Native Pride – Prompted by Rezinate


Been a while since i blogged, above photo of the community bridge, so sad that good hearted people of the community have to be represented by a few defunct AIMster indoctrinated nitwits that continue to live a life of lies and myths. Bad enough some of the “old people” (not elders) here continue to “push” onto the youth such ill teachings, such as Evil M. who recently said “don’t worry Dennis will fix this” as she carted her entourage of blind youth into the local school gym after community kids were arrested at the local high school. Declaring  the old AIM tactic of  “Racism” accusations at the non-native community, law enforcement and school system. Yet Evil neglects to mention one of the kids involved with “Team Onz” was also involved to some degree just months prior when one of the local kids was stabbed to death during one of their “Native Pride Parties.”

Passed the community center just the other day, the day workers (all women, and as Rezinate would say trying to put blankets on their children and food for the table) were out full force, pushing mowers and walking weed eaters. The headmaster an old man who drives the workers shuttle replied with a frown “So What” in response to a comment to him “Keep in mind, it is the women who enable the survival of a nation”. His lack of recognition and attitude gave me another glimpse of what “Native Pride” has become for some people.

rezzie2It is no wonder we have a kid or so in the community that  is torturing female dogs before killing them. I would have to suspect it is likely some b.s teaching received about so called Mediwin ceremonies. That’s what happens when the AIMster indoctrinated mindset mix’s the writing from people like SchoolCraft and Warren and nitwits start placing themselves as 1st,2nd,3rd degree Medwin Healers. Ex-Jail Birds that are now Pipe Carriers with the blood of murdered women on their hands eh? This is our reality and It really is NUCKIN FUTS around here !!!!

Rezzie the female Sheppherd we cared for was recently carted off, a girl that never left the general vicinity of our isolated home.  After occurrences showed explicitly –  she witnessed a horrid death. The ugliest part is, those who partook only initiated more hurt onto themselves and those they are connected to. Such is the way with Native Pride for some people today and if people would only connect the dots, they would realize how “their”  1st Nations Champions have put into motion beliefs of a cult to kill us off from within.

For Those Who Base their Pride on the Bastardized Teachings of  Murdering, Lieing , Pedophile Thugs

Aka: AIM Leadership (to include too much of it’s membership)


NATIVE PRIDE ? – by: Rezinate

The place in which the nations find themselves is far from enviable, it is the proverbial rock and a hard place.

The bottom line is law enforcement is the only vehicle that can and has brought any degree of closure- far from being perfect as the years and history of foot dragging and suspect performance have so painfully illustrated it is nonetheless the horse that can’t be changed in midstream.

AIM is a cheap ill fitting suit that should have been discarded long ago for a real people’s movement based on and seeking input from the nations to define the conditions, goals,and desires – the direction taken.

Instead it has been little more than a good ‘ol boys club bullying and intimidating it’s way across the soul and landscape of the nations. Bubbas in buckskin pantomiming something they can never be.

AIM has a proprietary sense of ownership, with various factions constantly squabbling over territory and who is the “real” AIM.

Yet when it comes to the “real” deeds of murder, rape, theft, and general mayhem it becomes a different story.

Suddenly they are innocent victims and not the perpetrators they are in reality. Each with a different alibi, each with a version of woe and injustices visited upon them, and each counting on a gullible audience to buy into it.

They are not only cultural thieves selling tradition and ceremony but language thieves as well who will attack words like “squaw” for the sole purpose of making a buck.

Squaw is an Algonquin word lacking any negative connotation-if you doubt that look up the definition and origin.

If it has been abused by others how far should the nations go to strike it from the indigenous lexicon? Should we at all? Should we allow the usage of others to dictate the language we speak?

This coercion of language sounds like government policy and the boarding schools doesn’t it?

The truth is the nations have picked up a lot of bad habits-many of them traceable to AIM and the examples they set.

I don’t believe we can ever be a hundred percent of what we have been, but we should remain faithful enough to the legacy to not allow AIM or the government to cast us in the mold they would have us to be.

That is what native pride is about.

We are eager as a people to point out injustice,  the murder or women and children at Sand Creek, Camp Grant, Big Hole, Washita, and Wounded Knee, and yet many will not express the same outrage, the same grief, for the murder of innocents at WK2, or the murder or Annie Mae in the aftermath-events that took place in THEIR lifetime.

To me this failure speaks to decline, how far the nations have fallen, and the utter lack of a true warrior spirit that would never find such things acceptable….native pride?

AIM as an entity has fed upon and slain our own people, assisted by a cadre of Renfro’s willing to do their masters bidding. Some afraid to speak for fear of being the next victim, fear for the safety of their children and relatives, and some merely because they have their head stuck so far up AIM’s ass they neither care to nor are capable of seeing anything else….native pride?

The AIM banner is a tattered filthy rag soiled in the blood of the people representing nothing more than greed, oppression, and empire-all that is missing is a swastika-as such it should be burned . Either that or raise the American flag next to it.


Get It?

denise Denise Pictou Maloney

“I swore never to be silent whenever and wherever human beings endure suffering and humiliation. We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor, never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.” ~ Elie Wiesel ~

After decades of running into walls put up by those who refuse to see or speak the truth of what happened to Annie Mae, I have learned that the truth always prevails and it is not acceptance or popularity that matters. Our communities are sick, poisoned and enabled by those amongst us who claim to be warriors and fighters for our women and youth with the blood of one of their sisters on their hands. Unity is nothing if it means compromising our integrity and ability to speak the truth and forgiveness only comes when responsibility is taken. Silence at the end of the day is consent.


“The truth is the nations have picked up a lot of bad habits-many of them traceable to AIM and the examples they set.

I don’t believe we can ever be a hundred percent of what we have been, but we should remain faithful enough to the legacy to not allow AIM or the government to cast us in the mold they would have us to be.

That is what native pride is about. ~Rezinate~


“Please don’t confront me with my failures , I am aware of them”

Thou, at times,  not as successful as we desire , At least some of us are still trying to Toss Out the Garbage




In closing  to those torturing beings ,  GET READY, It will return.


(one translation, sickness from past action)

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