a good time to repost “another” LBW’s blog , received a 1-800 call today, that disconnected shortly after answering, then about 30min later, walla! , no access to fb for about 2hrs. neat huh?,

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

The most recent changes done to our computers by the hackers, which is preventing us from accessing our hotmail, Facebook or WordPress accounts will not stop the  truth from being revealed about the real perps behind the cold case premeditated rape-execution of Anna Mae Aquash-Pictou.

They, the people who committed these crimes against the innocent, perpetrated the crimes, & used their political power & position to protect themselves & their military force (AIM), & then covered up all the rape-murders, cultural thefts & spirituality hijacking….all of this will not go unpunished no matter what anyone attempts to do in the cyber hacking computer manipulations we are currently experiencing.

If you email us & we do not respond, complain to (Microsoft) Hotmail….which we cannot access to sign in to….

If we, after a period of time do not post on our Face Book wall….we are being prevented from accessing sign in…

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