If people can not comprehend this , they are Brain Dead!!!!

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The place in which the nations find themselves is far from enviable, it is the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The bottom line is law enforcement is the only vehicle that can and has brought any degree of closure- far from being perfect as the years and history of foot dragging and suspect performance have so painfully illustrated it is nonetheless the horse that can’t be changed in midstream.

AIM is a cheap ill fitting suit that should have been discarded long ago for a real people’s movement based on and seeking input from the nations to define the conditions, goals,and desires – the direction taken.

Instead it has been little more than a good ‘ol boys club bullying and intimidating it’s way across the soul and landscape of the nations. Bubbas in buckskin pantomiming something they can never be.

AIM has a proprietary sense of ownership, with various…

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