The Old Guard Is Alive and Well


This Image In NO WAY Represents Idle No More

It does represent some of the recent fb users posting

in support of INM


The Old Guard, have been pondering this one the last couple of days, who is it or what is it. People are all of a sudden trying to disassociate themselves with AIM as a result of INM. That is understood considering INM represents all that AIM never was, after it was hijacked by a hand full of smucks for self serving agenda’s.


Blog Update Oct. 30, 2014 — initial post date January 10, 2013

In reference to the above comment

“INM represents all that AIM never was”

sad as it is INM is now just that 

AIM Mentality and WorldViews …..


Imagine that people such as Allan Adams , Terrance Nelson , Winona LaDuke

supporting one another along with the ripple effects of AIM’s  re-branded LastRealIndians,

and other POSERS !!!!

aim arrives








lri homegrown terrorists



**** END OF UPDATE ****


Some are now saying The Old Guard is history, while at the same instance their behavior of compromising morals and ethics still shows in their actions. Then, there are those, who were never directly involved with the organization that was corrupted after it was hijacked. They have been indoctrinated through ill  teachings that have migrated through the cultures. (especially the pan-american “ndn culture”)

As an example”, they will excuse, justify, compromise without fully understanding that a line in the sand has been washed away in their beliefs. Everyone is welcome rings out, to include and accept those who have murdered our own and to support and accept those, who support the murderers of our own. As a result the Old Guards Spirituality Program is being transformed and marketed into another cash crop theme, that again will have nothing to do with Truth.

“It” will again Prey on those who have not been taught the Truth’s.

What is it now, the 13th Fire or  Prophecy  ?

I have come to believe The Old Guard is no longer this person, that person, this organization, that organization, etc …. The Old Guard is that which has been seeded into thought process’s that shape the mentality and character of a person, thus corrupting their identity.

The Old Guard is alive and well,  still migrating, trying to use the INM movement as it’s  vessel to conquer more souls.

There is only one way  to rid that darkness , and that is with Truth and not compromising  one’s Spirit, as people have been indoctrinated  to do.

For those who have all of a sudden flipped their stance with publicly supporting the physical Old Guard, until your actions reflect that you have actually gotten your mind Un-Bent, Max’s message in the video below is my reply to supporting you or your agenda’s.



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