SawReArse – When Will They Ever Learn


James Swan of the United Urban Warrior Society, who has constantly said he is not part of AIM, has his diaper of lies and deception over flowing again, upset about AIM not being accepted at the Eastern Doorway.

In ref. to his recent comment on LRI’s fb page, in regards to his so called social relationship with  Denise , “I have not blocked her and visit with her from time to time.” ,  is absolutely hilarious for those who have witnessed his  womanizing, degrading responses to Denise and other women that stand up for Truth and Justice, while he maintains his stance to support the leadership (AIM) that ordered the execution of Annie Mae and the murderer’s (AIM members).

With each new day, that sawrearse (sorry ass) of dumbness re-defines the definition of Stupidity, nothing out of the norm really, for those who support such sickness and pass their twisted world views to the youth.

One of my fav. quotes from James, in ref to Borderlands Ranch, LRI, Pe`Sla and exploitation of spirituality;

“If they are abusing, exploiting or selling anything to do with lakota spirituality in the wrong way, I am against it” -James Swan-

Nothing like being an AIM  sawrearse (sorry ass) that knows the “right way” to abuse, eh?

Be sure not to miss one of his current pitiful song about people who refuse and will_not pony up with such Stupidity.

“Agitator Alert…10/19/2013 October 19, 2013 at 8:57am”

Extracted from above link: “There is a report by friends and other people out there about a guy named “Joe Wade” this guy is a piece of shit agitator! I have ran across him many times. Every time natives want to stand in unity and or Solidarity, this asshole shows up causing division and starts trouble, reminds me of the perfect example of “Cointelpro”.

Anytime A.I.M. (American Indian Movement) or any native group that includes past members, leaders Ect..Align,Gather together, support each other or make a unified stand, This snake crawls out from under his rock and starts shit! He is known to have many different alias and always starts slamming any one or thing to do with A.I.M. including U.U.W.S.

Mostly due to our support of Leonard Peltier. He is involved with a couple groups who are anti-Leonard Pelteir and Anti A.I.M.  One of which is suspected  to be hosted and or operated by retired FEDS.

Keep an eye out for this guy. Don’t buy into his Bullshit! He has a personal agenda against the Movement, and he don’t care who else he slanders and harasses to agitate them.

Currently he is starting to interject his hatred in the minds of those who are trying to support current issues in Canada..This is Classic Cointelpro..Simply delete him and his mentality from your events, groups and or pages.”


As long as they live in, and follow Darkness

When Will They Ever Learn


The Old Guard is Alive and Well

Drums of Blood


3 Responses to “SawReArse – When Will They Ever Learn”

  1. rez Says:

    It’s always about an “alert” isn’t it? Predictably coupled with a dash or two of “Cointelpro” for good measure.
    The only “bullshit” that gets tossed around is this sort of “bullshit, an endless repetition of ignorance that expects everyone else to be equally ignorant.
    Anytime, anywhere the Hydra of AIM rears it’s ugly head it should be confronted whether it emanates from a swan or a magpie.

  2. jpwade Says:

    oh yes, confronted …. thou it does not take much with the likes of Swan and his sub-zero, gutterball IQ

  3. jpwade Says:

    Stephen E. W. Savage “Joe Wade was identified to me as an AIM-hater who was a possible violent provocateur of the violence at Elsipogtog workin’ for the “other side” and part and parcel with those who were trying to blacklist AIM (the American Indian Movement) based on the alleged actions of some icons that i do not support nor defend. my spurs have been earned calling out the icons of the organized AIM. right here. on Facebook.”

    Like Rezinate says “they just make that shit up”, pretty boy stephen, no different than dizzy and charmaine tissue, is another who adorns himself with AIM lingerie under their doorway with a little red light.

    for those who protect and support smucks with the blood of innocents on their hands, people such as Perry Ray Robinson Jr. (who was murdered by AIM) did not go to wk2 for “their” cause.

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