constituted 1/3 of 1 million, for the estimated 6-10 million needed for purchase)

Sept 3 Lakota Peoples Law Project fb page: “Dear friends, breaking news: the tribes have won the purchase of Pe’ Sla! Our event this Wednesday in Rapid City will be a celebration! Please LIKE and SHARE this post to spread the word…And join us Wednesday!” (note: how will the tshirt sales, fund raising monies be accounted for? , Kiss it good bye if it is anything like LRI’s fund raising rally for Vern Traversie)


“Dear supporters! Here is LPLP’s press release announcing the immanent purchase of Pe’ Sla by the Sioux Nation. In it we show a video of Sioux leaders Chase Iron Eyes, Robin Lebeau, Madonna Thunder Hawk, and Phyllis Young making public statements about the land deal at an event we helped organize at the Cheyenne River Pow Wow last Saturday. Please LIKE and SHARE this post!”  (note: Deception of   who Tribal Leaders are, Categorized themselves as Sioux Leadership)

Sept. 3,  LRI fb page:  Sioux Leaders of Pe’ Sla Land Movement in S.D. Announce Deal Between Tribes and Land Owner and Call for Unity Among Reservations; Celebration Rally Planned for Rapid City


reply to  LRI YouTube Press Release:

  • Morwen SandGreat news!! I think over the next few years you may get streams of tourists from around the world, all wanting to pray at Pe Sla.
  • (note: Expect a Pay to Pray Toll Booth , How will it be justified?)

Sept 4 Borderlands Ranch fb page:  Kieran Conroy:  From the original asking price estimates, even if the Lakota talked them down I suspect fundraising will be very important, not to mention covering taxes/other fees.

Wonder if this might improve the chances of that combined conservation area the Ranch has been working to promote?  (note: Does Borderlands  have designs on the fund raising money)

Sept 5,  LPSG fb page: “a deal has been reached for the sale of Pe’Sla to a group of nine tribal governments.” (note: for a max sale price of 10million , that would be 1.1 million from each tribe, petition funds were at 320,000 which equates to approx 35,500 each of the 9 tribes would not have to shuck out)

To date, Sept. 6,  LRI continues to present themselves, to the global community as spokespersons for the Lakota Nation while assisting Rosebud Reservation only?


Sept 6th; after LRI applied to Rosebud Tribe approximately 3ook for earnest money for Rosebud Tribe to title land, LRI continues push for more Fund Raising stating “the funds collected thus far only provided a seat at the table for negotiations.”

Sept 8th , Fund raising closes: according to indiegogo.com , the fund raising petition was set up as “flexible” , no funds are returnable , if you don’t reach your goal the fee is 9% , 3% for credit card processing, plus a $25 wire fee for non-U.S. campaigns. Currency exchange fees may also apply.

9267 funders generated 389000 on the counter at closing of the petition, how much will be available after fees?, How much will actually go to  Rosebud to Title the land.

The above raised does not include the direct donations to Rosebud Tribe that was offered  an alternative option by the fund raising campaign. How much was donated directly to the Tribe? Nor does the above  include Fund Raising at the Sept. 5th Rally.

**** Sept 9, An excellent example of the AIM mentality if someone asks for transparency, expect  accusations and insults and the mob character to show itself.

Sept 9, Pe`Sla Offiial FB page, Ruth Hopkins, Petition Site  Editor/Organizer replies to Transparency Question/understanding of Funds that are to be recieved after fees. (note:  104,613 is mentioned in fees , It seems that amount is grossly miscalculated. Hopefully LRI will correct, Validate how much the fees were , to correct the assumptions for what the available amount will actually be. I doubt the global community will ever receive from LRI any transparency on the final contributions and how the money was applied considering the reply at the above link and since to date, LRI has not been transparent with the Justice for Vern Rally fund raising monies. Interesting Ruth Hopkins says funds are not released unless there is a purchase and fails to mention “Indiegogo’s Flexible Funding campaigns, contributions made by PayPal are sent directly to the campaign owner at the same time that the contribution is made.”  Wondering if the Lakota Nation is suppose to be represented by threats, accusations, 1/2 truths. If the thread gets deleted , it will be a fine example of what the public can expect about transparency.

Change in Campaign fund usage , the funds are not being used as part of the earnest money Rosebud Tribe used for bid acceptance according to press release statements from Rosebud Tribe Chairman

Sept 11, API News ;Tribe’s bid accepted for South Dakota land, ROSEBUD | The owners of nearly 2,000 acres of pristine grassland prairie have accepted a $9 million bid by the Rosebud Sioux, tribe President Cyril Scott told The Associated Press. The Rosebud Sioux already has paid $900,000 as an earnest deposit; the remaining $8.1 million is due in November….. An online campaign to help the tribe buy the land raised nearly $390,000. The campaign ended last weekend. (note: 390,000 is before indiegogo fee’s and other fee’s are applied)

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe is looking to see if it can cover the remaining land cost itself, Schmidt said. If not, the cost could be spread among the roughly 20 tribes that make up the Great Sioux Nation,Rosebud secured money for the earnest payment from the Indian Land Tenure Foundation of Little Canada, Minn., and its subsidiary, the Indian Land Capital Co. Foundation President Chris Stainbrook said his organization was contacted by the tribes before the planned auction to see whether they could help them finance a bid.(note: Last week LRI reported 300k was combined with  1.3 million from Rosebud Tribe for an earnest security deposit. the bid acceptance press release today states 900K? The LRI campaign funds are not listed in the api press release as part of the earnest money for purchase.
Campaign team member “LIAR” Sara Jumping Eagle , wife of Chase Iron Eyes,  refuses a simple request to post the actual amount of funds available from the petition campaign after indeigogo service fees and other fee’s, nor the amount their campaign option offered which was direct deposits to the Tribe, nor the fund raising at the
Sept 5 rally, so much for transparency.
Why are the campaign funds not being used  or have all the funds been directed to “Rosebud Tribe”?, Sara Jumping Eagle said 1/3 million of the 1.3 earnest money in the Sept 4 press release, was from the campaign funds, and now the Campaign funds are not included in the list for earnest money in the api press release today for bid acceptance?)

Sept 12, Pe Sla official campaign fb page:  Joseph Camps Highcountry: Maybe LRI could discuss to convert some land near or in Rapid city under the Great Sioux Nations and 1851 Treaty and build a Joint Truist Headquarters for the tribes. Maybe LRI and other organizations can have offices there. Maybe call it an Embassy. ?” (note:  If not in an Embassy needs Ambassadors, would this idea fall under other_lands for campaign monies to use for?)

Sept 12, Indian Country Today: According to A. Gay Kingman, the executive director of the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association and member of the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe, the tribes have confidence they will be able to generate the $8.1 million necessary to purchase Pe’ Sla. “I foresee this as an achievement that we can reach,” she says.  “I think they are very confident.” (…) In light of comments made online, some at Rezinate.Wordpress.com, questioning the credibility of the money raised by LastRealIndians.com and how the money would be spent, Iron Eyes said the funds will fully go toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla. (….) Kingman also spoke in Iron Eyes’ defense and about the money his organization has raised.(note: interesting how Kingman who is connected to the hip pockets of Dennis Banks  is mentioned as a supporting voice for Chase Iron Eyes to try and give him and lastrealindians credibility, especially when she uses AIM within her  campaigns of advocacy. Mrs. Kingman is another that believes it is alright to excuse and then shore up with people that have the blood of innocents on their hands. It is for the cause you know. 
Get Ready for more fund raising without Transparency , it looks as if the fund raising will start getting shuffled around, hopefully not lost through holes in the floor. What else would one expect from Liars?

Sept 13,15,16 , Rapid City Journal, Local Newspaper: Here comes the PR campaign for Borderlands Ranch, Churches, future support fund raising campaign for Schools, Institutions etc as next targets for fund raising. The 3 articles published by the Rapid City JournalLocal Newpaper runs articles of spin off of christian demonaitons supporting quest to save Pe Sla while praising Linda Kramer as the great white hope for saving Pe Sla. Which appears to be nothing more than a PR campaign to promote the efforts of Borderlands Ranch that is trying to raise funds to titel 120 acres of Pe Sla and categorize it as “Sacred Land”.

Sept 18, ArgusLeader News ;Local Newspaper Tribe wants to put land into trust. “Counties typically hesitate to see land placed into trust because they don’t want to lose the ability to collect property taxes off of it, the attorney general said. They lose control over zoning issues on trust land, too, and law enforcement is more complex when trust land is next to private property.” (….)
“The Great Plains Tribal Chairmen’s meeting also should touch on what to do with the land once it is in tribal hands. Schmidt said he envisions a use agreement that gives all tribal people access to the property.“It would be nice to get a facility there at Pe’ Sla where people could gather, have restrooms, where they could sleep or eat food. That would be warranted,” Schmidt said. (….)
” I would like to see some type of facility where we could teach classes and have gatherings out of the elements. Maybe run 20 to 50 buffalo, and maybe have tipis set up.””In 2005, Pennington County received a federal earmark for $9 million to improve an 11.5 miles of gravel road from Deerfield Lake through Pe’ Sla and up to the old mining town of Rochford. County Highway Superintendent Hiene Junge has said improving that road will happen in any scenario.” (note: Rosebud Tribe pushing for complete control of land, which is a good thing to some degree, except that it gives the “tribe” full regulation of “soul ownership”. Seems to be the first step towards a “LastRealIndians Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center” , Linda Kramer pops her head up again

The Reverend Kramer is quite the multi-tasker, on one webpage she aligns with the Lutheran Faith, the next site with the Episcopal Faith, the next site as an adopted Lakota by Rosebud Tribe, on the next site as a Celtic traditionalist , on the next site an advocate to save Pe Sla, quite amazing how she can remember which money tree she is standing under while she continues to build her “spiritual community’ to enable her to purchase and title more of Pe Sla for “her_self” – GeriSmith-


For the LRI’s upcoming fund raising rally and future fund raising ,  Expect no difference  than LRI’s Vern Traversie Rally and Fund Raising

View the video for more on LRI’s Fund Raising Rally for Vern

**** Caution Foul Language in this Video ****

The closing comment in the above Video say all


**** Continuance of Initial Blog Entry posted Aug. 23rd ****

A  Challenge for Chase Iron Eyes and  AIMster Affiliates

Is the Deception Necessary & Representative of the Lakota Nation, Beliefs & Customs?

Please provide to the public , a press release, or any creditable information that backs up your comments that the State is going to build a road directly through Pe’ Sla and any creditable information that shows intent for industrial development. And for the comment, “ to potentially be bulldozed into a road or a golf course.” and why the comment has now been removed from the Aavaz petition, created by Sara Jumping Eagle


Hopefully the auction cancellation  put the  funds collected from deception , on hold, and not allow Chase Iron Eyes and Affiliates to use the monies for any other reason other than the original statements of the  petition. That is to purchase land within Pe`Sla.

from lastrealindians petition page:

All donations to the tribe are tax-deductible and will only be used toward the purchase of Pe’ Sla.

from the indiegogo petition site:

By contributing to the effort of all the Sioux Tribes, we aim to purchase at least some of the tracts, if not all.


Order in which heads popped up, AIM affiliates, Arvol Looking Horse, Winona LaDuke, S. James Anaya, who’s next ? the old AIM leadership  or James Abourezk.


This is Rich !

Sara Jumping Eagle, says she created the fund raising petition, She is Married to ChaseIronEye,  she says she is not affiliated with LRI and says she knows nothing about AIM  ?


just the way i am, i will “never” shore up with anyone who glorifies, valorizes and supports murdering liars of innocents, just call it a defect i have for not compromising my morals and ethics.especially when those with the blood of innocents on their hands are excused to conduct ceremony -Choupique-

Aug23, 2012: How can the likes of those promoting the petition ask the global community for assistance when they  endorse and support the murders of Annie Mae , they have not lifted a finger to assist in Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash who was murdered by AIM members by the orders of AIM leadership, and the 20+ AIM members that watched her death march in the last 24 hours of her life lied to everyone or stayed silent for 25+ years , up until convictions in 2004 & 2011.

It is very evident Justice for murdered innocent Women is not a priority of their concerns.  “A Nation is not conquered until the hearts of  it’s  Women lye on the Ground”

FB page for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Warrior Woman


Early Cultural Area’s & Language

from the Smithsonian

View in Google Earth

Aug23, 2012: Keep in mind, the above map’s boundaries are static from the European mapping mindset, such as lines initiated by  manifest destiny which created a vertical border across this continent for control and regulation.  Prior to those times , boundaries here were dynamic, i.e they moved and normally that movement was not generated by widespread annihilation for resources. This is not to say people did not club one another, or assimilate one another during those times of existence.

“Have they forgotten others roamed the Black Hills before they did? Others like the Arikara, Arapahoe, Pawnee, Kiowa, and Cheyenne. (…) Pe Sla is much more than “Lakota Sioux Sacred Land” as in a singular context. I would encourage any who are able to contribute to this effort-and to do so in the name of the Nations, plural. That would speak to an understanding and unity that seems to be missing.” -Rezinate- Read More ….

Full Size Image of Early Cultural Area’s

Another Interesting Map, Paha Sapa (Black Hills) where blue/green meet, fork in rivers just above label Sheyennes

Who’s on first? , the Crow, the Cheyenne, The BlackFeet, the Arapaho, the Lakota, etc ….. For “title,regulation” , how about having all “Nations” , in the ceremonial usage history profile , be included in the decisions of preservation and  usage. Unity means, “inclusive” , not “exclusive”


 Who will grab the Funds ?


Time to Ask the Hard Questions

“Seems as though now the funds raised to purchase pe sla have undergone yet another metamorphosis-no longer is it about purchasing pe sla, no longer is it about purchasing “other” land that may or may not be for sale-now it is about distributing it among needy families. (…)

I want know, and I believe any who donated should as well, who is going to be in charge of distributing this money-what is the criteria-and who is going to be charging a handling fee for their services?

In addition I would like to know how much Banks and Clyde received for their “appearance” at the Vern Traversie rally-how much was raised in total, and how much of it did Traversie actually receive?

This all leads me back to my suggestion that an effort be made to designate pe sla as a World Heritage site and avoid all this confusion and talk of singular nation ownership.” –Rezinate


A World Heritage Site as suggested above in Rezinate’s blog , would  not allow the all me mentality  to take control of those sacred lands. It would stop the Monarchy structure that is not “inclusive” , such as the mentality and structure of the Monarch’s that cloned into AIM leadership.

Not a good idea to put Pe Sla under the control of “a single”  Tribe, when it was utilized by many, which is something Chase Iron Eyes and AIM affiliates fail to mention in their request to the global community, if that land were to go into some common trust between all concerned nations, it would pretty much guarantee the lands would not be used for a pay to pray and play Disney land casino concept , exploiting spirituality and ancestry like a cash crop.

Considering those currently involved with spearheading the money raising campaign , and those they align themselves with, the playground concept is not far fetched for many who understand their mentality and character.

I am sick and tired of people pointing the finger at one another, especially those who drag up distant atrocities to try and justify their ill behavior or ill perspectives, especially those who continue to act against one another no differently than those the fingers are pointed at  for past wrongs.


Take a Closer Look at Who is Affiliated with Who

Clyde BelleCourt – Chase Iron Eyes, June – 2012
photo op for Justice for Vern Rally, photo taken at Little Earth Center in  Minneapolis

If people elect to recognize these guys as advocates for the Lakota Nation & support, condone their ill acts, that’s their choice. Below are “just” a  few notes to consider:

  • In 1999, AIM leader Russell Means during a Denver, Colorado press conference said “Vernon Bellecourt ordered Annie Mae’s execution.” (they lied to everyone for 20+ years, and continue to do so.)
  • Between 1982 and 1991, Clyde Bellecourt openly supported the collaboration of his brother, Vernon, with a settler government, to wit: the Government of Nicaragua, in the oppression, imprisonment and killing of members of the Miskito, Sumo, Rama, Garifuno and CreoIe peoples of the Atlantic Coast region of Nicaragua, known as Yapti Tasba
  • In January 1986, Clyde Bellecourt was arrested, along with a group of Indian and non-Indian associates, in possession of an estimated $125,000 worth (5.000 “hits”)of LSD and other “hard” drugs (cocaine). Charged on eight counts of being a major drug distributor, each compounded by a conspiracy charge, Bellecourt accepted a plea bargain arrangement and confessed, entering a guilty plea to lesser felonies shortly thereafter.

(Bellecourt later stated something like, “I did this for the people”)

  • Clyde Bellecourt openly supported the “Native American Free Exercise of Religion Act,” which allows the United States to use a lower standard than the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution in denying American Indian religious freedom, and subjects Indian religious practices to the scrutiny and whim of the Secretary of Interior.

Chase Iron Eyes Reply to the above post at lastrealindians fb page

Silence Speaks Volumes


Chase Iron Eyes – August 22

There’s people alleging that I am June Little’s son, and accusing me of being an AIM sympathizer. I had no choice in the matters.  I’ll tell u this: the Warriors are Returning 10,000 times stronger with loaded pipes than with loaded guns.
  • Wic’aglata Win – Right on, AIM sympathizer huh??what does that mean, it was a movement started back in the 60’s that luckily trickled down to my generation,that was inclusive of all the spiritual ppl ,fools crow,matthew king,John Around him,dawson has No Horse,Kermit Bear shield etc etc etc.and from it came the 1978 ICWA AND Freedom of relegion act, without that we wouldn’t be where we are today..some ppl forget so easily,that it came from a spiritual foundation.And our children reap the benefits of that movement…we are free to practice our spirituality as we see fit, its not hidden..

Perhaps Wic’aglata Win is unaware that Fools Crow had his home burnt down not long after Crow Dog lobbied him and was refused because Fools Crow did not want AIM affiliated with the Spiritual Legacy of the Lakota. This occurred during the IWCP SunDances in the early 70’s. Fools Crow was eventually tossed to the curb and burned out after AIM could not get what they wanted from him, thou today AIM speaks as if Fools Crow continued to support their mentality and actions.

Perhaps she should consider that Matthew King (Fools Crow’s Interpreter), 5-14-73 , just after the WK2 occupation ended, reported to the FBI, “as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.”

Aside from the murders of Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson, the beating inside of wk2 on Easter Sunday of the person strapped to a cross after he was labeled an informant and never seen again, that person Clyde named the Mannequin Man, the murder of Jeannette Bissonette, etc …..

That above is quite the foundation for building spirituality on, no? , she should consider the benefits the children to this day reap from such illness and so called warriors.

Chase Iron Eyes and his so called 10,00 warrior zealots of support carry loaded “pipes”

There is serious  doubt any of them carry the Cannunpa or that which it represents , especially the laws by which a person MUST live.

Chase, Dennis, Corey, Sharing Vern’s Fund Raising Money

**** Caution Foul Language in this Video ****


Extracted Comments from blogspot radio , Tribal members address concerns of LastRealIndians and discuss instances of SD Rally for Vern Traversie

Cody Hall-Dennis Banks the Pedophile -Chase Iron Eyes- May 2012, Photo op at Justice for Vern Rally, SD. (Where is Vern?  Check under the Bus)

Won’t even give the time on this one’, except to mention Vern’s fund raising money was used to pay Dennis Banks to deliver his typical  rants at the Justice for Vern Rally which included  AIM and Peltier t-shirt sales and that NDN country is in an uproar about Banks recent ventures with the European ShawMan pimping off Ancestry and Spirituality along with ShowDog in their Pay to Pray SunDance Ceremonies.


Learning about Spiritual Foundation

Get the Picture Yet ???

Chase Iron Eyes – Russell Means the Rapist  – 2012, photo-op


Excerpts from “Where Whit Men Fear to Tread, the Autobiography of Russell Means”

“Golden eagles don’t mate with bald eagles,

deer don’t mate with antelope,

gray wolves don’t mate with red wolves,

Just look at the domesticated animals,

at mongrel dogs,

and mixed breed horses, you’ll know

The Great Mystery didn’t intend them to be that way. We weakened the species and introduced disease by mixing what should be kept separate.

Among humans, intermarriage weakens the respect people have for themselves and for their traditions.

It undermines clarity of spirit and mind”


Russell Means the Rapist , must have an issue with being 1/4 White


Pony Up Guys, Put on your LipStick and Powder your Faces, Pe` Sla Awaits Your Magical Kingdom filled with “The Great Unfathomed Mystery”

-Jacque the Fiddler-


It’s Like a Bad Disney Movie

Preserving 1st Nations Sacred Lands,  Spirituality and Traditions , in these modern times, with the likes of those mentioned above, Is like watching a bad Disney Movie.

To be Very Clear, I Support 100% the guardianship of  Pe`Sla returning to the Nations, who have a historical connection and it should be accomplished by those who “Live  the original teachings of the Cannunpa”

Not by those who use underhanded tactics of deception & exploitation which is an insult to the global community and all cultures involved.



Why was  the Auction was cancelled ?

Aug 25, 2012, Supposed Primary Bidder Moves On , Stanley Crooks, the chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux Community for the last two decades, Moved on. He was admitted into the hospital not long before the Auction date.

extracted from Indianz.com published July 11,2012 ; “According to Sicangu Lakota elder Albert White Hat, Rosebud Sioux Tribe President Rodney Bordeaux and Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) Community Chairman Stanley R. Crooks have been discussing the matter of buying land at Pe Sla on behalf of their respective tribes in South Dakota and Minnesota.”


Who is Reverend Linda Kramer ?

Will She get the fund raising money ?

“According to the Rev. Linda Kramer, founding director of Borderlands Education & Spiritual Center, which is located on Pe Sla, tribes would need around $10 million to secure the parcel up for grabs next month. Kramer said the Reynolds family has partitioned the land into five plots for saleability.

If tribes are unable to raise the money by Aug. 25 to purchase the plots and thereby protect their common vested interest in Pe Sla, the area will be open to commercial development, she said.

(Note: Does the Rev. have some inside info about the county re-zoning that area for commercial use?)

“I don’t know if (any tribes) can get together on getting the money together before August,” said Kramer, who was adopted by the Sicangu Lakota, or Rosebud Sioux Tribe, in a Hunka, or Making of Relatives, ceremony.

Borderlands Education & Spiritual Center, a component of the 135-acre Borderlands Ranch, was established by Kramer in an effort to assist the Lakota in protecting and preserving Pe Sla.

However, she said the auction “will be a devastating thing” and that she can’t protect Pe Sla anymore due to a lack of funds.


She will not any longer be able to protect Pe Sla?

“I was following the spirit in my life and i didn’t know what the end result was going to be. I still don’t. It is a little like Noah being asked to build an ark in the desert.” -Rev. Kramer-

Can you hear Noah saying: “I can’t build the arc due to lack of funds.”

Who is in bed with who for the pay to pray indoctrination ?

Takes a lot of nerve for Rev Kramer who was adopted by a Lakota family , who cares for 135 acres in Pe`Sla, (approx. 1/2  mile south of tracts up for auction, see google map at top of post) with a pay to pray house,  to talk about the 1945 acres of the Reynolds without any pay to pray house , to say she can not protect Pa Sla anymore, when the Reynolds from what i understand thus far,  have allowed access to the lands they care for, to continue ceremony.


Ceremonial Pay to Pray, Pilgrimage, SunDance,  Sweat Lodge

Pilgrimage fees begin with a flat fee of $6000 for any number of pilgrims up to 10 persons, for any number of days up to 8 days including arrival and departure days.  Catered meals – $45 per person per day

Everyone is welcome to participate in worship and spiritual ceremonies at Borderlands. Grounded in the Anglican tradition, the worship at Borderlands honors and is inspired by all of creation reflecting particularly several dimensions of the Lakota and Celtic spiritual traditions.

The spiritual dimensions of earth, fire, water and wind are explored and experienced by pilgrims. To enrich the spiritual experience of pilgrims, an outdoor eleven-circuit labyrinth has been constructed of local slate and quartz. A medicine wheel, arbor and sweat lodge are also on the property.

Is this a BrainWashing program ???


  • As building community by focusing on our relationship with God and with one another is a priority of a pilgrimage,

there is no television or other technology (other than an occasional videotape) used during a pilgrimage and you are asked_not_to_bring your own (including cell phones andtape and cd walkmans). There is one telephone line at the ranch and pilgrims are asked to use the telephone for emergencies only. http://www.borderlandsranch.org/pilgrimage.htm

Aug23, 2012: Will the fund raising money from the global community be set aside for other_lands instead of the tracts up for auction. Will those monies be used to assist Borderlands Ranch with purchasing the 120 acres of land that  Borderlands is fund raising for?

Making way for AIM to immerse itself within their “spiritual community” that gives back to the ranch financially , i.e Friends of Borderlands could very well become AIM’s Friends of Borderland ???

Sept 3rd, LRI press release   LRI uses the clause the Lakota pilgrimage site Pe’ Sla  for the Sioux Nation

Pilgrimage site ?, sound familiar? 

I can hear Ancestry:  “Hold it,  Everyone  Stop!!! , There’s a 6000 Dollar Prayer coming up the pipeline !!



Someone told me long ago, there’s a calm before the storm, i know, its been coming for  some time …. i wanna know, have you ever seen the rain, Coming Down Across the Plains ….


The monies collected have to be applied to lands within Pe Sla

Will Chase and AIM Affiliates get in on the Borderlands pay to pray, educational, indoctrination program? and incorporate AIM into the “spiritual community” the Borderlands Ranch is building, that is secured by “Friends of Borderlands”?

Borderlands Ranch is running a fund raising campaign to purchase 120 acres of land within Pe Sla. This is land that would fit Chase and affiliates contingency plan, i.e to buy other_land that_might become available within Pe Sla.

Borderlands ranch is 1/2 mile south of the Reynolds property.

Borderlands Ranch is building a “spiritual community”, i.e people that give financially, back to  “Friends of Borderlands” when ever possible or on an annual basis after they return to their day to day life.  You can view some of the organizational Friends of Borderlands  at their web site “links page” , this does not include “individual pilgrams” that have gone through their indoctrination program, that give back.

“At each year end we at Borderlands have depended upon the financial gifts of our friends across the country and in this year when the economic downturn (only three groups in 2011) hit Borderlands, we are more dependent upon your gifts to get us through in the black. For our old friends, we thank you for your support in the past and for considering your continuing support of this ministry. For our new friends, we hope that our mission is a compelling one for you to support with your gifts no matter how large or how small.”

Borderlands teachings are based on Lakota, Celtic, Anglican teachings, their “Spiritual Program”, at the “Spiritual Education School” is conducted by Episcopalian priest Reverend Linda Kramer,  who was adopted by a lakota family. If not in error members of the Lakota family also conduct  in their “spiritual experience program” with Ceremony, SunDances, Sweats, Star Teachings ect.

“Pilgrimages”, information for the “pilgrims” can be reviewed at:

*** from website
Borderlands Ranch is also raising money to buy lands in Pe Sla,
Borderlands web page: Help preserve the 120 acres of prairie next to Borderlands by contributing to its purchase for protection from development and to hold it sacred for prayer and ceremonies.

*** from fb page
A Call to Protect and Preserve the Pe Sla also known as Reynolds Prairie in the Heart of the Black Hills of South Dakota by Borderlands Ranch on Thursday, October 21, 2010 at 6:52pm ·

“Friends_of_Borderlands” have recently purchased the most critical parcel of 120 acres in the middle of the prairie for sale by a developer.

They will hold the land while money is raised by Borderlands for its purchase. This land along with the 133 acres currently housing Borderlands Education and Spiritual Center is to be protected from development and kept as a sacred site,


*** from fb page
Borderlands Ranch – December 1, 2010
We received two financial gifts this past week – one from an old friend of 22 years and long time supporter of Borderlands and another from a former SD resident who read about our work on the website and whose family chooses places in SD to “give back to” each year.

****from fb page
Borderlands Ranch
July 25, 2011
So much going on today! Retreatants from Wisconsin; cabin rentals; family arriving; Sun Dance getting set up;

****from fb page
Borderlands Ranch
February 15
Fifteen years ago today was one of the lowest points of my life – today we are beginning the year of celebrating Borderlands 15th Anniversary in November – God is good, always good, even when we don’t see the path we are on at the time. So many of you have been instrumental in supporting this effort and ministry. You know who you are – please plan to visit this year at any time.

****from fb page
Borderlands Ranch
June 25
Lakota cermonies and first pilgrimage here and gone….thanks to all who came and prayed as the prairie undergoes the biggest threat yet – almost 2000 acres put up for sale by the Reynolds, fourth generation homesteaders who are once again taking it away from the opportunity of the Lakota to claim their sacred place still owned by the Lakota due to the Laramie treaty. Yes, Borderlands is on stolen land as well.


Jacque the Fiddler of the Eastern Doorway says:

Then get off the porch and return the land to the Nations !


Quite the making for a  “spiritual AIM community”

Do not be surprised if Chase and AIM Affiliates use the fund raising money to buy this place, for their own pay to pray and  play ceremonial house


There should not be anyone making a dollar off of these lands. There should not be any more development on these lands. Pe Sla has been taking care of itself long before any roads, and should be left alone to continue doing so. As for the EIS and upgrading South Rochford Road, tell people ,

“Take the Long Way Home”


Silence Speaks Volumes

Chase Iron Eyes of LRIndians Replie to Fund Raising Question

Borderlands Ranch Replies to Fund Raising Question



Chase and  Affiliates are tools for Dennis Banks and AIM affiliates , does not take much to figure that one out

i am unable to support the fund raising petition or the funds that have been received, because of the misleading, comments of deception, used in the call to global community for support. Secondary, my confidence level held toward those spearheading the effort was zero from the get go based on their self serving mentality, and now that level has dipped well below zero.

“They”, have desecrated all and everyone involved, while holding “their” stance, it is alright to use underhanded measures.

It is saddening that so many people support, “again”,  such a way to thinking and being.


UPDATE – AUG 27,  2012

Rosebud disassociates itself from LRI’s Petition

Rosebud Tribes  website for LRI’s  fund raising petition, put on hold. Why did the Tribe discontinue promoting lastrealindians on the Tribal Website?  Does Economic Development  agree the request to the global community is deceptive and that the intent for the fund raising should not be changing? As to say “they should_not be changing gears”. It seems the Tribe has  concerns  about the means at which the call to the global community was presented and has elected not to “publicly” promote LRI .

UPDATE – AUG 28,  2012

Reason the Auction was canceled ?

Aug 25, 2012 , one of the supposed key bidders Stanley Crooks, Chairman of the Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux (Dakota) in Minnesota moved on.  Mr. Crooks was admitted to the hospital not long before the auction date.  The Mdewakaton in 2010 and 2011 gave 100 million plus through donations and funding.  At least, since early July, Mr. Crooks had dialog with the tribes in the Dakota’s to create an Auction Bid. His health and hospital status could very well have been the reason the Reynolds cancelled the auction 2 days prior to bidding.

2 days after Auction Day:

The Lakota councils over the last couple of days did a mad rush to the table to get an offer out to the Reynolds, the Reynolds made a counter offer, it sounds as if the Reynolds are doing their best to ensure the Lakota Councils gain title to the acreage up for sale in Pe Sla. Hoping the financial groups can find common ground. 🙂

Published Aug 28, by IndianCountryToday:
The sacred site of Pe’ Sla, which is on part of the land that was recently pulled off the auction block for unknown reasons could be sold to tribes in South Dakota according to tribal member and District 5 Council Representative for the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe in Eagle Butte, South Dakota Robin LeBeau Tatanka Agliwin (Woman Who Brings back the Buffalo).

LeBeau said the tribes had until noon on Monday, August 27 to make an offer to the owners of the lands known as Reynolds Prairie. In a collective effort of several tribes, an offer was made. “So we made our offer hoping, yet not knowing if someone else was higher or lower than us.”

After the offer was made, the owners responded.

“What we were told today is that they came back with a counter offer to all the tribes,” said LeBeau. “This is not the work of one tribe, it is the work of many, many tribes and now we are praying.



It would be great to hear that all Nations of the historical profile of Pe Sla are involved with this transfer of guardianship.


Update -Aug. 28

LRI – fund raising Changes Again!

3rd intent hits the table

Sara Jumping Eagle: Aug. 28, 2012 , “(….)  We appreciate the continued fundraising efforts as any funds will go directly towards offsetting costs for tribes that need to continue to benefit Lakota families everyday living needs.”

Is this to say the monies will not go directly into an account for purchase of lands ? So much for transparency …. Wondering who will get the perks off of this Money Grab!


UpDate Aug. 29th

How would you like your Eggs Looking at you or Over Easy ?

Flipped from  intent #3 , funds for offsetting costs , to intent #4  , back to the Pe Sla land acquisition.

Aug 29, 8am cst: Sara Jumping Eagle posted an announcement 2 hours ago , Clarification: All money raised by this campaign will go directly towards the purchase of Pe’Sla sacred site in collaboration with the Great Sioux Nation This will ensure that Lakota tribes and families continue to use the funds they normally have at hand for every day tribal operations and living.


Ken Haukaas , Economic Development Adviser for Rosebud,  seems to agree the request to the global community could be conducted differently, as he mentioned “they should_not be changing gears” , and agreed with concerns  about the Means at which the call to the global community was presented.

Hopefully the “Singau Lakota Oyate” will recognize what is being generated here, if this continues to unfold on it’s current path, it will become a “deeper” mark of distrust

This much is for certain, if LRI actually had a strong , sound working relationship for the fund raising petition with the “tribes”, as in plural, as Chase and AIM affiliates state they represent,  the tribes who are suppose to be involved, should have someone from a tribal department included with the fund raising team with contact information on  the petition site.

It is evident Ken is being left in the dark as to the decisions and statements being made to the global community by LRI and AIM affiliates while saying they represent the Lakota Nation.

Nothing like having your eggs Over Easy, eh?


posted to lastrealindians, Aug 29, 10:00pm cst

Wonder if Chase will delete or answer

Joe Wade: The petition site says $47 dollars avg. per donation, at 320,000, this equates to approx 6800 people from the globe who have donated.

The petition says the monies donated will go to the “tribes” for purchase of Pe Sla. “IF”, an offer consisting of several tribes is successful, and “IF” there are 8 tribes involved, 320,000 divided among them would equate to $40,000 to each of the 8 tribes.

It would be great if in that bid group, other Nations that have a historical connection to Pe Sla are included, such as the Crow, Cheyenne, etc …

LRI should keep their intent of the petition money collected , to go to all tribes that are involved with the purchase of Pe Sla.

Does LRI intend on trying to submit all the money to “one” tribe?

please answer without deleting and banning because of a valid question.

Aug 29, 2012

Posted follow up to LRI , Pe Sla Sold , Aug 30, 2012 10:00 cst

Joe Wade: not yet confirmed: Pe Sla offer accepted! ,

Frank John King III Accepted offer for an undisclosed amount

Joe Wade:  How about an answer lastrealindians, to the question about how the monies will be distributed, one lump sum to rosebud or distributed evenly across all tribes involved?

Joe Wade: hope it does not turn out this way, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ilr36a-GWxA ,

**** Caution Foul Language in this Video ****

 Post Deleted   Aug. 31 , LRI Silence says Volumes


UpDate Aug.31

Pe Sla Offer Accepted – Not Yet Confirmed


Update Aug. 31

Fund Raising Expands with more AIM affiliates

The Lakota Peoples Law Project Does_Not represent the tribes for the Pe Sla land acquisition. James Abourezk’s Head Pop’s Up along with Russell Means relative Madonna Thunder Hawk in the Midst  of the Next Upcoming Fund Raisers ! , Posted at the Lakota Peoples Law Project fb page. “UpComing Rallies to Save Pe Sla”

The Lakota Peoples Law Project advisers page : Former United States Senator James Abourezk

James Abourezk    represented South Dakota’s 2nd Congressional District in the House of Representatives from 1971–1973 and was the first Arab-American elected to the United States Senate, serving there from 1973 until 1979. His son Charlie was at the home of Bill Means (Russell’s brother) the night before Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was executed and did nothing to stop AIM members who took her the following morning as ordered by AIM leadership.


Madonna Thunder Hawk, Russell Means Relative – another AIM Affiliate . The Money Grab Expands , Can the world expect to see this crowd “publicly” supported by the Lakota Tribal Councils for Pe Sla fund raising. If you do , it says unmeasurable truths of the Councils.

How will this fund raising money be accounted for?

It should be noted that. Madonna Thunder Hawk slapped Annie Mae around during interrogations. Thunder Hawk was overseer of the the wk2 clinic where Perry Ray Robinson , the Civil Rights Activist that walked with Martin Luther King,  was last seen after he was shot was shoved into a closet and bled to death.

Madonna  lied to 1st nations and everyone for years about Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson and other innocents that were murdered at wk2.

There were 3 nurses working with Thunder Hawk in the infirmary when Robinson was brought in before he was allowed by AIM leadership to bleed to death…where are these women, are they 3 or the 12 buried along the parameter of Wounded Knee township”

They were white nurses…who saw what actually happened to Ray Robinson….what happened to them, ask Madonna Thunder Hawk, I am sure she will tell you….those with inquiring minds!

“Amongst those who attended the clinic at Wounded Knee 1973 when Perry Ray Robinson was brought into the clinic and Madonna Gilbert saw him pushed into a closet to bleed to death were Dr. Mike Silverstein, Dr. Anne Hirschman, Mary Ann Maul, Owen Craig Luck who came in with Mark Lane on April 13th, 1973. Two other clinic personal who came and went as well during this period are Dr. Fred Gianola and Fred Basford who leave on the same day (April 27th) that Buddy LaMont’s body is removed from the Knee which is a day or two after Ray Robinson is seen lying outside the house that Dennis Banks occupied. Finally 3 other medics leave on May 4, 1973: Tom Arons, Geraldine Olivia and Patricia Kennu. These names from the WKLDOC transcriptions of FBI/Marshal intercepts, and names my be spelled phonetically.”

“May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.” (FBI Airtel 5/14/73 – FOI)”

 James Abourezk   was with the trio of AIM leadership  at the Center for Western Studies Conference this past April.  If the global community and some of the tribal members want to buy into the B.S that Chase Iron Eyes and AIM Affiliates are dishing out, they had better get ready, the chit is going to get a lot deeper.

Before it is done and over with, will “those”  who hijacked the Lakota Spiritual Legacy get congress to Regulate 1st Nations Ceremony and Practices ? It’s not as if “they” haven’t  already tried.



Rosebud progress report press release , Aug 31,2012

Rosebud wants Pe Sla “titled” to the Lakota alone?, To Rosebud alone? , This is not quite clear  and may not be Good

“The Rosebud Sioux Tribe announced progress today in the effort to purchase and preserve Pe Sla, …. “We have secured funding for the ernest money deposit of Pe Sla and “intend  to lead” the Seven Council Fires into reclaiming …

The Rosebud Sious Tribal Council expressed its wish to work with other tribal councils on the management of the site, “if the sale is finalized in Rosebud’s favor”

“Leading up to the purchase of the sacred site was an action by the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association to act as a spokesperson for the unofficial coalition of tribes. However, the Rosebud Sioux Tribe has committed an undisclosed amount of earnest money in the purchase of Pe Sla.


Indian Country Today states – GPTCA has stepped in as Legal Representation

The Rosebud Sioux Tribe has committed an undisclosed amount of earnest money in the purchase of Pe’ Sla. While in demonstration of a major collective effort of tribes, the Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association (GPTCA) has stepped in to act as a collective voice for coalition of tribes that have formed in support of re-obtaining Pe’ Sla.

According to GPTCA Executive Director A. Gay Kingman, the coming together of tribes has been a positive step for the unification of Native tribes. “The tribes are making a unified effort on behalf of the tribes and the people. We are close. In this day and age we are proud. I am proud of such a united effort of all the Lakota, Dakota and Nakota people,” she said.


The Rosebud press release Aug 31,  does_not say anything about a working relationship with lastrealindians, and the tribes web site that was up for a little while referencing lastrealindians  has been taken down,  on hold since at least Aug. 27th.

People should contact the economic director at Rosebud to find out just what the working relationship with lastrealindians is, in place of going by what Chase Iron Eyes says, does not anyone find it peculiar?


If the sale is finalized in Rosebud’s favor ?

Management should be fairly easy, shut down the roads,  and let Pe Sla alone to take care of “itself”.


What exactly is the intent for Pe Sla ? , Hoping the riding gear is removed and put away.


Great Plains Tribal Chairman’s Association

The Legal Representation for Pe Sla land acquisition

The unofficial coalition of tribes includes the Lakotah, Dakotah, Nakotah, Mandan, Hidatsa, and Sahnish  thou it does_not include the Cheyenne, Crow, Arapaho, Blackfoot, Pawnee,  etc.., i.e others  who have historical ceremonial connections to Pe Sla. These Nations once stood together on these lands, and they should come together again unified on  common grounds.

Will the Unity get Stronger ?

It is very difficult to hold a high confidence level that abuse will not occur with these lands changing guardianship because of the likes of lastrealindians and  those they are supported by and affiliated with, which includes murders, rapist, liars and cultural,spiritual, tradition Pimps.

That is fact, not an opinion. It would be great to see the GPTCA develop some form of a trust, foundation where all of the GPTCA’s  Tribal  voices have decision making input for the care and guardianship of the acquired lands and its use,  and to incorporate if possible, other Nations such as the Cheyenne, Arapaho, Crow, etc.

As long as the likes of those , who hold such strong stigma attached to their identity are in the mix, a high confidence level of people’s trust will never exist. Why should it?

There is no intent in these writing to show disregard to the Nations or their leadership involved, i.e unless that leadership aligns itself with murdering, thieving, raping, liars, especially those who pimp out culture, spirituality and tradition for self serving agenda’s.

Just a thought. The GPTCA consist of 16 Tribes, an additional 8  Tribes at the table for Pe Sla decision making, such as the Kiowa, Cheyene, Crow, Blackfeet, Pawnee, etc … would make for 24 Tribes. This would create a very strong Voice for all  lands of the Black Hills. An advisory Voice , a Voice for concerns.


Uncle Sam is Boss!

According to LastRealindians Press Release , Aug. 31, 2012

“The Black Hills still belong to the Great Sioux Nation pursuant to its treaty with the United States -the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.” -LRI-

The AIMster mentality acknowledges the treaty when it benefits their personal agenda’s and  goes against it when “their personal agenda’s are not met. That same mentality will also utilize the Boss’s orders to place them-self above all other, family, and Nations as in “It’s All Mine”

Form the LRI Petition Updates Sept 1st

“The Black Hills still belong to the Great Sioux Nation pursuant to its treaty with the United States -the 1868 Treaty of Fort Laramie.”  (….)

“The Oceti Sakowin could not have accomplished this historic feat without everyone around the world supporting their efforts.” -Jockeying for Credit again 🙂 –


It’s like the chasing  Tweety Bird Syndrone

What will the World get, a Bad Disney movie, a Looney Tunes Cartoon, 

Rat’s With Wings as described in Finding Nemo ?


Stronger Unity based on Integrity


– UpDate Sep 04, 2012 –

Rumor has it 9 tribes are involved in a purchase,  that earnest money has secured. Today petition funds are at $320,220 , which equates to approx $35,000  each of the 9 will not have to shuck out.

Now the world can watch the self declared so called Sioux leaders, the LRI’s and the Lakota Peoples Law Project, wave their flags, toot their horns, sing their song about saving Pe Sla , when in reality the petition fund raising based on deception and many peculiarities , constitutes for 1/3 of 1 million for the 6-10 million needed.

Aside from aligning themselves  with deceiving, murdering, rapist, liars, it is what it is , AIM.  But that is O.K, because “It’s for the Good of the Cause”.

Tribe secures money in effort to buy Pe’ Sla

Posted: Sep 04, 2012 2:51 PM CDT 

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. (AP) – The Rosebud Sioux Tribe of South Dakota says it has secured funding for the earnest deposit to buy land in South Dakota’s Black Hills that tribes consider sacred.

Tribes of the Great Sioux Nation consider the nearly 2,000 acres of privately owned land key to their creation story, and members feared new owners would develop the land they call Pe’ Sla. The tribes have been raising money to try to buy the land.

Rosebud Sioux Tribe spokesman Alfred Walking Bull says the tribe is still working out details and more information should be available as early as next week.

The current land owners would not comment.


In the end, would  the Lakota agreeing to  “legal title” through purchase, set   the precedence that the land assigned to the Lakota by the Treaty is void?

If so, the Cheyene had better stay clear of this whole saga.

Understanding these concepts of “purchase” , “ownership” and “legal title” for these lands still evade me for some reason, must be another defect I have, but that’s o.k , at least my heart is still intact and still won’t compromise my being 🙂


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28 Responses to “Leonard and Margaret Reynolds”

  1. Richard Ennis Says:

    I will pray that the native people will get their land back

  2. Rob Schmidt Says:

    You mean you want evidence of road development beyond what Transportation Department Environmental Manager Terry Keller told Native Sun News in April? As noted in the Indianz.com article you yourself linked to? Why, exactly? Do you think Keller, the Native Sun News, or Indianz.com was lying?

  3. Unique Material Says:

    I have the opinion that you do not know what you are talking about and are reciting an opinion. We know what those are worth. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

  4. jpwade Says:

    Rob, Chase Iron Eyes in the petition leads perspective donators from the global community to believe, there is no existing road, and that the state is going to put a road through, which is deception or outright lies, yes the_existing_county_road could be upgraded, if the EIS supports such, upgrading a county road is_not building a road to cut through Pe`Sla …. again the comments in that petition are very much misleading, or even outright lies to gain “sympathy” , to dupe people into digging into their pockets and give to a fund campaign that Chase and Affiliates knew from the get go had no chance at acquiring any of the tracks in the Auction, which is another form of “deception”.

  5. jpwade Says:

    Richard, yes the lands need to be returned to the “Nations” who’s ancestry have a history of ceremony there. Not to one group alone, for if that occurs and the likes of Chase and affiliates have sole decision authority, i can promise you the lands will be turned into a pay to pray and play Disney resort. That is a given when people such as Chase supports and condones his affiliates such as Dennis Banks and Leonard Crow Dog who just recently brought the exploitation of ancestry and spirituality to new levels with their pay to pray scams. Aside from that same mentality that supports those guys with the blood of innocents on their hands conducting ceremony. It’s like a bad Disney movie in the making. https://jpwade.wordpress.com/2012/05/20/turning-ancestry-into-a-freak-show/

  6. jpwade Says:

    Unique, the “Facts” , not opinions, Chase Iron Eyes and affiliated misleads/deceive the global community with their petition comments, to name just a few, the state building a road through Ple`Sla, implying there are no such roads already present, the existing county road is having a EIS being conducted, to possibly upgrade/pave it, not rezone it for commercial or industrial use. The petition also implies the road to be built will be for “industrial development” implying major environmental impacts, the global community was told the petition for money was to bid on the tracts up for sale, and they requested monies knowing there was no successful chance of winning a high bid based on their money goal and time frame of which the petition was initiated, and now the reason for the petition money is to purchase other lands_that_might_come_open for purchase. There is more deception being delivered to the global community from within their petition , take the time and review it closely and you will find more, to state one more before closing this reply, there are other Nations that have a long existing history of that area for ceremony, not_just the Lakota Nations and Chase and affiliates lead the global community to believe it has always been “their_ancestral” ceremonial spot alone, when in reality, the Cheyenne, Crow, Blackfeet, Pawnee, Arapaho,etc. occupied those lands and used them for ceremony as well as the Lakota. Do you homework before you start telling people they only have “opinions”.


  7. Wasicu Sica JP Says:

    Wasicu, your comments deleted, feel free to add replies if you have input other than hatred , take care

  8. I wish you nothing more than what you've doled out to Natives Says:

    I Wish You, your comments of hatred deleted, caution what you wish on people, take care

  9. spruce Says:

    Do not let Ken Haukaas fool you, he knows it is money given based on lies. The Tribes have already come up with money for an offer, and they should have LRI return what was given because words were used to misguide people’s decisions

  10. jpwade Says:

    Spruce, Money does weird things to people, the petition site says the average is $47 per person donated, that is about 6800 people for $320000, which is a decent show of support from the globe. My curiosity is, the money is suppose to go towards all tribes involved with the purchase of the lands, so “if”, 8 tribes were to be involved, each should receive 40,000 into their individual hat for funds they contribute for the purchase. I do not see that occurring, LRI seems to be setting up to have the funds given to “one” tribe, which could very well be misused by doing so. Hoping the Reynolds accept the group that made an offer on Monday, and also Hope it includes the other Nations that have a historical connection to the Black Hills. It would be a shame to see that money go to Borderland Ranch, since they admit they are sitting on stolen lands, claim to be protecting Pe Sla, but will not return what they say is stolen, pretty hypocritical and not a way to represent the Lakota, especially when they say they are adopted by a Lakota Family.

  11. spruce Says:

    Public Notice of the auction occurred in June. The tribes of the Dakota’s had money for a bid to purchase before the fund raising started. Why launch a campaign to raise money 3 weeks before auction, saying the tribes were in desperate need and that lastrealindians represented the Lakota Nation? and why did the tribes allow them to represent the Nation in such a way?

  12. jpwade Says:

    Spruce, get anything on this yet? “Pe’ Sla land deal went through, they accepted it.. Good job leaders.”
    fb post at , http://docs.com/NCMH

  13. jpwade Says:

    Spruce, this i noticed about yesterday’s Rosebud press release:

    The Rosebud press release does_not say anything about a working relationship with lastrealindians, and the tribes web page that was up for a little while referencing lastrealindians at has been, taken down, on hold for quite a few days now.

    People should contact the economic director at Rosebud to find out just what the working relationship with lastrealindians is, in place of going by what Chase Iron Eyes says.

    LRI’s fund raising for Vern lacked transparency, the petition fund raising lacks integrity, and now the upcoming fund raising with other AIM affiliated groups will grab more, Watch ….

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  20. Mary Says:

    What happened to Pe’Sla History site on FB? Anyway, here is a strange report.http://indiancountrytodaymedianetwork.com/2012/10/25/three-more-efforts-in-the-quest-to-save-pe-sla-142220

  21. jpwade Says:

    Pe Sla History on FB, http://www.facebook.com/PeSlaHistory?fref=ts , Wells Fargo, LOL, that will be interesting to research,

  22. jpwade Says:

    Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC), is tied to the hip pockets of Shakopee Tribe of Minnesota, deceased Stanley Crooks, noted in the blog.

    About for ILCC – Gerald Sherman, President

    Gerald Sherman (Oglala Lakota), has more than 20 years experience working in banking and finance in Indian Country. He was the founding director of the Lakota Fund (now Lakota Funds), the first Native CDFI in the U.S., located on and serving the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. Sherman worked in banking for Norwest Bank (now Wells Fargo), the Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis and First Interstate BancSystem of Montana. His banking career focused on community development and financing on Indian reservations. Sherman also worked for the Four Times Foundation, investing in Indian entrepreneurs on select Indian reservations.


    ROSCOE, Montana—(October 10, 2012)—Indian Land Capital Company (ILCC), an American Indian Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) specializing in financing tribes for land purchases, announced today that Wells Fargo has renewed its $750,000 investment to the capital loan pool. The loan was originally granted in 2006 to Indian Land Tenure Foundation (ILTF) which, along with Native American Community Development Corporation (NACDC), created ILCC as a collaborative effort in 2005.

    “As the first financial institution to invest in ILCC, Wells Fargo is pleased to renew this funding in support of ILCC’s work to promote community and economic development on tribal land,” said Megan Teare, Wells Fargo Community Lending and Investment. “We are proud to assist in the expansion of ILCC’s efforts and we look forward to seeing the positive impact from projects this investment helps fund in the years ahead.”

    The loan renewal allows ILCC to continue investing the resources in tribal land recovery and community-based development projects for the next seven years. In September, using its current pool of funds, ILCC was able to loan Rosebud Sioux Tribe $900,000 for the earnest money to secure the $9 million purchase of the sacred site Pe’ Sla. Considered by the Lakota Nation to be one of its most holy sites, Pe’ Sla comprises 1,942 acres of land in the Black Hills that was privately owned by the Reynolds family, whose ancestors acquired the land in 1876.


  23. jpwade Says:

    with the above said, it is only a matter of time before a CASINO, PAY TO PLAY, and be PREYED UPON DISNEYLAND “THE GREAT UNFANTHOMED MYSTREY” …. is coming to Pe Sla to exploit and abuse Ancestry

  24. jpwade Says:

    Shakopee Mdewakanton Sioux; reported in 2010, Its loans include $41.5 million to the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwe; $38 million to the Oglala Sioux Tribe; $31 million to the Red Lake Band of Chippewa Indians, and more than $60 million to the Sisseton-Wahpeton Oyate during a 10-year period.

    given time, Rosebud if it acquires the Reynolds property, will say we have no other alternative but to develop gaming in Pe Sla in order to make good on the loan. watch ….

  25. Mary Says:

    The masquerade pow wow creeped me out. (In Indian Country Today article I posted above.) I’m ok with trick or treat and if people want to celebrate Day of the Dead or Hallows Eve as long as it honors the dead, which is the meaning. But when it turns grisly and monstrous and gruesome and evil, that’s where it ends for me. And it also ends for me when people mix pow wow where most certainly there is going to be a prayer and honor songs and dances with regalia that mean certain traditions to certain nations. Why would you mix costuming/masquerading with traditional celebration, especially when people still ignorantly dress up as Indians on Halloween? I guess in this instance a “masquerade” is exactly what it is.P.S. Thanks for the background on ILCC.

  26. jpwade Says:

    yes, such a joke on soo many spirits that fall in line, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCn5INxKRLI

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