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And, they call themselves….Canadian Indian Movement.

This is a well planned coordinated staged series of events, starting with the fraudster from
Attiwapiskat, and happening all across Canada.

Sean Atleo, of B.C., waited till the Parliament was recessed for Christmas, and then says
these are spontaneous demonstration protests…

Now they are going to escalate, they are already blocking roads in certain areas of the
country, Fort McMurray being one of them…

He supports them, and supposedly the AFN, or Aboriginal First Nations chiefs and band councillors,
who have signed agreements with the feds, are not involved…

The key words are ‘spontaneous’, of the people, and ‘new revolution’…

The media is being politically correct and overly polite, I wonder if they realize they are
being manipulated…

There are flags, artwork, songs, etc., Sean Atleo said he would get even with the Feds when
they said they agreed with him last year and the Reserves…

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