“We are a distinct people with distinct cultures, tradition, and language.

We believe as we do because of what we have been taught, lived, and experienced. There is a recognizable familiarity in these things-and for however long our history is they have sustained us.

To abandon them now or dilute them is to abandon who we are, to silence the inner voice that speaks to us is to silence our history and the very essence of who we have been.

I believe there exists a genetic memory that predisposes our inclinations and abilities,facilitates the acquisition and language and skills germane to us,and produces a sympathetic resonance when we hear the first drum beat, when we mount the first horse, knap the first stone, when our mother sings the first song to us in our language.

Such things are irreplaceable, they define us . ~ Rezinate~”

personal note:with that said, there really is no reason (as a norm) for people to be removing the remains of ancestors from burial for the sake of anthropologists to poke at on a table or under a microscope.

And then add insult to injury “they” identify, categorize and define the sites with foreign language names that have meanings such as venerable; a great deal of respect, esp. because of age, wisdom, or character.

For those poking about to try and “discover” something, Leave “THEM” alone!!!!

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Clovis Point

Archeologists and anthropologists long held that what is referred to Clovis were the first people to inhabit this land, beginning abut 13,000 years ago.

Yet recent discoveries are pushing the date back-sites like McMinnville in Oregon dated at 46,000 years-Old Crow in the Yukon at 25,000 to 40,000 years, and Bluefish Caves in the Yukon at 12,000 to 28,000 years.

I don’t recall where but I either saw a video or read an article by an indigenous person claiming that the nations had been here for at least six million years.

That’s longer than the existence of humankind,and something I personally don’t accept.

Ultimately  it doesn’t matter to me what the time frame is as the reality is we are the first people to inhabit this continent, this hemisphere.

I tend to look at numbers like six million as being influenced by external beliefs-shades of Atlantis and Mu, flying saucers…

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