To speak in opposition to AIM, to point out the atrocities they have committed is to insure you will be called a “hater” that too is their best-the best they can do in lieu of admitting a truth.

“Liberation will come when the nations are rid of them, their cronies, and their corrupt influence. -Rezinate- “

Rezinate's Blog

Arson, murder, rape ,looting ,coercion, poverty pimping, and intimidation have always been the favored tools of “liberation” for AIM-their weapons of choice, whether they were liberating someone from their life or their property.

When that is a reality an essential ingredient becomes an active “ministry of propaganda”, a  necessity recognized by AIM, one they addressed and have employed for decades.

Lies are spun from the smallest seemingly most innocuous to those of an epic scale, monuments erected in a barren landscape for the faithful to routinely wend their way to in pilgrimage, become programmed, and then go forth like missionaries seeking new converts- a technique Russell Means may have learned when he associated himself with the Unification Church trying to hustle a buck or two.

There is a penchant for people to favor an underdog,  knowing this the AIM leadership and Peltier have spent decades attempting to portray themselves as…

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