AIM – Bagaak – Wiiyagaapine

bagaakCame across this image at one of the  so called founding woman  of AIM,  granddaughters fb page.

The initial post which led to reviewing that persons page was relative to spirit houses (Midewin Burial Structures) which are being built by  AIM of Twin Cities & AIM Patrol of Minneapolis’s. To include AIM’s corporate logo carved (into the side, corrected 12-4-13) onto wood and placed at the burial,  a marking for a tradition of violence.

When one considers the mentality of those, who are directly affiliated with that group, family in our community and how they hold a strong degree of influence on the youth here, it is no wonder we have had so many youth deaths in the last 6mths , deaths which are very much a result of the  garbage teaching and values that sawrearse’s continue to push onto the kids with their sick spirit dishes.

“Consumption of the Childs Spirit”

There is a growing usage of such symbology in the above image by the youth and their mentors in these modern times as an icon for so called positive influence.

Just a few days ago, at first glance Bagaak showed itself under a  gray hoodie of a youth who was standing at the opposite side of the road. Locking eyes onto it, a strong message was sent , “i see you sicko!”, then promptly displaced myself from it’s presence, a shell of emptiness.

Those kids really need to gain an understanding of Aabaabika`ige, and its  teachings of “unlocking” , to include how it brings about  and spreads Wiiyagaapine , to die of lamentation, as in spiritual death.


The Youth would also be Wise to learn the extended teachings of 

Bagaak ; ultra-thin,  Skeletal Being, Bringer of Death and how “it” correlates to the teachings and values of AIM.


“I Hear the Voice of Rage and Ruin”


One Response to “AIM – Bagaak – Wiiyagaapine”

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