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AIM – Bagaak – Wiiyagaapine

October 28, 2013

bagaakCame across this image at one of the  so called founding woman  of AIM,  granddaughters fb page.

The initial post which led to reviewing that persons page was relative to spirit houses (Midewin Burial Structures) which are being built by  AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis’s. To include AIM’s corporate logo carved (into the side, corrected 12-4-13) onto wood and placed at the burial,  a marking for a tradition of violence.

When one considers the mentality of those, who are directly affiliated with that group, family in our community and how they hold a strong degree of influence on the youth here, it is no wonder we have had so many youth deaths in the last 6mths , deaths which are very much a result of the  garbage teaching and values that sawrearse’s continue to push onto the kids with their sick spirit dishes.

“Consumption of the Childs Spirit”

There is a growing usage of such symbology in the above image by the youth and their mentors in these modern times as an icon for so called positive influence.

Just a few days ago, at first glance Bagaak showed itself under a  gray hoodie of a youth who was standing at the opposite side of the road. Locking eyes onto it, a strong message was sent , “i see you sicko!”, then promptly displaced myself from it’s presence, a shell of emptiness.

Those kids really need to gain an understanding of Aabaabika`ige, and its  teachings of “unlocking” , to include how it brings about  and spreads Wiiyagaapine , to die of lamentation, as in spiritual death.


The Youth would also be Wise to learn the extended teachings of 

Bagaak ; ultra-thin,  Skeletal Being, Bringer of Death and how “it” correlates to the teachings and values of AIM.


“I Hear the Voice of Rage and Ruin”


SawReArse – When Will They Ever Learn

October 21, 2013


James Swan of the United Urban Warrior Society, who has constantly said he is not part of AIM, has his diaper of lies and deception over flowing again, upset about AIM not being accepted at the Eastern Doorway.

In ref. to his recent comment on LRI’s fb page, in regards to his so called social relationship with  Denise , “I have not blocked her and visit with her from time to time.” ,  is absolutely hilarious for those who have witnessed his  womanizing, degrading responses to Denise and other women that stand up for Truth and Justice, while he maintains his stance to support the leadership (AIM) that ordered the execution of Annie Mae and the murderer’s (AIM members).

With each new day, that sawrearse (sorry ass) of dumbness re-defines the definition of Stupidity, nothing out of the norm really, for those who support such sickness and pass their twisted world views to the youth.

One of my fav. quotes from James, in ref to Borderlands Ranch, LRI, Pe`Sla and exploitation of spirituality;

“If they are abusing, exploiting or selling anything to do with lakota spirituality in the wrong way, I am against it” -James Swan-

Nothing like being an AIM  sawrearse (sorry ass) that knows the “right way” to abuse, eh?

Be sure not to miss one of his current pitiful song about people who refuse and will_not pony up with such Stupidity.

“Agitator Alert…10/19/2013 October 19, 2013 at 8:57am”

Extracted from above link: “There is a report by friends and other people out there about a guy named “Joe Wade” this guy is a piece of shit agitator! I have ran across him many times. Every time natives want to stand in unity and or Solidarity, this asshole shows up causing division and starts trouble, reminds me of the perfect example of “Cointelpro”.

Anytime A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) or any native group that includes past members, leaders Ect..Align,Gather together, support each other or make a unified stand, This snake crawls out from under his rock and starts shit! He is known to have many different alias and always starts slamming any one or thing to do with A.I.M. including U.U.W.S.

Mostly due to our support of Leonard Peltier. He is involved with a couple groups who are anti-Leonard Pelteir and Anti A.I.M.  One of which is suspected  to be hosted and or operated by retired FEDS.

Keep an eye out for this guy. Don’t buy into his Bullshit! He has a personal agenda against the Movement, and he don’t care who else he slanders and harasses to agitate them.

Currently he is starting to interject his hatred in the minds of those who are trying to support current issues in Canada..This is Classic Cointelpro..Simply delete him and his mentality from your events, groups and or pages.”


As long as they live in, and follow Darkness

When Will They Ever Learn


The Old Guard is Alive and Well

Drums of Blood


That Goose Can_Not Fly nor Can it Swim

October 17, 2013

spruceUntil people stop, backup and get rid of the modern day spiritual corruption, nothing will change. There is an old saying, “anything can be built/fixed is enough money is thrown at it”

Here we are 40yrs after ground zero , and grant after grant, after grant , with talking sticks , answering feathers, turning out murders/rapists/prisoners as pipe carriers, powwows that are carbon copies of one another from the northwest to the southeast with “princess’s and braves” being placed above all other for recognition and “prize monies”. AND on, and on, and on , with the blood of innocents “still” underlying much of the worldviews and corrupted teachings.

Ya know the Spruce Goose, was never going to be able to fly, sure after hords of monies was thrown at it, it lifted off the water for a few seconds, thou had it gained any altitude, it for sure would have crashed and burned. Had it sat in the water after it’s so called flight it would have SUNK.

Much is to be said for the modern day aspects of spiritual seduction, corrupted teachings, too many founded on grant after grant after grant monies and the corrupted teachings of culture and tradition initialed by the old guard mentality, still trying to hide truths about the blood of innocents.

i.e, That Goose Can_Not Fly nor Can it Swim.


sheepby: Denise Pictou Maloney

After a full weekend of reaffirming and reflecting the gratefulness and love I have for my family and friends locally in my little life I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and send love to all those I don’t get to see every day in Fb land. Those who have stood by me and continue to support me in my journey to expose the lies and hypocrisy surrounding the execution of my mother Annie Mae Pictou Aquash 37 years ago.

Recently several individuals felt compelled to private message me , I assume out of fear of taking me on publically and exposing the fact that their whole argument is based on name calling. I then after such a great weekend of reflection decided to write this to clarify a few things so that those who do not know me understand where I am coming from.

Sadly due to the fact that not all those who claim to be native activists, defenders of the land or warriors know the truth surrounding my mother’s murder it makes it necessary that I go on like a broken record at times sharing the facts and details of her horrific 72 hour ordeal. AS long as ndn country supports and turns a blind eye to those involved in instances of domestic violence and murder (like those involved with in AIM in the conspiracy to silence and murder Annie Mae) while waving their fists in the air for justice I will use my voice to educate those who do not know the truth.

Comments like” it was in the past, what about the other murders, we need to unite not divide, we need to get over it and move on and (my fave) I need to stop being so bitter and angry, are testaments of just how numb and disingenuous some have become and standing up and resisting has become more of a popularity contest than a matter of doing the right thing.

I do not stand up for my mother for approval or acknowledgment from the public. I do it because it is the right thing to do. The past is WHY we have to fight to protect our land. One murder or 100 murders , it does not trivialize the act. Unite? With individuals who have the blood of one of their own women on their hands (and at least 5- 6 others) who claim to be defenders of the land who ALSO support advocacy for missing and murdered women? I think Not!

If we are ever to be taken seriously we need to walk our talk. “Getting over it and moving on”? A common retort to the truth by those who support my mother’s conspirators and murderers is probably one of the most colonized statements I have ever heard. Yeah because everyone knows us NDNs need to just get over 400 years of oppression and colonization. Really??! And my fave, “stop being so bitter and angry”….lol…

Anger is an emotion that is presented when we have been wronged or an injustice has occurred. It is a reaction to a perceived threat to us, our loved ones, our property, our self-image, or some part of our identity. Yes I am angry, angry that a whole collective exists in NDN country of hypocrisy that falsely represents itself as advocacy for human rights and missing and murdered women.

Our nations want to UNITE? unite in morality, unite in protecting our women and children suffering from domestic abuse, unite in supporting our missing and murdered families regardless of who the perpetrator was, unite so victims can call out their abusers and not be ostracized by the community, and goddamn it unite in having the strength to use your voices individually.

We are not cattle or lemmings. Unite or UNTie .

Onigum and Bad Medicine


Pine Ridge Reservation Deaths To Be Re-investigated

Joe Wade> in ref to giving support for pursuing Justice, we are up to 4 youth deaths in our community over the last 6mths. No one knows anything, no one see’s anything.

AND now people want to start a nite-watch program, but are waiting for paperwork to be completed, geesh! , since when do people need “paperwork/contract/funding” to protect themselves? (opportunists at work again) , which will likely end up being nothing more than the Old Guard mentality, covering up, hiding and protecting those who kill off one another, while no one is held accountable, and the waterfall of sheep continues.


just 1yr ago, local so called community elder’s words in ref to youth, school, law enforcement accusations of racism.

“don’t worry Dennis will fix this”

in the last couple of months:
words about the kid that was suppose to have fallen off of a car

“god must really love the children to be calling them home”

more recent

“he gave his life like Jesus , so that other people could live”

and now some people are upset because the youth are trying to break away from those ill teachings, i.e the so called community TEAM is dissolving,

maybe the kids are starting to recognize how much b.s some of those so called elders are (i.e the old guard mentality)

and to think the local community tribal college has Dennis as a Honorary Elder advocate on the board of trusties.

The Old Guard is Alive and Well Here , Big Time!


The Ripple Effects of AIM’s  Warriors

What the Old Guard Spirituality has Produced

for the Youth

At time interval 14:50 the 70’s is mentioned briefly, and nowhere in the documentary is it mentioned how AIM teachings influenced these so called warriors. Not once was Violence against Women mentioned in this documentary, i.e to say AIM and it’s hand picked spiritual leaders sat in the background and did_nothing to restrict the ripple effects of corrupted teachings to migrate.

Welcome to modern day Native Pride that now includes Tribal Leadership and old people called Elders who support the  murderers of innocents, mentoring gang members.


Other Notes

Who Pays the Price?

Fernando and Isabelle Cloned into AIM Leadership


I Hope This Helps – WAKEUP NDN Country!

October 6, 2013


dI hope this helps for those who do not know my families journey… Occasionally when some are faced with the raw truth it is just too much to take in, ( especially if they have lived decades believing that a lie was the truth) their first instinct is to deny themselves that opportunity and to push it down with doubt and politically correct jargon as they try to find their footing. And while I understand that can be quite a transition for some and I am more than willing and have given many individuals the room to realize fact from fiction I will not get into a discussion of misinterpretations or the definition of anger as it serves me no purpose at this point in my journey. I will, however, share what I KNOW.

The center of my universe was my mother and she was senselessly and viciously murdered 37 years ago. As a human being I was taught and raised to believe that the taking of any life was wrong. I understood the concept of accidental death, sickness and of war and though I did not like it I knew sometimes it was necessary especially when defending our very existence. I was raised with strong morals, surrounded by resistance for most of my childhood and participated in many of the 70’s protests and marches with my mother. I knew about injustice, I knew about right from wrong and I knew the world was at times not fair .But I also was taught by my MOTHER that I had certain rights as a human being and that if I was able to, I should fight for those rights, no matter what.

That being said, my mother did not die in a war, she was kidnapped, interrogated, raped, viciously beaten till her teeth fell out, shot in the head and then dumped in a ravine to die and rot for several months before her body was discovered. Her murder became one of the biggest appropriated opportunities for AIM and the LPDC to use as shock therapy for ndn country exemplifying what happens when you “contest the big bad government”. Using fear mongering as their tool to silence our women into minding their own business, turning a blind eye and accepting levels of domestic abuse as more a matter of circumstance than a violation of their own rights. Rights these very same individuals claimed we all had.

When the AIM leadership and Peltier chose to lie about who did this to “their sister” the predisposed climate in our communities as a result of our nations historic systemic oppression, to their benefit, made it easy for ndn country to just accept that the big bad government had done this to one of our own woman warriors yet again. Between 2004-2010 when it was proven through four trials along with the testimony of 23 eye witnesses (who were Aim and ex AIM members) that it was in fact AIM members acting on leadership orders who did this to “their sister” the true nature of the liars club’s character and integrity became compromised. Once again they launched into a damage controlled frenzy of name calling and bad jacketing that was disturbingly similar to that which they subjected my mother to. I was called fed , FBI Pawn , pig lover, hysterically grief stricken, consumed by anger, revengeful, a hater, colonized, assimilated, and divisionary by those who supposedly coined the term “native resistance”. Not once was I called defender, daughter of a victim, truth seeker, or woman rights activist for that matter. Their only recourse was to personally attack me, the daughter of their supposed “sister “they all wept for 37 years ago.

When the opportunity again presented itself for the liars club to come clean and take responsibility, after the truth was exposed in 2010, once again the excuses, victimization and smoke and mirrors became their mantra. Now they will say the feds made them murder their own sister, that it was all a setup, in their attempts to try to distract and explain away that fact that they had all LIED for well over 28 years. Well they can keep their crocodile tears and call me all the names they want; it still will not change the truth. AIM members acting on leadership orders, facilitated and interrogated by Leonard Peltier, murdered Annie Mae. To add insult to injury the AIM leadership and Peltier both currently support the convicted murderer of Annie Mae, John Graham, all the while proclaiming they are advocates for justice, indigenous rights and women’s rights. So why, would the leadership of AIM and Peltier after three decades of lying and saying they knew nothing of what happened to Annie Mae, suddenly after the truth is exposed feel compelled to support the man who was convicted of murdering their “sister”? Through discovery it was learned that well over a dozen individuals stood by and watched as Annie Mae was kidnapped, tortured and marched off to her death. It was also discovered that there was an attempt by the AIM leadership (Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt) to create an alibi for John Graham and that he went into the house where the decision was made to execute Annie Mae. Meaning that Graham could name each and every person in that house and every other person he crossed paths with as an accomplice if he chose not to hold his silence. NOT support John Graham? I don’t think they can afford NOT to.

So back to the question. Am I angry? DAMN RIGHT I AM! As any free living human being who knows right from wrong should be. I do not need anyone’s acceptance or permission to feel human and to be completely disgusted and appalled that no longer do some in our communities abhor the death of our women anymore but now it is a matter of keeping the peace and being politically correct and unified in a fantasy filled lie?
While I appreciate the concern for my wellbeing and psyche while I continue my journey that I don’t become too obsessed and entrenched in “anger, please understand this, without that fueling myself and others, my mother would not have had any justice at all. Because unifying, holding hands and singing the AIM song certainly didn’t do much for any of the missing and murdered women to my recollection in the last 37 years. If anything it marginalized our women and excluded them feeling safe enough to speak the truth.

I did not kill anyone; I do not need to defend myself nor do I owe allegiance to anyone but to my deceased mother and those families with missing and murdered family members murdered by community members who are still suffering in silence for being ostracized for daring to speak against the collective . I do not need to make friends to ensure my mother’s justice is realized, I do not need thousands of supporters to spread the truth. As long as injustice exists on this planet and women are marginalized, bullied into silence and their lives are trivialized by a group of lying conniving people calling themselves warriors and political prisoners there is NO SUCH THING as being TOO ANGRY. The truth is the truth and there is not a damn thing anyone of them can do about it. (Except Lie) Those that know the truth know it in their hearts and that it will always prevail. I have managed to live a full, happy life despite this nightmare but also know that complete Peace comes with full justice and if there was a good reason to be angry it would be the realization that until then that our children will be left with this legacy of lies.

~ Denise Pictou Maloney ~



To Whom it may concern,
My name is Denise Maloney Pictou and I am the daughter of murdered AIM member Annie Mae Pictou Aquash.

It has been brought to my attention that there is an unofficial tribunal being conducted by the supporters and legal counsel of Leonard Peltier during the next 24 hours. In the last 9 years four trials were conducted regarding the murder of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash with the evidence and testimony of 23 witnesses, many of them AIM and ex AIM members. The four trials resulted in two convictions, one guilty plea and one acquittal exposing and proving that AIM members acting on Aim leadership orders ( which at the time included Dennis Banks, Clyde and Vernon Bellecourt, Leonard Crow Dog, John Trudell, Russell Means, Bill Means, David Hill et al) kidnapped, interrogated, beat, raped and executed Annie Mae in 1975.

It was also exposed that Leonard Peltier participated in several interrogations of Annie Mae by shoving a gun into her mouth and accusing her of being an informant. He had prior knowledge of the plans to execute my mother and is certainly at least complicit in the conspiracy to murder and silence her. He also bragged to my mother about shooting one of the murdered agents saying “he was begging for his life but I shot the mother f*cker anyway” (those are not the actions of someone using self defense) Currently Peltier publically supports John Graham the man convicted of executing my mother. IF his handlers and people are interested in real justice, his involvement, knowledge and participation in her interrogations and his very public support of Annie Maes murderer needs to be addressed.

Also Bruce Ellison, Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk and Debbie White Plume who are attending this “tribunal” were present at another interrogation at the WKLDOC offices in 1975 where Madonna and Loralie Decora Means slapped my mother around while her hands were tied.

Bruce insisted they untie her hands while they were beating her hours before she was taken to Bill Mean’s house where the vote was taken to execute her. This clearly biased one sided tribunal is being conducted by those directly involved and complicit in the murder of one of their own women.

They are rehashing history in attempts to hide the fact that they are all conspirators and bound to each other by the blood they have on their hands of one of their own women and the oath they all took to lie about it for 37 years. Annie Mae will have full justice.
Denise Maloney Pictou