Question for all AIM members

clyde_janiceby: Denise Pictou Maloney

So Clyde Bellecourt of the American Indian Movement on various occasions has publicly stated that he and his brother Vernon Bellecourt in the past have been wrongly accused and suspected of knowing any details of the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash.

Clearly the passage below indicated otherwise. In addition Clyde Bellecourt has publically stated that that he is the creator and owner of AIM Inc. and that he is the head of the organization and that he also publically supports Annie Maes’ murderer John Graham (who was tried and convicted of kidnapping felony murder in Dec. of 2010) Along with Graham, AIM also publically states that they support Leonard Peltier who shoved a gun into the mouth of Annie Mae during an interrogation in Farmington NM where he accused her of being a fed and bad jacked her.

clyde_janice2Currently to date AIM as “an organization” refuses to address the murder of Annie Mae and black activist Ray Robinson ( who was shot and allowed to bleed to death by AIM members during the WK occupation of 73) So the question remains to ALL AIM members on both sides of the border. HOW can human beings as a collective who claim to be advocates for human, native and woman’s rights support such a history?

How can AIM even attempt to be advocates for our missing and murdered women while supporting a man who took the life of one of those women? How can people continue to live the lie and hypocrisy and support a leadership who has the blood of one of its own women all over their hands? Who do they think they are kidding?

As a native woman, the daughter of one of AIMs women who believed in the movement before it lost its way, and a strong supporter of missing and murdered woman, I am highly offended and disgusted by such a public display of ignorance and hypocrisy.

And some wonder why our communities never seem to maintain a decent level of morality.

With “heroes and warriors “like these, who needs enemies? Anyone?


bonnieBonnie Singleton: I think we’re all looking for meaning and fulfillment. I think we’ve all been fooled at one time or another. I bought into AIM’s rhetoric for many years. Could not believe that they were responsible for Annie Mae’s death. It had to have been the FBI. When I finally realized that other AIM members had been involved in her death, I still blamed the FBI. It was the government’s fault; they made Clyde Bellecourt and Dennis Banks plan her kidnapping and murder and John Graham pull the trigger. The FBI may be guilty of many things; however, they are not responsible for Annie Mae’s death. Her mistreatment, kidnapping, rape, and murder were all the result of a paranoid, controlling, power-hungry group of men. Men who saw themselves as warriors, saviors of everything Native. Men who demanded total authority and allowed no independent thought or questions.They are not warriors or saviors, never were. There was a time when AIM served a purpose. They were there when so many needed them. That was a long time ago. When the power and glory and money became more important than the goals of the people, they had outlived their usefulness.
deniseDenise Pictou Maloney: Thank You Bonnie that was probably one of the most concise clarifications regarding the misinformation surrounding my mothers murder that I have seen in a long time. People tend to get defensive and acuse me of being devisive, vengeful and hateful for speaking the truth because it lands uncomfortably close to home for many because of how they define themselves thru AIM. My mother was an AIM member and I was proud of the accomplishments and awareness that she was part of. But she would not compromise her morality to be part of the collective and she refused to turn a blind eye to the corruption and abuse of other human beings. For that they silenced her. The betrayal and current day intentional ignorance by the leadership of AIM and their public support of her kidnappers, interrogators, assaulters and murderers negates all the positive and good AIM ever represented. They can reinvent themselves and cosy up to the youth and hide behid the skirts of INM all that they want. At the end of the day UNTIL the other murders that occured during that time are addressed the acronym A.I.M. will stand for American Indian Murderers.
Gun In Her Mouth
Memorial video created by Annie Maes’ Granddaughter to commemorate her Birthday.

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  1. Richard Boyden Says:

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    For all supporters and members of American Indian Movement of “Murderers”. Read the words of the daughter of Annie Mae Aquash who guts AIM for the murder of her mother. If after reading this anyone…ANYONE still supports AIM and remains a member of…whether Native or “White Wannabe New Agers/Witches etc.” consider yourself spiritually complicit and guilty by association of their crimes!

    I can assure you and stake my soul on the fact…that those responsible will be dealt with by the Creator in the name of Jesus Christ and will be thrust down to hell…including those already there for “obeying their god”…the Liar and Murderer From The Beginning… say SATAN!

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