That Goose Can_Not Fly nor Can it Swim

spruceUntil people stop, backup and get rid of the modern day spiritual corruption, nothing will change. There is an old saying, “anything can be built/fixed is enough money is thrown at it”

Here we are 40yrs after ground zero , and grant after grant, after grant , with talking sticks , answering feathers, turning out murders/rapists/prisoners as pipe carriers, powwows that are carbon copies of one another from the northwest to the southeast with “princess’s and braves” being placed above all other for recognition and “prize monies”. AND on, and on, and on , with the blood of innocents “still” underlying much of the worldviews and corrupted teachings.

Ya know the Spruce Goose, was never going to be able to fly, sure after hords of monies was thrown at it, it lifted off the water for a few seconds, thou had it gained any altitude, it for sure would have crashed and burned. Had it sat in the water after it’s so called flight it would have SUNK.

Much is to be said for the modern day aspects of spiritual seduction, corrupted teachings, too many founded on grant after grant after grant monies and the corrupted teachings of culture and tradition initialed by the old guard mentality, still trying to hide truths about the blood of innocents.

i.e, That Goose Can_Not Fly nor Can it Swim.


sheepby: Denise Pictou Maloney

After a full weekend of reaffirming and reflecting the gratefulness and love I have for my family and friends locally in my little life I wanted to take this opportunity to thank and send love to all those I don’t get to see every day in Fb land. Those who have stood by me and continue to support me in my journey to expose the lies and hypocrisy surrounding the execution of my mother Annie Mae Pictou Aquash 37 years ago.

Recently several individuals felt compelled to private message me , I assume out of fear of taking me on publically and exposing the fact that their whole argument is based on name calling. I then after such a great weekend of reflection decided to write this to clarify a few things so that those who do not know me understand where I am coming from.

Sadly due to the fact that not all those who claim to be native activists, defenders of the land or warriors know the truth surrounding my mother’s murder it makes it necessary that I go on like a broken record at times sharing the facts and details of her horrific 72 hour ordeal. AS long as ndn country supports and turns a blind eye to those involved in instances of domestic violence and murder (like those involved with in AIM in the conspiracy to silence and murder Annie Mae) while waving their fists in the air for justice I will use my voice to educate those who do not know the truth.

Comments like” it was in the past, what about the other murders, we need to unite not divide, we need to get over it and move on and (my fave) I need to stop being so bitter and angry, are testaments of just how numb and disingenuous some have become and standing up and resisting has become more of a popularity contest than a matter of doing the right thing.

I do not stand up for my mother for approval or acknowledgment from the public. I do it because it is the right thing to do. The past is WHY we have to fight to protect our land. One murder or 100 murders , it does not trivialize the act. Unite? With individuals who have the blood of one of their own women on their hands (and at least 5- 6 others) who claim to be defenders of the land who ALSO support advocacy for missing and murdered women? I think Not!

If we are ever to be taken seriously we need to walk our talk. “Getting over it and moving on”? A common retort to the truth by those who support my mother’s conspirators and murderers is probably one of the most colonized statements I have ever heard. Yeah because everyone knows us NDNs need to just get over 400 years of oppression and colonization. Really??! And my fave, “stop being so bitter and angry”….lol…

Anger is an emotion that is presented when we have been wronged or an injustice has occurred. It is a reaction to a perceived threat to us, our loved ones, our property, our self-image, or some part of our identity. Yes I am angry, angry that a whole collective exists in NDN country of hypocrisy that falsely represents itself as advocacy for human rights and missing and murdered women.

Our nations want to UNITE? unite in morality, unite in protecting our women and children suffering from domestic abuse, unite in supporting our missing and murdered families regardless of who the perpetrator was, unite so victims can call out their abusers and not be ostracized by the community, and goddamn it unite in having the strength to use your voices individually.

We are not cattle or lemmings. Unite or UNTie .

Onigum and Bad Medicine


Pine Ridge Reservation Deaths To Be Re-investigated

Joe Wade> in ref to giving support for pursuing Justice, we are up to 4 youth deaths in our community over the last 6mths. No one knows anything, no one see’s anything.

AND now people want to start a nite-watch program, but are waiting for paperwork to be completed, geesh! , since when do people need “paperwork/contract/funding” to protect themselves? (opportunists at work again) , which will likely end up being nothing more than the Old Guard mentality, covering up, hiding and protecting those who kill off one another, while no one is held accountable, and the waterfall of sheep continues.


just 1yr ago, local so called community elder’s words in ref to youth, school, law enforcement accusations of racism.

“don’t worry Dennis will fix this”

in the last couple of months:
words about the kid that was suppose to have fallen off of a car

“god must really love the children to be calling them home”

more recent

“he gave his life like Jesus , so that other people could live”

and now some people are upset because the youth are trying to break away from those ill teachings, i.e the so called community TEAM is dissolving,

maybe the kids are starting to recognize how much b.s some of those so called elders are (i.e the old guard mentality)

and to think the local community tribal college has Dennis as a Honorary Elder advocate on the board of trusties.

The Old Guard is Alive and Well Here , Big Time!


The Ripple Effects of AIM’s  Warriors

What the Old Guard Spirituality has Produced

for the Youth

At time interval 14:50 the 70’s is mentioned briefly, and nowhere in the documentary is it mentioned how AIM teachings influenced these so called warriors. Not once was Violence against Women mentioned in this documentary, i.e to say AIM and it’s hand picked spiritual leaders sat in the background and did_nothing to restrict the ripple effects of corrupted teachings to migrate.

Welcome to modern day Native Pride that now includes Tribal Leadership and old people called Elders who support the  murderers of innocents, mentoring gang members.


Other Notes

Who Pays the Price?

Fernando and Isabelle Cloned into AIM Leadership


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