Russell Means || The Shiny Object At the Bottom of the Dark Pit

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The article below is a repost from about a year ago…when the world first heard that Means was seriously ill. Now, he is dead. He passed away some days ago in close company with his fellow gangster and bully Leonard Crow Dog.

The two of them showed such enormous promise 30 years ago. In the memorials being passed around the country, it is this young Rusell Means that is being remembered.

Over those years many American Indians have stayed inside their lives and said all the things Means is celebrated for saying. There were no cameras and reporters around to make a record of what they said. The burning question for me has always been why the Main Stream Media only followed, reported on and quoted this American Indian above all others. That remains the question.

As Means life de-evolved into drunkenness, abuse of women, lies, embezzlement, and probably homicide, only the other American Indians seemed to notice. The media continued to allow themselves to be flim-flamed, seduced and made fools of. From the New York Times to Indian Country Toady, American culture has been slightly desperate for a hero American Indian, for all the wrong reasons. Means was handsome and photogenic, a natural sociopath who easily was able to dominate all the attention in any room he entered.

The Mainstream Media has shown itself as shallow and uninterested in any substantial issue represented by any American Indian anywhere, except for Russell Means. This folly, this absolute failure of investigation and interest in the real truth is alive and well, and still the status quo for American Indians and the American attention span.

For most American Indians there is no life to be mourned in the passing of Russell Means. There is only a sense of relief…and sorrow for the deception he presses onto the American scene even in death.

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