Protect the Sacred Sewer Roots


Have been watching these roots migrate and it’s kind of neat how far they have ventured and how vile some of the support groups are, that are jumping on the band wagon for recognition and exploitation of culture.

South of the Boarder, we have gearing up, Indigenous Environmental Network who holds the likes of Vern, Russell, Dennis, etc as their role models and so called BP Oil Spill activists that shore up with some of the crudiest of crud, such foulness how the roots are extending like that of the sewer pipe image above.

A dialog below with IEN’s Marty, that was  deleted by Cherri Foytlin a BP oil spill activist puppet, with her closing comment , I am an open book?


Photo Cherri Foytlin’s fb site , shared from  Marty Cobenais.
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Joe Wade: it’s all about Marty , right? , do not forget to donate!

Marty Cobenais: So what’s the issue Joe?

Joe Wade: how about some monitoring from the environmental groups for remediation such as those listed here for example, spills occur, and nothing ever gets followed up on huh,

Joe Wade: “On July 22, 2000, 20,000 gallons of crude oil spilled from a Lakehead pipe near Leonard.”

that 2000 spill in leonard, was conducted no different than most any other remediation, crap still all over the place after the cleanup was completed, and no one said tweet, here we are 12yrs later and people want to bring into awareness the mess that was made, a bit late no?

Deer River, the leak found during that 2010 wild fire has witness’d the same, not a tweet from the environmental groups, still slopped all over

Marty Cobenais: No, I wrote all about that! It was cleaned up and Leech Lake was in charge of overseeing it!



Intermission from FB Dialog with Marty, Image of the Deer River Spill that Marty utilizes to this day for his dog and pony grifter donation scams, the oil spill he wrote about as being “cleaned up”


Return to Fb Dialog  Below:

Joe Wade: or how about downtown Bedmiji , some people say don’t wake the sleeping dog, city council even opted not to build their new convention center on that site, it’s still such a mess , can’t even build on it

Marty Cobenais: Glad u are such a bright spot Joe! What did you do or say about this?

Joe Wade: actually brought concerns to epa region5 source water protection, who kicked it back down from the federal level to the state level, of course as usual all was penciled as “cleaned up”, and as usual, everyone turned their eyes and ears away, and as for Deer River incident, am very well informed as to how well Beltrami Industrial , did with that cleanup

btw, that was on my time, on my dime, perhaps something groups with grant monies an donations should be addressing

Joe Wade: should not forget the water pumping/monitoring wells at that embridge pump station in cass lake, does no good to pump that filtered water back unerground to migrate to Pike bay , if the filters are not replace on a periodic basis , yet it continues, at least the site next to the railroad will eventually be cleaner, so much for the fish thou.

maybe the issue is , writing about something, waving flags about something does not necessary fix anything. Grant and donations might be better applied to holding those responsible for “proper” cleanup, that is make “them” accountable for the work done.

aside from all that, we have environmental activist complaining about mercury poisening? , thats what happens when people become gluttions (duh!, you mean those fish have mercury in them?)

[the above comment was a jab at Marty about his IEN activist counter part, that netted a lake to test fish, that stocked his freezer chock full and later became ill from mercury poisoning, i.e he pigged out on the fish from the netting project that was suppose to be for testing]

Marty, in closing, for people who really want to go for the gusto, i would recommend William (Bill) Lorey, considering the bang up scam he did with the gulf coast summit (bp oil spill) and his dyncorp affiliation that got busted for child sex trafficking in Bosnia. A person could make a really bright spot future with those likes.

Cherri Foytlin: Although I can see some of ur points of frustration, I still cannot see the correlation to Marty. And I honestly don’t like the tone of the comments, Joe. I was taught that leaders do not publicly ridicule others. This is not a place for such discussions. I must ask for polite decorum here, it is my personal wall afterall, and Marty is a good friend of mine. Thanks, in advance, for that respect.

Joe Wade: correlation is “ien” that promotes itself of the latest and greatest catrosphie or environmental campaign, that moves on when the media moves on, publiclicly ridicule? , and as for as friendships, Bill Lorey is your friend too, so how does that compute, leadership? gimmie a break, for sure lets not talk such lack of competence and extreme issues of working relationships in public right?

Cherri Foytlin: Comment to Joe Deleted:  calling him a liar, and full of hate and , that lorey was on her fb friends list so she could keep an eye on him to protect her communities. [it’s obvious Cherri did not realize that i was aware of her working relationship with lorey, and thought i was commenting on her fb friends list] , dening any working relationship with  lorey.

Joe Wade: Comment to Cherri Deleted:  about her walk to DC being partially funded by Bill Lorey which occurred during the timeframe of  the summit scam ,  and after she confirmed who he was and  connected to, Cherri continued to work with him, (i.e government handlers).

Cherri Foytlin: Stop it! You’re hurting my ribs. Wow, are you misinformed.Wrong. Wrong. And ‘wronger.” Best one is the last one.. I’ll tell ya what since it is clear that your mind is addled, I release you to the world of Cherri haters… live long and prosper.

Joe Wade: Cherri , lie? ,

Joe Wade: and you continued on with your working relationship even after

yes, many very well understand your rants

Cherri Foytlin: We all got scammed on that one. Ask Michelle, she was all over it. The lie is that any of us were warned in advance, that the dude gave us ANYTHING, and all the rest of that crap. I’m going to cut you loose now.. take care.

Cherri Foytlin: Sorry ya’ll, gonna clear this out now. If anyone has any questions, I am an open book, ask me.

Cherri, relates me to Michelle with her comment “Ask Michelle” , how does she know i know Michelle?

Believe this, Michelle Nix is one of the last people Choctaw Cherri wants jumping into such dialogs about Cherri’s affiliation with Bosnia Bill Loiry, LOL!


 “the heck with you guys and your scams,  from this point forward I am out, and will concentrate on taking care of our community members”

-paraphrased from Karen Hopkins , a leader worth following-


Does Cherri remember who conjured the idea & production for the walk to DC?

When a major catastrophic event occurs, Loiry is there with leaerdship and operation summits, when the media moves on, he moves on, no different than some so called grassroots activists, they chain themselves to gates to be arrested, to make the 5 oclock news and then rant about about “themselves”  while touching on the issues of concern. Then apply for grants and ask the global community for donations.


A bit about  the catastrophe ambulance chaser William Loiry  who assisted with promoting events such as a walk to DC along with a documentary crew, for so called environmental activists to suck up media time and attention.  Smoke and Mirrors for the media  that was used to overshadow the grassroots people who had reliable, verifiable scientific data to present to the public about the BP Oil Spill. Those grassroots people’s work never once mentioned or presented by those who strutted to DC.


Perhaps Cherri’s next book about the BP Oil Spill will include an image of her with a head dress making her a Hereditary Chief  since she has jumped on ProtectheSacred XL BandWagon

So now the activist world has Choctaw Cherri, who says she is from Cajun Country, i.e Rain La. , when in reality she moved there in 2005, raised in Oklahouma. Just a tad bit of misrepresentation of identity there. Maybe she should represent herself as per the truth in place of appropriating another cultures identity. Wondering if she is aware the lands she now resides in, are of the Ishak (SunRise Group), who were labeled by the Choctaw as man eaters (Attakapas),  the nations ancestry that carries that stigma to this day who were practically annihilated by a group force of other nations to include the Choctaw  that were in kahoots with the colonialists. Maybe she declairs her entitlement to such a sense of place because the only nation left in the area is that of the Choctaw, the refinements after everyone else was killed off for resources. Yes Choctaw Cherri, those lands will always be acknowledged as the homefront of people like LaTortue and Nizipique, and they will always be part of who we are.

I doubt seriously Cheeri has ever skinned any frogs, which by the way, the Frog Festival is Rain’s annual community festival, celebration.

If a headdress is granted would be cute to see  her standing next to Phil lAIMster Jr. and possibly  Dyncorp Loiry

Why even consider standing next to the  crudiest of curd,  people who protect child sex slavery & traffickers that occurred in Bosnia, to think some people believe, firing personnel gave  justice to those children.



Appropriation today is very well networked (globally) , there are working groups out there with a common goal, i.e to exploit cultures, beliefs & traditions for a select few at the top of that working group food chain to reap the harvest, and with INM there are more nuts falling out of the trees than yesterday feeding the scams by using fb.

The support groups include those from the rainbow warriors to those of the likes of lil grandmother, to generate donation scams for spirituality programs, or activist support donations, or even as “muscle” (such as civil unrest threatening) in some instances for leadership to drive up the negotiation bar, at the decision table with corporate entities.

So many  working groups in some way shape or form tie back to a select few people that the global community has been led to believe are honorable, concerned individuals. OR those support groups such as say, spiritual exploiters , would not be allowed to gain momentum and grow to spicen up the pot’s! , (pot’s as in plural)

ProtectheSacred an International Peace Treaty?

here is a recent example where a peace treaty was used by some of those at the top of the food chain, and the concerned families that were not consulted for that treaty are struggling to stop the abuse of their ancestries agreements, that are being used for self serving agenda’s, that the global community “believes” is of honor and ethical.

**** this is some serious crazyness being played out right now, and template program scams such as Phil & Geranimo Gilbert’s Northern GateWay production are trying to gain footage in other territories across canada and the u.s by trying to cloak themselves in INM.

**** From  in box messages ****
Exposing the frauds (Phil Lane Jr. & Faith Spotted Eagle) illegal manipulations!

(personal names removed)

Wopila for asking Phil Lane that question about him carrying Crazy Horse’s Canunpa bundle.

I recently had a conversation with him regarding traditional protocol.
I am Ihanktunwan (Yankton) and we had a general council meeting just before Faith Spotted Eagle, and his (Phil Lane Jr.’s) “dog and pony show” they called an International Treaty meeting.
They used the peace treaty between the Pawnee and Yankton to manipulate their way into jumping on the STOP KEYSTONE bandwagon for personal gain.
I know traditional protocol and there are 6 Yankton Chiefs that signed this treaty that is not about the whole “Sioux” Nation but only about the personal problems between the Pawnee and us, Yankton.

I asked Phil Lane Jr why they did NOT first go to all the descendant families of those chiefs to consult with them on using this treaty?
I know they didn’t because I am a descendant of one of those Chiefs – Mad Bull.He blew me off and changed the subject to how important stopping Keystone was.

His co-conspiritor (sp), Faith who may be a descendant of another chief – Struck By The Ree, used this treaty without the knowledge of the other descendant families and the whole Yankton people, and went to the Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Council, wrote a resolution there and made it appear that we sanctioned her actions, passed it, legally (all 7 treaty delegates are to sign each resolution and only 4 signed it.
She was the 5th but she does not represent or was sanctioned by us to do such a thing.

As I said before I thank you for asking him this because I know that they know nothing about traditional and treaty protocol and profoundly and blatantly disrepect it by doing and saying the things they do and say.
I hope that he doesn’t blow you off the way he did me.
Keep up the good work of exposing frauds as will I.
Wopila Tanka!

**** Second Source ****

And, can you make any heads or tails of this for me, ___?

Got it in my inbox…I’ve removed the person’s name for their privacy…..
Hihanni waste’ You can add that so called International Treaty that was signed at the Yankton reservations Ft. Randall Casino last friday. The woman whose picture is posted all over fb and the internet DOES NOT know treaty and traditional protocol.

According to the signing of a treaty, there should be two nations represented and there were no US or Canadian govt. reps there. She mentioned 3 Canadian First Nations in her “Intl. treaty” and, first did she go to them and asked them to be included by name? And, their authorized reps were not there to sign. And when has there ever been a treaty from any First Nation signed in a casino?

And, on the 1863 treaty between the Yankton and Pawnee there are 6 Yankton Chiefs who signed it and she NEVER went to the other descendant families to ask them to use this treaty. She mentions “free, prior and informed consent” but she used that 1863 treaty without our free, prior and informed consent! She also went to a Black Hills Sioux Nation Treaty Mtg last Dec and wrote up a resolution, and presented it there on the spot to get that treaty council to pass it, which they sorta did – every resolution passed by the council needs all 7 delegate signatures and only 4 signed and because she presented it she signed for the Ihanktunwan/Yankton delegate.

This, too, was done without the free, prior and informed consent of the Ihanktunwan Oyate/Nation. Something like this should be first voted on by us in a reservation wide referrendum vote, she called an emergency general council meeting on Jan 22, the day before her “dog and pony show” was to begin. People who came to attend this, were arriving the same day as our mtg and she brought some of them in to speak on why they also want to stop keystone.

Because she backed us into a corner, her resolutions to approve the BHSNTC resolution was presented but as far as I can remember, wasn’t voted on and her resolution to have us sanction her show was passed 26 to 9.

She is not sanctioned by us to represent us on treaty issues. The treaty steering committe that only our reservation resurrected gets money, yearly, from our tribal budget that is a govt. to govt. entity and under Inherent Authority is a conflict of interests. And the US created a law that is the foundation for why we are to be enrolled that states that if an Indian woman marries a white man she is no longer considered Indian, she is white and she and her children relinquish all rights as Indians. She married a white man, a lawyer no less, so she has NO authority to be doing anything as an Indian.

I was at that general council meeting, I brought documents showing that we had no free, prior and informed consent of her actions including the enrollment law but only 9 people listened to me. Also there is always a small showing at gen. council mtgs when she is going to present as many of our People are afraid of her, because when someone stand up against her, she personally attacks them and harrasses them privately and publicly, and others take money from her to stay quiet, and then many consider her a joke and laugh at everything she does.

The scariest thing of all is that she brought a Pipe Ceremony into the casino, so she is also playing with our sacred ceremones. If she was doing this as an individual on her land, etc. that would be bad enough, but because she is doing this saying that We sanctioned this, she is bringing her “paybacks” onto our People.

On Jan. 22, one of the treaty steering committee member’s sister died. Instead of supporting and honoring this death, she left him on his own and continued on with her show without him.

I have discovered thru all of this…. that I, basically, am standing alone. I know that I have the sanction and approval of many elders, Chiefs and Medicine men off my rez, but have been told that she is an internal problem. So with my own People I stand alone!

Exactly who is Mr. Bahai

Phil Lane Jr. is Bahai, his work is not to be confused with that of his father Phil Lane, who was very much grounded in traditional values. (thou phil trys to ride the coat tail of his fathers honor)

the Bahai belief is of Persian origin, and Phil has been mixing that belief system with Lakota spirituality since the 70’s passing himself off as a “hereditary chief” that practices traditional spirituality.

1974, August 16-20 – Visit of Hand of the Cause Collis Featherstone and his wife Madge, from Adelaide, Australia. While here he joined the Bahá’ís in blessing the newly acquired land for Daybreak Star Cultural Arts Center at Fort Lawton in Magnolia. The creation of this center was brought about by Bernie Whitebear and two Bahá’ís, Phil Lane Jr. and Phil Lucas. The acquisition of this land from the military for Native-American usage is led by Bernie Whitebear and Bahá’í Ruby Gubatayao.”

closed eyes and deaf ears fall on those those families who were not consulted, who did not sanction their ancestry and agreements to be “used”. Such appropriation accepted and supported because it’s for the cause, right?


Released today: the Phil Lane Jr. scAIMster show, protectthesacred kicks it up another notch with “SunDance Chief Ruben” and his spiritual seduction rants.


As the Show Unfolds your are Still On Target LBW!

posted 12-22-12 , An opinion…Why does these spontaneous 1st Nations demonstration protests in Canada sound all too familiar????


Grand Entry of the Shaking Tents

Now INM is promoting a  Alan Adam event on racism, the same cat who recently said  “It’s going to be a Hot Summer” as as per Ruben’s rant about nations of the north and south joining “forces”. Part of that southern force being lastrealindians with their Moccasins on the Ground teachin’s, all in tune with INM’s “Day of Ceremony and Resurgence” that was confirmed by a Shaking Tent Ceremony.

Sheelah McLean
Yesterday evening, a shaking tent ceremony was conducted in Thunder Bay, Ontario. A Shaking Tent is known as the most powerful Anishinaabe ceremony and due to its significance, it is often set up and used as a last resort or in very crucial times.Very interesting things happened in the lead up to this ceremony.When the “March 20th Day of Ceremony and Resurgence” concept and planning was initiated, it was inspired by a conversation with a women from the Treaty #3 region of Ontario. When discussing the moves being made by the Harper Government to dismantle our treaties and sovereignty, she simply said, “put the Spirit first.” Not really understanding what she meant fully, it was inquired. She brought up the circumstances of the 1969 White Paper. She shared that although we hear about the political action and social action to help sink it, we rarely hear about the ceremonies and the spirituality that played a massive part (notably, ceremonies done in Naicatchewenin and Wauzhushk Onigum in response).From that conversation, Idle No More founders were approached with the idea of the “Day of Ceremony and Resurgence”, tobacco was given in Thunder Bay, and planning began.During the INM Teach-In that took place earlier in the day (on March 20th ) in Thunder Bay (before the ceremony was set up), two gentlemen walked in and sat down. After a bit of conversation, it was made clear that they helped with assisting those that spearheaded ceremonies that played a major part (next to assertion of nationhood and leaders taking action) to take down the 1969 White Paper. Their arrival was unplanned and it was really eye-opening that we were on the right track as the 9 Bills that reflect the 1969 White Paper that face us today.The Evening of March 20thDuring this shaking tent ceremony (and adhering to the request from one of the founders of Idle No More), questions were asked about what we must do to defeat these bills and laws that Ottawa is attempting to pass and what we must do protect ourselves, our sovereignty, and the lands were share.It was made crystal clear that there is a very important element missing (or very limited) in our efforts. The shake tent ceremony made clear that it must be requested (and followed-through) for our communities and our families to continue what we are doing – but it is necessary for a massive move of resurgence to happen where all sacred items (traditional drums, all sacred bundles, all pipes) that have been placed aside or set aside and not used frequently (if at all) and that ceremonies in all of our territories and communities (shake-tents – as well as sweats and lodges, using our names, clans, and all ceremonies depending on territory and Nation) that have been left to the side, that are limited, (or have gone dormant) must be brought back immediately and put to use. Not just on a single “day of prayer” or something assigned like that, but brought back into use in a big way and to stay on top of it.During the Shaking Tent, it was said the Spirits and that those that came before are very aware of what is happening to us, to our lands, and with these laws – and they are upset. Through the shaking tent, spirits requested the things above for us to do to fight and defeat these things.It was said that this has more than the potential and the way to lift us together as once so we can effectively unify, pull together, and effectively fight these things. It is necessary and must happen.When the sacred pipe was smoked in ceremony, it was also made clear that we must lift our voices and take action immediately. There were significant concerns that the bills have wavered (and will get worse) even through Teach-Ins, round-dances, marches, and flash-mobs have been consistent. We must lift our voices and take action immediately.Much focus placed on making youth aware of why these matters are important, about treaties and inherent rights, the lands were share, Nationhood, and leadership.Great focus, many times, was placed upon actively supporting our women to take the lead.It is interesting to recognize that as soon as WOMEN were taken out of the lead, as soon as CEREMONIES and items began to be lessened (or dormant) in many territories, and as soon NATIONHOOD began being less ASSERTED, we (and our treaties and sovereignty) weakened and (in turn) the protection of the LAND we share is now weakened. We must turn it around by reversing these things – immediately.


It’s your Obligation ?

Inner Stand this!, the teachings in the above video are full of crap!


Flash Mobs now have Grand Entries

ShAIMsters from the North and South joining as per SunDance Chief Ruben’s spiritual seduction rants, Alan Adam’s rhetoric about a long hot summer to come showing force, lastrealindians Moccasins on the Ground teach-in’s of your obligation and Inner Self all buttoned up with resurrection of ceremony as called by the spirits of a  Shaking Tent Ceremony, all to be followed by ripple effects of Phil and Faith with activist groups such as IEN and Choctaw Cherri.


“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People of Color.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”-Source


In the Spirit

With all the above crazyness occurring with INM, it seems only the those of the EasternDoorway  are staying focused on “Treaty Rights” , no spiritual seduction tactics, no grandstanding to save this or that from a pipeline or to use unity as force for the negotiation bar with extractors.

What is the Wabanaki  intent about? 

Future Generations!



Update on Traditional Leader Geranmo Gilbert Chingee going after Apache Oil , in reference to previous blog entry AIM’s Phil Lane Jr. Show Re_Vamped


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