It is an interesting dichotomy directed at those who don’t worship at the AIM/Peltier altar that the supporters will portray themselves as truth and justice seekers but have no interest in those things for Annie, Ray, or the vicitms of AIM’s Reign of Terror at WK2 -AIM’s Resmurs. -Rezinate-

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Just a few a simple questions I would ask as excerpted from a reply I made in another blog and directed at a single individual-now they are directed to one and all.

Some very basic ones that don’t require FOI’s, myth, references  to Nazi’s or Hitler to be answered.

These are questions that only require a bare minimum of common sense and candor to reply to-perhaps that is why they seldom are.

A few examples would be as follows:

Is the taking and ransacking of a community of indigenous people by indigenous people an act of liberation?

Who controlled WK, was it the feds or AIM?

Who is responsible for what occurred within WK2-those who controlled it from within or those on the periphery?

Who took hostages within the community during WK2 and in an attempt to validate doing so referred to them as white people when in fact they…

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