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December 29, 2012

Take a breath , read and comprehend LBW’s Blog entry, then review the comment replies  and links throughly , it will take time thou you might just find correlations to LBW’s words ….

there is a really good thing occurring across the continent right now, thou people might want to keep an eye on who is who, or they will be used, kinda like using grant, outreach, gov. funding monies to purchase lands for the upcoming  prospects derived by current seismic survey’s that are now being completed.

in order to maintain control over people, “they” must change the beliefs and governance, changes to be implemented through learning seminars and setting up new role models for people to “believe” in ….

thats whats “partially” happening , same song, different era, new sets of masks, the posers need to be taken out of their seat, and replaced with people standing up , such as Chief Janette Peterson.




Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog


Still trying to contact the TV networks in Canada to post this… CTV, CBC, Global,
and Terry Milewsky, a hard nosed irrascible CBC reporter who pokes holes in
‘Spin Doctoring’ faster than you can sneeze.

<<Yes, wouldn’t that be nice….?>>


Subject: The truth… “Idle No More”

Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 07:18:52 -0700

We want the books, the accounting of Shawn Atleo, including the hidden ones, and of Theresa Spence
to be opened to the Canadian Public.

We want to know where the millions and billions of dollars have gone.

The AFN and Shawn Atleo can’t afford to secede from the age old relationship of the feds. stewardship
of them, because that would mean the well has run dry and they would not get the enormous financial
handouts that they steal from the intended goal of bettering their own people’s lives.

This is a playbook action taken directly…

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Spinless Voices that Stay Idle and Quite

December 27, 2012


Men who do not respect our women have no place in this movement.

Women are sacred. ~Idle No More~

tribute to Idle No More


Trampling on Idol No More in Bemidji Minnesota

Watch those who cherish the abusers of Women and Children, those who voice they stand for women’s rights, those who sing and dance to the tune of Leech Lake Reservations so called 1st nations hero while wearing Annie Mae’s name as a shoulder patch stitched to the side of other patches for  smucks likes Peltier.

Watch the so called “Men & Women” warriors showboat while they excuse and shore up with those who have the blood of innocents on their hands , spinless voices that will stay Idle and quite while they try to raise their heads and voices for recognition.  It is evident they do not know of the Wabanaki Confederacy or do not respect the Eastern Doorway.


 Video of Flash Drum Mob in Bemidji Minnesota , Drumming and  Singing along with a cherished abuser pictured  in the above photo  ~video source Leech Lake Forum~


Interesting how the opening statements said nothing about Idle No More and the significance of the movement, i.e how it was started, what it’s about etc. Thou if you listen closely you can hear the implications leading into drum and song that say “those white racist” will spit and beat you , LOL, Such is life on the rez  by some people, too bad good hearted people will be used “again” by the blAIMster mentality along with getting some of the youth to follow eh?


Did someone leave supporters of Dennis Banks and

Leonard Peltierains off the email list ?


Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes and stand your ground unconditionally. There is no bitterness or division in maintaining your morals. It is what separates us from the colonizers and abusers and will always even in the face of adversity win out in the end.
~Denise Pictou Maloney~

Drums of Blood

December 18, 2012


Dec. 15, 2012 – FB post by Dennis Banks: I will be having a 2 day display of the many types of drums available for sale at the …. …. ,  December 15th & 16th, 9 am to 6 pm. featuring Floor Drums, Hand Drums, Furniture Drums, Many Sizes will be available. Stop in and have a look around or stop in to visit!

See You There! ~DJB~


A James Abourezk Puppet

I would have died for Annie Mae he says, yes the so called warrior of 1st nations who after shooting at law enforcement threw his pregnant wife Kamook and Annie Mae out as a shield so he could run away like the sick yellow weasel he is.

The guy who at 30+ said it was his right to have sex with a 17 year old “child”  because he carried elk medicine , thus setting the standard for other crusty followers to become pedophiles such as himself. Amazing how people follow and support such bastardized teachings from sick spirits like Banks.

The one who called Adrinenne Fritze,  a 10 year old child , Wilbur A.  Riegert an elder in a wheel chair, and Anishinabe women his political prisoners and  labeled the family of the wounded knee museum and trading post , who were of White Earth Anishinabe Ancestry as “White Racists” , to try and justify his acts of desecrating Wounded Knee.

To think had he done so , that is die for the women of 1st nations, Banks would not be here today with the blood of innocents on his hands conducting ceremony. Lakota ceremonies he has been directed by Lakota/Nakota/Dakota spiritual legacy elders to stop. He would not be selling off Lakota Sundance Ceremonies at $3000+ for pledges to help him spread sickness.

Yes had he died for women, Frank Fools Crow would not have been burnt out and kicked to the curb like a piece of used tissue. Women such as Suzanne Dupree, LookingBackWoman would not have been raped by Russell Means while the so called Anishinabe warriors stood and watched during the 1970’s White Buffalo Calf Woman revival ceremonies conducted by Fools Crow. Those Sundance ceremonies, AIM leader from White Earth, Clyde Bellecourt claims as his own since he had to save the Lakota way of life from Christianity.

Yes how much better off 1st nations would be today had they all died protecting women, in place of exploiting and trampling on the womb of nations, in place of corrupting and bastardizing the teachings of human beings. “It” would have been so fortunate for his and their deaths in the early years of the most horrific trauma 1st nations have had to endure in modern times.

I would continue with instances of the sick drum maker who works and sings  with the blood of  Perry Ray Robinson Jr. , Annie Mae and so many  other innocent people on his hands, but what has been presented thus far  tells what the remainder of  his and their life has been about …. Sickness based on Hatred and Violence from the support and guidance of James Abourezk.

Sick Spirits consuming the souls of ignorant or stupid people, that know of these facts and continue to support and place Dennis Banks and the other as role models for the children.


Will the Youth See the Truths of James Abourezk’s Puppets ?


The Spirtual Movement of Audrey Thayer – The one that Bites

December 8, 2012

ILL Hyenas

It’s alright to lie, deceive and use people, culture and tradition  as long as it’s for the “Cause” ,  right Audrey?

In the adjoining community recently , Dennis Banks fell on his face at the front door and now Audrey Thayer is trying to come in through the side door of the non-native community to develop a working together relationship?

Around the year of 2002 a child bites another in a local fast food establishment, the mother of the bitten child responds  no different than a Bear or Wolf parent, she protects her born from the one that bites.

This escalates  into the two guardians of the children entering a verbal conflict, which prompts the establishment to notify law enforcement. The establishment after gaining an understanding of what prompted the verbal conflict, in order to stop it’s escalation , directs the guardian of the biting child to leave the premisses. While doing so law enforcement arrives, questions that same woman of the events who is then arrested for a existing warrant of theft.

Seven months pass, then Audrey Thayer launches a protest campaign. She labels the food establishment, the community and the law enforcement as RACIST and  announces her campaign  a “Spiritual Movement”.

07-31-2002 , Stinson, Daune , The Circle Newspaper ,
“In January, a 3-year-old girl was bitten by a 2-year-old boy while in the McDonald’s play area. On that, both parties agree. The story diverges from there and now has strong offshoots of accusations against the police and a boycott of the Bemidji Lakeside McDonald’s.”

Two or so years later the ACLU selects Thayer to head off an office in that community. For the last ten years,  Thayer even while representing the ACLU has constantly used “Racist” towards people who do not support her ill behavior  while using words such as  “The Birmingham of the North” as a marketing slogan to promote herself.

Thayer’s “Spiritual Movement” is  based on the teachings and indoctrination of those she adorns herself with, those she protects through deception, leading people  to believe  her mentors are  not directly responsible for the murder of Civil Rights Activist Perry Ray Robinson Jr. , Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, and other innocent people.

Thayer under the advise of Tribal representatives, was recently brought into our community by an organization called the Working Together Collation. So sad that good hearted people will be used “again” to enable the “Spiritual Movement” that Thayer is using the ACLU to promote.


Thayer’s Spiritual Movement falls more in line with Spiritual Exploitation than learning, healing and growth.

Frank Fools Crow was right with the illness he saw coming. When will  Tribal representatives, Tribal Colleges, community members and others realize how they are living a lie and quit enabling the illness that continues to migrate.


For a more comprehensive understanding review the links below:

As per the Dec. 4th WTC community meeting where Audrey commented about provoking through dialog, how she prompted a Sheriff into coaxing his deputy to drop charges against someone, She should at least give out the Sheriff’s name. Then again no name equates to nothing more than flag waving and horn blowing.

At that same meeting when questioned how  many instances of racial profiling Thayer had proven in the courts, she replied about 10  and followed up with saying she has collected data for approximately 900 cases. From my understanding, after an excess of 1million dollars spent and at such a low percentage of validated claims one would think Thayer would quit yelling racism. Her actions are feeding anger and frustration into the communities, what else is expected from grant opportunists that hold and enact  AIMster scam tactics.

10 claims proven ???? , sounds like more lies, will have to research that.

More Lies from Audrey.  When Thayer was addressed at that meeting about calling northern Minnesota “the Birmingham of the North”  and how insulting it is  because of the disregard toward those who were murdered during that era,  She denied doing so , saying she was speaking of Duluth.

“Thayer said that in the six-county northern Minnesota area including Red Lake, Leech Lake, and White Earth, 97 percent of those incarcerated are Native. “We are considered the Birmingham of the north,” she said.” ~extracted from an interview with “Birmingham of the North”, By Mahtowin Munro  , Stephanie Hedgecoke ,Published Mar 30, 2005 11:02 AM


Thayer started her Spiritual Movement off with lies and deception, over 10 years of screaming Racism she continues to do so with nothing to show for after expelling a  million plus to continue her  rhetoric using corrupted 1st Nations cultural teachings and beliefs. Something is seriously WRONG with supporting people who do such.


Audrey Thayer take note of what  a Tratior is about and start helping people and communities to heal , in place of using them with your ill teachings.


 We will always honor the Heart of Félicité

 1839 was our first bout with yellow fever. The epidemic spread up and down the Bayou. Almost every family counted at least one victim.

Racism is washed away when people focus on instances where we helped one another, i.e through examples of positive growth , NOT by pointing the finger and casting false accusations. Finger pointing of such feeds anger and frustration which in turn feeds VIOLENCE!


Sign, Sign, everywhere there are signs, and still people do not want to address or explore how bastardized cultural teaching and spiritual hijacking is a direct cause for the negative aspects of day to day life on the rez. Too bad WTC has decided to also mask and hide events posted to it’s fb site that correlate the mentality of those who are trying to use them as a tool to spread sickness. They can block and delete whoever , whatever they want, and in doing so “WTC has been tricked” into becoming an enabler. (note: comments section for an example of deleted posts)

Can’t you read the signs?

1st we murder innocents including our own, then we lie to everyone about the murders, then when the truths arise we pray for the murdered innocents and those who murdered them , while saying “forgive”.

FORGIVENESS: all belief systems have basically 3 criteria, admit to the wrongful acts, make a commitment to not act in such a way again,  then offer some form of restitution. Those murders of innocents, those hijackers of spirituality, those so called hero’s of 1st Nations have “never” done any of the 3 and their death when it comes will not wash their hands clean of the blood they carry. So support “it” if you want , that’s a  choice to continue passing blAIM onto all other while trying to evade accountability.

It’s what’s best for the youth correct?

Don’t Disguise It, Stop with the Hate!


“Dear Marley and Indigenous Women for Justice, Please know that I am with you.
This whole process stinks. Bottom line Anna Mae was murdered because she was a
strong woman. She was made an example for the rest of us to keep quiet.”

“But what is denied actually does exist and
eventually comes to the surface, just as
any truth will eventually surface
despite acts to hide it.”
~Joy Harjo~


Timeline of Events :

Oct 10, two groups of kids engage in verbal conflict, school notifies law enforcement; students do not comply with officer directives, assault officers and are detained

Oct 11, Student Parents of Onigum  label WHA, the Walker community , and Cass County law enforcement as Racist.

Oct 11, WTC meeting  minutes , the day after the school instance, (section C) “It was suggested that WTC become “the voice” and take a stand to move forward from this incident. Steps needed are: (iii) apply for funding  … 

Oct 13, Onigum Community meeting discusses how to follow up on accusations of Racism, i.e Protest rally or by political means. Idea’s of removing children from school is also discussed and idea’s of how to hit them where it hurts, i.e in funding. Protest march to Walker is scheduled and later canceled

Oct 13, Parents , Tribal representatives support call by student parents for Dennis Banks to speak at the WHA School meeting which is scheduled for all community members

Oct 14, Dennis Banks speaks at WHA meeting, presents himself as AIM , gives speech and starts ranting about  racism and creates unrest and then leaves.

Oct 15, ll forum facebook , questions occurrence, tribal members discuss protest, student walk out, accusations of racism, etc …. Basically a hate campaign building.

Oct 16, WTC holds community meeting, derives issue is of “race” , some of the reasons being generational trauma from residential schooling, suggests needs are cultural sensitivity training for non native’s

Nov 6, Community member post suggestion to local newspaper opinion, for a common goal to strengthen unity by addressing Violence as a group effort.

Nov 13, WTC holds community meeting, strategic planning presentation by tribal divisions

Dec. 1 ,  A voice for leech lake fb page set up by WTC members, announces radio pr broadcast by KAXE for Dec. 3rd, with T. Cloud, Cloud implies school is being unfair with student treatment. ,

Nov 30, E. Hunt and Thayer hold broadcast with People of Color at radio stations during same time frame, People of Color promotes broadcast by KAXE about  conflict and community relations.

Dec 4,  Onigum meeting by WTC, Audrey Thayer mentions ACLU is working to assist students, Audrey and Nygard brought in to community meeting under the advice of E. Hunt and other tribal representatives.

Dec 4, Onigum community member leaves meeting early and is followed home by family relationship of Cloud student, and threatened. Report filed with Cass county sheriff dept., instance confirmed by Cass County Sheriff dept.

Dec 4, at People of Color broadcast,  promotions for Thayer & Hunt , “A special report on the Walker-Hackensack-School Students involved in the altercation last month will be aired at 6 p.m. tonight on KOJB 90.1 FM. This interview courtesy of KAXE. (this is the same interview where Tracie Cloud implies WHA mistreats Native Students and gives a pr campaign for support based on  “sympathy” )

Dec 5, leech lake radio station rebroadcast People of Color broadcast with Hunt and Thayer.

Dec. 10 , E. Hunt and Olson of WTC present questions at WHA meeting , most questions relative to student treatment as per Dec 15 newspaper article.

Dec 12, according to Traci Cloud Dec 19th fb post; “One week ago the Walker School Superintendent met with Carrie Jones, LL Tribal Chairwoman re: Oct 10 school incident”  AND complaints about unfair treatment to her 16yr old nephew and 14yr old niece ,(protest reiterated in one of the replies of the discussion)

Dec 15, WHA response date posted in local newspaper stating response will be at Jan. meeting.

Dec 19, Mark Roger Olson pastor and WTC member enforces Racism accusations with fb post to Traci Cloud’s Dec 19th post,

“Traci, …. This is an issue of legal protection, and power. My definition of racisim is Prejudice + Power = Racism. Ask yourselves, who has the power in this situation? The students? The school? Law Enforcement? Where is the power? We need to educate ourselve on the roots of systemic racism.  Wednesday at 10:16pm

(publisher note: Olson might want to look towards internalized racism, and how it is now being projected outward by people to try and evade accountability and responsibility, and what is the primary source of “Power” in NDN country, in current time, that has perpetrated that internalized racism that is being projected onto others outside of NDN country)

AND , Thayer replies to post with,  ” Ironically poor folk get poor attorney’s or attorney’s that try hard but because of their caseload just do not give good justice.”

Dec 20, Pioneer Press article , Rumors of violence circulate social media, Bemidji plans additional security Friday

Ashley Woods fb reply I was at the cl elementary when myself, along with @10 other teachers were informed that some sort of a threat was made involving red lake, bemidji and cass lake boys. As to what the threat was or to whom it was made we were not told.

Publisher Note: could threats of violence at Bemidji, Cass Lake School be a result from racist accusation escalating through the  communities from Banks (AIM Mentality & Supporters) , Parents, Students & Thayer’s wide area radio pr campaign? 

If the false accusations continue, You Bet Cha Violence could become the result!!


Check Back for Updates to this typical AIM script Unfolding and how the youth and outreach groups with good intent will be used again by grant opportunists.

Opportunists: people who see a chance to gain some advantage from a situation, often at the expense of ethics or morals.