Where “It” has Gone For Sum


History of Oshki-agojin Traditional Gathering


Where “It” is Today for Sum – For Others “it” is Still Secure

Hot Dogs, Circus Tents, Royalty, Princess’s and Braves. Another year passes and what has actually changed aside from record levels of attendance and honorariums paid out while the overall community stats of blundering and abuse continues to soar to new levels based on spiritual pits that are bottomless.

The colonial imperialistic concept of capitalism does not provide a sound foundation for spirituality, thou it does deliver wealth and recognition for those who hold dearly to the wallet motives. For some people culture, tradition and beliefs have been staked to the ground like an elephant. The sad part is, one could remove the ground peg and chain from that elephant of distortions and many of those individuals  would continue “thinking and believing” as they have been conditioned into.

Take it for what it’s worth the  image below is where people were during the initiation stages of revived community gathering. Gatherings based on sharing and giving because that is how we were meant to live with one another building  spiritual unity , not taking advantage of or appropriating culture, tradition and beliefs for the sake of the dollar bill.


Recently read an article that mentioned something to the nature “AIM has brought many a bad habit into culture and tradition” and those habits are very evident in many ways relative to the revival of this community gathering and where it is today, even those who oppose the indoctrination of such bad habits for some reason can not see how their worldviews have been conditioned like the Elephant pegged to the ground.

Hopefully someday more will pull out of that crash and burn dive initiated by the AIM cult, hopefully some day “they” will quit dragging one another over the cliff from following the lead of bastardized teachings and beliefs. I do not think it will be anytime soon thou….

BTW: 2013 was Onigum’s 12th Traditional “PowWow”, not the 15th as it is promoted. It’s simple math, at least have the honor of recognizing the accomplishments and achievements of those before (as ancestry did) , in place of “capitalizing” on others efforts, get it right eh?

Just like AIM, creating Myth to try and distort history with Lies



History of Oshki-agojin Traditional Gathering




What we have here is, modern day Circus Pageant’s

that WILL_NEVER create sound Foundations


blog entry Aug 3, 2414Onigum’s 13th Annual PowWow – Slipping into Darkness While Laughing at the Moon



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