Isn’t it a Pity , Isn’t it a Shame?


“My question here is, with the Executive Order President Obama signed in the spring of 2011 that allows the Federal Government to seize privately owned rural lands, & Indian Reservation lands deemed necessary for US interests…

Will this apply to the 9 million dollar land just purchased back…. that was privately owned, (Reynold’s family) by the newly reformed Seven Council Fires Council of the Tetuwan Dakota-Lakota-Nakota of their age old Sacred Ancestorial (lands) territories…?

Intel that came in not long ago about who was the legal team behind this land sale, was another familiar name involved in the collusion of the Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou AIM rape-execution murder, along with the manipulation of Arlo Looking Cloud legal defense case, having Arlo taking the fall for everyone in AIM & AIM’s enablers, who were really behind the Aquash-Pictou rape-execution…to keep AIM’s secrets secret.” -LBW-

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

But, who is benefiting from these donations that AIM canvasses for????

Are the donation funding that seems to remain coming in… to keep the aging AIM leadership in hair color appointments, fancy Buckaroo outfits, dental veneers, & relaxing time for themselves & their families…at the casinos, or is the donations earmarked to put food on the table for many starving & freezing in the winter, baking in the summer ill housed Lakota, Elders, abused Lakota women, & their children… who never see the bright lights of Hollyweird…except on TV, like the rest of us common folk.

The nemesis (Hollyweird’s unrealistic portrayal) of 1st Nation people, that we 1st Nations people have had to beat back daily (along with Hollyweird’s legend for AIM) with everything 1st Nations people have to overcome, like the sterio typing & misconceptions of our daily lives, our faith, & our ceremonies…because, if there is any way…

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