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Blind Justice

November 26, 2012

by: Denise Pictou Maloney

Before my mother was stolen from us she managed to teach me two of the most valuable lessons you can teach a human being, “speak the truth while standing your ground and don’t let anyone ever tell you they are better than you are, we are all equals.” I came into this world aware of the historical injustices our nations suffered at the hands of the colonizers and I am also fully aware of the injustices our women and children suffer in our own communities today.

I have never understood the fracture in native resistance and grassroots justification in what morally and ethically is constituted as wrong. Wrong is wrong period, there are no conditions when a life is lost, it doesn’t matter who the perpetrator is. Speaking truth and justice does not require you be from a particular ethnic group, specific demographic or side of the law. Our family learned very early on coming off of an era that was wrought with racism and indifference that no one was going help us if we didn’t help ourselves. Instead of blaming others for NOT doing anything, we dug in and did it.

We wrote letters, we asked the questions, and though we did not for a long time get any answers, understanding now the level of betrayal in the events that led up to my mother’s death, it isn’t difficult to understand why there was such a delay. We were met with many obstacles over the years never imagining the biggest would be from within NDN country itself and had it not been for Paul DeMain and his tenacity to keep the story alive and current I can guarantee many would have forgotten my mother .

The great AIM warriors did the unthinkable; they murdered one of their own women and blamed the feds, knowing that the historical fear and paranoia of the FBI would hopefully keep their dirty secret. I personally have neither feared nor exalted the historical actions of the federal authorities ever.

I refuse to let anyone or any event be my moral and ethical barometer in deciding if taking the life of a woman is wrong. What the AIM leadership did to my mother is unforgivable, and what they have done to the moral and ethical fiber of native resistance is unconscionable. To knowingly feed the public lies about their knowledge, facilitation and murder of one of their own women in the shadow of native resistance while blaming it on the colonizers is one of the most cowardly actions I have witnessed and is a traditional abomination. My mother’s murder was never a government vs ndn issue, the AIM leadership made it into that issue to hide their tracts and complicity in her murder purposefully.

If there was FBI infiltrators then the old AIM leadership would have known about it and protected that person or persons with their lies. So who is really the fed facilitator? For over two decades human beings knowingly twisted and maintained their silence on the events of that era for a reason, because they knew what they had done was no better than what the colonizers did to our own ancestors. I am glad to hear that others are questioning the old Leadership of AIM, I guess calling me fed, diversionary and accusing me of cozying up to the feds did not change the facts or the truth. The times are changing; people are educating themselves and are able to live confidently autonomous without acting like lemmings of living in fear of retaliation because they have taken ownership of their place and rights in this universe. Because my family or any other family happens to be speaking about the same injustices as the federal authorities doesn’t mean we are aligned with them or against them.

Speaking about injustices aligns you in morality and ethics, not in lifestyles or history and there are no sides to truth. The generations handling these injustices in this time are their own human beings in most cases and were not there on either side of the law and it is unfair for me to paint them with the same paintbrush. That being said there is a difference if people are knowingly supporting individuals who have the blood of innocents on their hands for the sake of being anti- establishment.

For the record so people understand the feds were the vessel that carried justice for my mother it was the actions of a few courageous eyewitnesses and the persistence of a few prosecutors ( who not once by the way ever tried to justify the historical actions of the FBI ) that brought my mother justice .

How sad is it that we had to rely on the federal authorities to bring justice for one of our own women that ndn country had sang about, marched about, and exalted for decades yet AIM nor any other entity could not bring themselves to once campaign for her right to life.

Sadly it’s too bad our women are not as important as a plot of land or the name of a sports team huh?


A Personal Note from Moi: ” To those who compromise  Morals and Ethics to try and Silence this Womans Voice ….



November 21, 2012

“LRI will never address violence against women because they support and hang with those who do. Period. I had several conversations with both Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sarah Jumping Eagle and updated them on the information and truth regarding my mothers murder.

~Denis Pictou Maloney~


Now we have mutations , Last Real Indians , the ripple effects of AIM. Warriors do not compromise their morals and ethics , thou these newly fashioned blAIMsters  exploit culture and tradition under the pretense of saving Pe Sla.

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Dear Warriors, your women are dying. Men are beating them, kicking them, shoving guns in their mouths, killing them and dumping their bodies on the side of the road.

Dear Warriors, your children are dying. Watching their mothers get beaten and killed and suffering the same abuse themselves is hopeless and they are killing themselves with alcohol and drugs.

 Dear Warriors, you are dying, each and every time you ignore this travesty and numb yourself with lies, blaming others and superficial causes.

 Dear Warriors, your ancestors died knowing you hold the ability to bring about change.

Dear Warriors, wake up! The women soon will no longer need you and can become their own warriors.

The above from the Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Warrior Woman fb page as posted by Emma Rosenthal

Species extinction occurs as an independent natural process, but it can also be influenced…

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Russell Means || The Shiny Object At the Bottom of the Dark Pit

November 12, 2012

Turtle popped his head out of the shell in this writing big time,

bless his heart ….

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The article below is a repost from about a year ago…when the world first heard that Means was seriously ill. Now, he is dead. He passed away some days ago in close company with his fellow gangster and bully Leonard Crow Dog.

The two of them showed such enormous promise 30 years ago. In the memorials being passed around the country, it is this young Rusell Means that is being remembered.

Over those years many American Indians have stayed inside their lives and said all the things Means is celebrated for saying. There were no cameras and reporters around to make a record of what they said. The burning question for me has always been why the Main Stream Media only followed, reported on and quoted this American Indian above all others. That remains the question.

As Means life de-evolved into drunkenness, abuse of women, lies, embezzlement, and probably homicide, only the other American Indians seemed to notice. The media continued to allow themselves to be flim-flamed, seduced and made fools of. From the New York Times to Indian Country Toady, American culture has been slightly desperate for a hero American Indian, for all the wrong reasons. Means was handsome and photogenic, a natural sociopath who easily was able to dominate all the attention in any room he entered.

The Mainstream Media has shown itself as shallow and uninterested in any substantial issue represented by any American Indian anywhere, except for Russell Means. This folly, this absolute failure of investigation and interest in the real truth is alive and well, and still the status quo for American Indians and the American attention span.

For most American Indians there is no life to be mourned in the passing of Russell Means. There is only a sense of relief…and sorrow for the deception he presses onto the American scene even in death.

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November 5, 2012

This is what it is about -focus and priorities, cleaning up our own backyard, and holding those within our communities responsible.

In doing so any others with complicity will be easier to hold accountable when their turn comes.

AIM has continually attempted to put the cart before the horse, thinking that in doing so the focus they deserve for the crimes they have committed will either be placed on the back burner or forgotten in their entirety.

To allow murderers, rapists, and thieves unrestricted access and mobility in our communities while pointing fingers elsewhere is the game they would have us play, and I’m especially tired of those non indigenous, those who have never spent a day on the rez, telling us that is what we should do. ~Rezinate~

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Nfic Paul DeMain “The Movement belonged to the people, the American Indian Movement will always be owned by Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt — they even have the incorporation papers to prove it. When AIM takes responsibility for its dirty laundry which is not rumors but court testimony and admissions from Peltier to Vernon Bellecourt to Leonard Crow Dog, to Banks about dead civil rights workers and perhaps as many as 6 others inside WK 73, Annie Mae, Johnny Moore, Buddy LaMont, Roque Duenas and others killed internally at the behest of the organization “AIM” and its leaders, it becomes easier and morally right to focus back on the FBI and Goons for their sins as well because at least, our Native people have come clean.”

This is what it is about -focus and priorities, cleaning up our own backyard,  and holding those within our…

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