“LRI will never address violence against women because they support and hang with those who do. Period. I had several conversations with both Chase Iron Eyes and his wife Sarah Jumping Eagle and updated them on the information and truth regarding my mothers murder.

~Denis Pictou Maloney~


Now we have mutations , Last Real Indians , the ripple effects of AIM. Warriors do not compromise their morals and ethics , thou these newly fashioned blAIMsters  exploit culture and tradition under the pretense of saving Pe Sla.

Rezinate's Blog

Dear Warriors, your women are dying. Men are beating them, kicking them, shoving guns in their mouths, killing them and dumping their bodies on the side of the road.

Dear Warriors, your children are dying. Watching their mothers get beaten and killed and suffering the same abuse themselves is hopeless and they are killing themselves with alcohol and drugs.

 Dear Warriors, you are dying, each and every time you ignore this travesty and numb yourself with lies, blaming others and superficial causes.

 Dear Warriors, your ancestors died knowing you hold the ability to bring about change.

Dear Warriors, wake up! The women soon will no longer need you and can become their own warriors.

The above from the Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash Warrior Woman fb page as posted by Emma Rosenthal

Species extinction occurs as an independent natural process, but it can also be influenced…

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