Take a breath , read and comprehend LBW’s Blog entry, then review the comment replies  and links throughly , it will take time thou you might just find correlations to LBW’s words ….

there is a really good thing occurring across the continent right now, thou people might want to keep an eye on who is who, or they will be used, kinda like using grant, outreach, gov. funding monies to purchase lands for the upcoming  prospects derived by current seismic survey’s that are now being completed.

in order to maintain control over people, “they” must change the beliefs and governance, changes to be implemented through learning seminars and setting up new role models for people to “believe” in ….

thats whats “partially” happening , same song, different era, new sets of masks, the posers need to be taken out of their seat, and replaced with people standing up , such as Chief Janette Peterson.




Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog


Still trying to contact the TV networks in Canada to post this… CTV, CBC, Global,
and Terry Milewsky, a hard nosed irrascible CBC reporter who pokes holes in
‘Spin Doctoring’ faster than you can sneeze.

<<Yes, wouldn’t that be nice….?>>


Subject: The truth… “Idle No More”

Date: Mon, 24 Dec 2012 07:18:52 -0700

We want the books, the accounting of Shawn Atleo, including the hidden ones, and of Theresa Spence
to be opened to the Canadian Public.

We want to know where the millions and billions of dollars have gone.

The AFN and Shawn Atleo can’t afford to secede from the age old relationship of the feds. stewardship
of them, because that would mean the well has run dry and they would not get the enormous financial
handouts that they steal from the intended goal of bettering their own people’s lives.

This is a playbook action taken directly…

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