This is what it is about -focus and priorities, cleaning up our own backyard, and holding those within our communities responsible.

In doing so any others with complicity will be easier to hold accountable when their turn comes.

AIM has continually attempted to put the cart before the horse, thinking that in doing so the focus they deserve for the crimes they have committed will either be placed on the back burner or forgotten in their entirety.

To allow murderers, rapists, and thieves unrestricted access and mobility in our communities while pointing fingers elsewhere is the game they would have us play, and I’m especially tired of those non indigenous, those who have never spent a day on the rez, telling us that is what we should do. ~Rezinate~

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Nfic Paul DeMain “The Movement belonged to the people, the American Indian Movement will always be owned by Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Vernon and Clyde Bellecourt — they even have the incorporation papers to prove it. When AIM takes responsibility for its dirty laundry which is not rumors but court testimony and admissions from Peltier to Vernon Bellecourt to Leonard Crow Dog, to Banks about dead civil rights workers and perhaps as many as 6 others inside WK 73, Annie Mae, Johnny Moore, Buddy LaMont, Roque Duenas and others killed internally at the behest of the organization “AIM” and its leaders, it becomes easier and morally right to focus back on the FBI and Goons for their sins as well because at least, our Native people have come clean.”

This is what it is about -focus and priorities, cleaning up our own backyard,  and holding those within our…

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