It was 9 years ago today


It was 9 years ago today that our family brought my mother back home to Mikmagi. 29 years after she was betrayed, kidnapped, beaten , interrogated, raped and murdered by AIM members John Graham, Arlo Looking Cloud and Theda Nelson Clark. Four trials with 23 witnesses that resulted in two convictions, one guilty plea and one acquittal have proven what our family had suspected and many within AIM already knew, that at least a half dozen individuals within the AIM leadership conspired and ordered to have my mother executed. To this day the leadership of AIM and Leonard Peltier refuse to address my mothers murder and are currently publically supporting my mothers murderers. It doesn’t matter how many times they reinvent themselves, rename themselves or hide behind the skirts of our grandmothers or their own children the truth will never be changed.

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