AIM & Cheap Treats

ElivaDeth Wade received an Allstate insurance policy promotions package yesterday. It looked like a Eliva Deal.

Eliva Deth passed it to appropriate review groups, after the telemarketing company  from which it originated was located. Amazing how a few phone calls can locate timestamps and dates for tracking even the simplest forms of data input and transferal in these modern days of high technology.

Sending your cheap ill medicine  back boys, enjoy what you try to send, upon it’s return.


Justice for Annie Mae Petition

She Stood Alone with Truth


June 21, 2004 we brought Annie Mae back to her homeland. For almost three decades her family and nation have campaigned and demanded justice. For 29 years her murderers have walked free and fed conspiracy lies and propaganda to the public uncontested to hide the truth. In 2004 it was exposed to the public that it was in fact AIM members acting on AIM leadership orders who kidnapped, interrogated, beat, and executed Annie Mae. Her murderers have lied and conspired to hide the truth for over three decades, which also included their denial and complicity in her murder. Currently now that the truth has been exposed they have changed their position from saying that the fbi shot Annie Mae to ” the feds made them kill one of their own women” The Aim leadership, and Leonard Peltier currently publically support Annie Maes murderer John Graham who was convicted for the kidnapping felony murder of Annie Mae in Dec. of 2010. Please see the links below for more details. –Denise Pictou Maloney-


[Note: “LOOK HERE” for legal/trial and other documents relative to Anna Mae, the Arlo Looking Cloud trial and the American Indian Movement that are being added as regular updates.]

Annie Mae, daughters and an unidentified friend



A tad bit of something for those who deserve beautiful songs


Progress shows itself in the most peculiar ways

Where is the Justice?

Where is the Support?

Where is the Concern?

The Murders are overshadowed and ignored by instances 

such as 2012 Campaign Issues

  • Pe Sla – Land Acquisition – Sacred Land
  • Justice for Vern Traversie – Racism
  • San Francisco Peaks – Religious Freedom – Sacred Land
  • Holy Man –  Court Systems –  Racism
  • White Clay – Alcohol Sales –  Racism


Denise Pictou Maloney   from Justice for Annie Mae fb page

I agree with you Dennis in that the whole story has to be told. From my mothers’ families’ side of things it is being told. Nothing has been shared from the side of the leadership of AIM or Leonard Peltier except for silence and now lies and excuses. They have never contacted our family in 35 years nor have they taken any responsibility in their complicity but to make excuses and support my mothers’ murderers.

Many have assumed that because they were reading about my mother and watching movies made 20 years ago or earlier that they were up to speed in the events surrounding my mothers’ murder. I can now confidently say they were not. Because we sat in silent mourning for many years with no answers our selves, with only suspicions based on what our mother told us the last time we saw her, most of what you have read was probably very biased and one sided.

I cannot express here the devastation our family felt to learn that not only were our suspicions correct but that there was a conspiracy that lasted almost 28 years that involved dozens of people my mother believed were her friends to hide the truth from being exposed. It was the actions of several people who could no longer live with the guilt anymore who exposed the truth that my mother was murdered by AIM members.

I got confirmation of this truth directly from AIM members which was then further confirmed when we went to trial. I can tell you that our family has no loyalties to anyone else but my mother and has no reason but to speak the truth. We are not protecting anyone or trying to keep ourselves from being indicted. Even until recently the only individuals who had written books or made movies were those with direct knowledge or connection with those who were involved in my mother’s murder. Our family has done two documentaries in the last 10 years, one for CBC and one for NFB and has not written or endorsed any books.

SO I would encourage you to contact me directly or ask your questions here and I will answer them as best I can. Our family has never denied that there wasn’t corruption occurring on all levels back during that era when my mother was murdered. Her murderers and their accomplices (the AIM leadership and Leonard Peltier) and their supporters have gone from stating that; the FBI shot my mother; to they knew nothing about her murder but the FBI shot her; to they knew nothing about her murder but knew enough to support her murderers and that I am a fed; to most recently now that the truth has been exposed, the fbi made them shoot her, or that there was an infiltrator and that I am still a fed.

Our family though aware of the injustices that our communities suffer from everyday at the hands of the colonizers WILL NOT use the fbi or anyone else as an excuse to sugar coat the fact that aim members acting on aim leadership orders murdered one of their own women and then lied about it for 36 years and are currently publically supporting her murderer John Graham. That in itself breaks so many traditional laws and IF the cowards who did this to my mother were the traditional warriors they claim to be, this would have been handled 36 years ago.

YES all those that were involved need to be held accountable, and will be if I have anything to do with it. BUT going after the conspirators before the murderers and accomplices is backwards and won’t accomplish anything but delays, say like, a 36 year delay. I have heard a lot in the last while about infiltrators and my challenge to those who are making such claims is bring it, speak your truth, and show the evidence. Not rumor and gossip that you have heard from those involved in my mothers’ murder but proof.

I invite all those who have evidence that the FBI were involved directly or that there was an infiltrator involved in my mother’s murder to step forward and speak their truth. But understand this, though there are some who are hoping real hard to be able to stick it to the feds by proving the feds knew or peripherally were involved in my mother’s murder and it may bring them comfort in being able to say “see I told you so”, that will do little to excuse or justify the betrayal and responsibility of those my mother committed her life to, and considered family and friends, in the kidnapping, interrogating, beating, executing and dumping of her body on the side of the road like an animal.

People talk a lot about hate, division, and conspiracy, there is your hate, what they did to my mother, is incomprehensible. Nothing would have been spiritually easier and more expected for some than to be able to prove that the FBI murdered my mother as AIM leadership and my mother’s murderers lied about for over two decades. BUT to have those who have now been proven in 4 trials, that resulted in 2 convictions, a guilty plea and an acquittal, to be directly involved in her murder use the feds as their scapegoat without acknowledging their complicity? is incredibly repugnant, disgusting and cowardly.

While the AIM leadership and Leonard will reinvent themselves and take on the causes of the day to garner support and popularity to appear that they have moral scruples I will continue to speak the truth. And if necessary after me so will my children and my nation until this is dealt with and the WHOLE truth is exposed. IF there was any infiltrator involvement then the AIM leadership must have had proof, and the fact that they CHOSE to lie and hide that fact till now to avoid having to take responsibility in the fact that they murdered one of their own women, speaks volumes to their moral integrity.

I have no loyalties but to that of my mother and nation, and clearly my mother’s murderers have run out of time and lies, I am not associated with the FBI in anyway, I am not a fed, a pig, or FBI pawn. The fact that all my mothers murderers and their supporters can do to defend themselves is to engage in a bad jacketing campaign against me and my mothers supporters ( not unlike the one they set my mother up with) should be a big eye opener to the public. I am the daughter of a murder victim who actually did what my mother taught me was my right in demanding unconditional truth.

I don’t have money, fancy lawyers, badges, flags to wave, or clubs to back me up, just the plain and simple truth and a handful of what I consider to be human being who recognize truth when they see it. For me and my nation that is enough. My mother’s truth is now known, whether people accept it or not is their cross to bear.


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