Spinless Voices that Stay Idle and Quite


Men who do not respect our women have no place in this movement.

Women are sacred. ~Idle No More~

tribute to Idle No More


Trampling on Idol No More in Bemidji Minnesota

Watch those who cherish the abusers of Women and Children, those who voice they stand for women’s rights, those who sing and dance to the tune of Leech Lake Reservations so called 1st nations hero while wearing Annie Mae’s name as a shoulder patch stitched to the side of other patches for  smucks likes Peltier.

Watch the so called “Men & Women” warriors showboat while they excuse and shore up with those who have the blood of innocents on their hands , spinless voices that will stay Idle and quite while they try to raise their heads and voices for recognition.  It is evident they do not know of the Wabanaki Confederacy or do not respect the Eastern Doorway.


 Video of Flash Drum Mob in Bemidji Minnesota , Drumming and  Singing along with a cherished abuser pictured  in the above photo  ~video source Leech Lake Forum~


Interesting how the opening statements said nothing about Idle No More and the significance of the movement, i.e how it was started, what it’s about etc. Thou if you listen closely you can hear the implications leading into drum and song that say “those white racist” will spit and beat you , LOL, Such is life on the rez  by some people, too bad good hearted people will be used “again” by the blAIMster mentality along with getting some of the youth to follow eh?


Did someone leave supporters of Dennis Banks and

Leonard Peltierains off the email list ?


Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes and stand your ground unconditionally. There is no bitterness or division in maintaining your morals. It is what separates us from the colonizers and abusers and will always even in the face of adversity win out in the end.
~Denise Pictou Maloney~

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