Ray remains sequestered in what AIM hopes will become a forgotten unmarked grave-murdered by racists who have never understood the meaning of the word human being. -Rezinate-

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It has been said that when Ray Robinson in filling out the required birth certificate information for his daughter Desiree crossed  out the various ethnic choices and penned in human being.

I like that, and I believe it speaks to the nature of the man, his outlook on life, and commitment to civil rights.

It speaks to a personal awakening and a desire for societal change, which Ray spent years advocating for, years of putting his beliefs and physical self on the line for.

Ray’s life wasn’t taken from him by any of what would be considered the usual suspects-no rabid ku klux klaner or other white supremists group.

Cointel and the feds had no part in it-his murder came at the hands of another self proclaimed  group of “freedom fighters” who cast themselves as liberators and patriots-the American Indian Movement.

In the years following Ray’s murder and consignment…

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