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another in my inbox: And can you make any...
Joe Wade10:17pm Feb 6
Another one in my inbox:

And, can you make any heads or tails of this for me, Joe?

Got it in my inbox…I’ve removed the person’s name for their privacy…..

Hihanni waste’ You can add that so called International Treaty that was signed at the Yankton reservations Ft. Randall Casino last friday. The woman whose picture is posted all over fb and the internet DOES NOT know treaty and traditional protocol.

According to the signing of a treaty, there should be two nations represented and there were no US or Canadian govt. reps there. She mentioned 3 Canadian First Nations in her “Intl. treaty” and, first did she go to them and asked them to be included by name? And, their authorized reps were not there to sign. And when has there ever been a treaty from any First Nation signed in a casino?


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