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Chief Frank Fools Crow: Knowledge and Truth Release date November 27, 2013

November 27, 2013

“This represents the material and spiritual aspects of the universe, and how they fit together. A young girl standing in the center represents Wakan Tanka as eternally youthful and pure with no darkness. ” …. …. extracted from;

Gift From The Ancestors

Authored by Suzanne Dupree
Introduction by Prof Calvin Dupree

Looking Back Woman-Suzanne Dupree blog

A book documenting The Spiritual Legacy of Oglala Ceremonial Chief Frank Fools Crow & Revival of the White Buffalo Calf Pipe Ceremonies and Sun Dances, 1970 – 1975 – FOOLS CROW: Knowledge and Truth will be released November 27th, 2013.


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Used Encyclopesia Salesmen & Silence of the Lambs

November 23, 2013

Nothing like being a used encyclopedia salesman that leads the youth into having their minds and spirit consumed.



jfkNo doubt in my mind, had Kennedy not been murdered, AIM would not have been promoted and led by “government handlers by the likes of the Nixon administration” (and onward) to continue new angles of termination policies.  AIM and now it’s ripple effects such as lastrealindians and other, such as IEN, ProtectheSacred, Honor the Earth, the 4 Winds of Bad Gas are all in bed with government handlers that are still pushing forward with termination policies under the cloak of so called tradition and spiritual seduction. While None_of_them, do anything for Truth & Justice for murdered innocents.

Letter on Indian Affairs from Senator John F. Kennedy to Mr. Oliver La Farge, President, Association of American Indian Affairs
October 28, 1960

“The program which my administration will support will not write Indian reservations and their population off as not worthy of any help, as has been the case under the present Republican administration. We pledge ourselves vigorously to a program of development of Indian communities, as suggested in the Indian point 4 program. ”

i.e to say people like James Abourezk would have been kicked to the curb without hesitation by JFK’s admin.

Not big on LBJ at all, thou he did support what Kennedy implemented.

LBJ – 113 – Special Message to the Congress on the Problems of the American Indian: “The Forgotten American.” March 6, 1968

“But recent landmark laws–the Economic Opportunity Act, the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Manpower Development and Training Act–have given us an opportunity to deal with the persistent problems of the American Indian. The time has come to focus our efforts on the plight of the American Indian through these and the other laws passed in the last few years. ”
The greatest hope for Indian progress lies in the emergence of Indian leadership and initiative in solving Indian problems. Indians must have a voice in making the plans and decisions in programs which are important to their daily life. “-LBJ- (note: LBJ’s choice of words and expressions in the whole of his message, (read it and compare to JFK’s worldview of people) reaks ignorance and prejudice)

Then came Nixon’s puppets, with his tin soldiers prompting AIM as indian leadership. It’s no wonder the  Drums of Blood idiot is so fond of that snake in the grass.

Yep, the long standing  agenda’s for termination, flipped over nite through Nixon , to a pretense of concern and care, while the co-hearts disguised as AIM jumped on their bandwagon to con many.

It is disgusting and pathetic that so many people were con’d into following , and continue to follow the lead of old guard mentality, bastardizing and corrupting traditions, beliefs and values, a continuance of “cultural genocide” created by supporting the blood of innocents on the hands.


The Anishinabe Tripple Crown Spiritual Ride for the XL Pipeline

wine-oGeorge Soros and the Tides Foundation with a twist of spiritual seduction , nothing like accepting money from that Rockefeller group of affiliates that are working to strip sovereignty from everyone with their one world order agenda, and Wino LaDuke, who is still drunk on her feats of  appropriation has the nerve to ask for donations from the public , along with her grant monies from those likes.

Winona’s working group of pony riding ndn’s, sucking up money from the unsuspecting , unknowing public through the give me donations gigs, monies that would be better applied putting food on tables or blankets on beds, amazing how much has been doled out to grifter activists, monies that never makes its way to tables or beds.

From Tides alone, (just for White Earth Land Recovery and Honor the Earth)
2010: HTE, 62,000.00, WELR, 14,000 =76,000
2011 HTE, 77,000 WELR,14000 = 91,000
2012 HTE,10,000 WELR,20,000 = 30,000
(just shy a quarter of a million dollars)

So who’s next  to promote for Soros and boys? Indigenous Environmental Network, another puppet that in 2010 to 2012 accepted almost a half million from the Rockefeller gang

2011: 172,000

Yep, Spiritual Seduction and Gimmie, Gimmie, Gimmie , you owe it, and we are entitled to it, because of columbus ya know.

mpSuch a joke it is and an oxy moron especially when the likes of Goldtooth of IEN says , paraphrased “the only time they ask us for support is when they need token indians, but we accept their money anyhow” LOL!, that’s quite the pimps these guys support and work with.

People should be asking people like Winona LaDuke and Marty Cobenais to start being real activists and start taking care of those within the Nation in our back yards, in place of riding around playing NDN.

Anishinaabe Spiritual Horse Ride?

(called the Triple Crown because it has 3 legs to the ride)

A dog with 3 legs, has more spirit and loyalty to the Nations than that 3 Legged  Dog and Pony show.


Yep, “they” put the Heart of the Nations around the Bend.

Perhaps people should do their research on Winona’s father, Vincent LaDuke (SunBear) who established her spiritual foundation, and his infamous writings about his Bear Clan, and books for the Hollywierd Jet Set to gain an understanding of Winona’s foundation of teachings and early indoctrination of appropriating and exploiting culture.

It is true, “we can not pick our relatives” , while at the same instance , we are not obligated to follow their lead either, and just because someone might be closely blood related , does not mean we should endorse, accept or support vile behavior that goes against traditions and being human.

Winona, learned well from her father through her early years of tagging along with his dog and pony show, and then attended Harvard, where she acquired “corporate marketing knowledge and skills” to bring cultural appropriation to heightened levels of corrupting traditions for self serving needs, that Winona to this day applies to “her” path created by her father, one of her primary mentors of culture and tradition (i.e culture and traditions of  those who appropriate beliefs, values, etc.).

Of the Millions and Millions of dollars Winona has acquired through grant monies and donations , secured through her appropriation tactics, perhaps someone can explain “WHY” are so many people on the reservation she claims as the home of her ancestry still in such dire POVERTY?

(appended to blog 1-7-2014)

New Blankets for the NDN Ponies

horRest and feed after the Triple Crown Ride. One of our hardest winters in MN. history this season is, Energy Assistance at peak levels, Tribal Members expelling their finances striving to stay warm, reducing nutrition for all. Perhaps it would be better for people to be a pony in place of a being of humanity. Pony Riding “NDN’s” do_not provide for the Nations …. Get it?

Of the millions on top of millions for the Green Energy Wind Turban Project at White Earth, how much  has actually helped to ease the burden for  poverty stricken tribal members? Darn near  ZIP !!! , thou 2 small reservation buildings energy needs are now being supplemented with Mrs. Green Energy’s self promoting funding grab,  from multiple groups to “prop herself” as a Green Energy Queen. Would all the effort and energy that resulted to standing in front of a turban for self promo’s been better spent of doing something for those in need?

It is maddening that people and funding groups continue to dole out gobs of money for people to plaster their face on outreach and PR campaigns to promote their_self.

obsTwo wind turbans, that amount to not much more than bicycle tires with blades on them, one 35kw turban generating energy for the building supply facility.

GREAT! , let’s keep the nails, glue and paint warm! ….


Eight Years & an Excess of Two Million Dollars

A success story, Get Real!


SunBear and his Bear Tribe teachings are what they are, Self Serving Cultural Appropriation

“Her lecture entitled, “Idle No More, Harper’s Big Oil Economy, and All our Relations,”

Such a great Spin eh? ,  not unexpected from those who serve  puppet masters like Rockefeller Funding /360org / Tides Foundation , the  working groups of George Soros.

Get On-Board for the OWO, TOO FUNNY !!!!

I’ve got a Story  that has No Morals

I’ve got a  Dance that ain’t got no Steps

Winona Flys High like a bird up in the the Sky ???

That Goose Can_Not Fly nor Can it Swim

Singing to those who_are_not  friends of the Nations

The only thing Green about this gig , is “their” Wallet

The Bear Clan?  the result of Vincent’s Bear Tribe Vision’s

SunBear, Yogi, Boo Boo,  and HollyWierd

(end of 1-7-2014 append)


Those monies grabbed while “using” ancestry like a shawl of identity, would_have been better applied toward those of the Nations in need or “viable economic programs” for the reservation (instead of for herself under the pretense of the reservation) , instead of her Dog and Pony NDN rides, that use spiritual seduction, that she leads people to believe are representative of the Nations.

Yes, Winona is a person who does_nothing for Truth and Justice, as she ponies around saying she is Honoring Earth  , who at the same instance pays tribute and endorses people who support the murderers of innocent carriers of life.  Winona should double check “her teaching” about protection of the womb.

Such a vile way to represent eh? Foul as Foul can get for people to exploit culture, tradition and ancestry in such ways.

At the same instance, it’s quite humoring  how the ripple effects of SunBear continues to ring out.

Maybe “they” should do a triple crown Anishinaabe Food for the table, blankets for the beds for those in need , spiritual pony up show too

I doubt seriously any monies collected would go to those in need, except the grant opportunists that support one another as they pretend to be protectors.

The Spiritual Horse Ride is  called the Triple Crown because there are 3 legs to that Spiritual Ride, i.e to say those 3 legged pony ride promoters are quite limp, pretending to hold traditionally secured  spiritual foundations.

A dog is here, a dog is there, my dog, he’s got 3 legs, but he can’t run, and at one time i thought those yoyo’s were friends of the Nations.


Yes, had Kennedy not been murdered, I doubt seriously the likes of those mentioned in this blog , who are nothing more than used encyclopedia salesmen, trying to create his_story of  traditions, beliefs and values,  would be Silencing the Lambs,  for  minds and spirits to be consumed.

Their actions of silence amount to not much more than, consumption of the child’s spirit,   leading lambs by way of silence to a slaughter alter.


If You Tolerate This, You’re Children Will be Next

yep, so many turned into gutless wanderer’s,


Those who Appropriate are in Reality

Not_Standing with the Ancestry of the Nations 

“Cultural appropriation is a by-product of imperialism, capitalism, oppression, and assimilation. Imperialism is the creation and maintenance of an unequal cultural, economic and territorial relationship, usually between states and often in the form of an empire, based on domination and subordination. Imperialism functions by subordinating groups of people and territories and extracting everything of value from the colonized people and territories. In the case of cultural appropriation, culture is treated as a “natural resource” to extract from People’s beliefs, values and traditions.

Cultural appropriation is profitable. Objects and traditions (but not the people) of marginalized cultures are seen by the dominant culture as exotic, edgy, and desirable, which translates into profits. Capitalism works best when people are not individual people with celebrated differences, but identical workers, cogs in the machine. Once diverse cultural identities are stripped away, the only culture left to identify with is capitalism culture.

This is one aspect of assimilation, in which marginalized communities lose their cultural markers and are folded into the dominant culture.”


China Dolls Trying to Walk the Fence Post

November 16, 2013

“We’ll im here to tell you now each and every mother’s son,
You better learn it fast  you better learn it young,
Cause Someday never comes” ~CCR~

SomeDay You’ll Under_Stand , then again perhaps , SomeDay Never Comes, for those who stand and do_nothing for Truth and Justice while they continue to pass on teachings of how to be a  China Doll.


cddMade in China, in years past categorized products as Cheap. As years have gone by China’s product line is now considered by some as a worthy purchase, thou as many other understand, the life expectancy of such products hit the trash can only to drive consumers to purchase more, with hopes they will get something of value and worth.

Much is the same for those who try to walk the fence post of Truth and Justice, they “believe” based on their “values”, that there is not a  line in the sand that ancestry does not condone (Cheap Values). Such as promoting the murders of innocents (especially life carriers of our future generations) , conducting ceremony for the supporters of the murderers of innocents, yep , the  China Dolls of modern day so called honorable, respectable so called spiritual role models continue to dish out vial values , trying to create  cabbage patch doll frenzies of what is valued to hold.

They try to prop themselves higher and higher on acts of appropriating culture and other Nations struggles, that in the past , the China Dolls never gave time for. Fashionable to be a China Dolls , eh?

rddAll of a sudden the China Doll in this fb posting has jumped on the exploitation wagon using the Elsi Fracking protest and people  of  the EasternDoorWay  as he tries to hop form fence post to fence post.

Not unexpected for the indoctrinated shAIMster mentality that shows so clearly in his mannerism.

Aparently Robert does not comprehend the stance of the Mikmaq relative to those he shores up with, i.e the AIM brotherhood/members that support the murderers of Annie Mae. Nor does he show any regard or respect for the stance of the Lnu (People of the Dawn).

The modern day shAIMster traditionalist , will it ever change? I don’t think so, it’s just the nature of those China Dolls.

yes, lets “attack” mascot names, explorers such as columbus , communities and law enforcement by labeling them “racists” and lets attack turkey day, while at the same instance promote so called  1st nations champions that are directly responsible for the murder of innocent people and hug up to the supporters of such sickness.

A support and promotion mechanism that continues to profoundly screw up traditions, beliefs and values under the pretense of being trustworthy and  honorable of ancestry. China Dolls that do_nothing for awareness of, or do_nothing for “Truth and Justice” for people such as (to name a few);

Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr.

Annie Mae and other innocents;

Innocents as reported by Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter

The Mannequin Man, April 22, 1973, Easter Sunday, Cross hanging of a man inside Wounded Knee accused of being an informant.

Those cheap dolls continue to walk in the shadow’s of Bagaak  and  support sickness while they do_nothing to stop “it’s” migration, only to do a great job at creating long and lasting lastrealindians, the ripple effects of AIM. With leadership, role models and followers as such, do not expect the exponential escalation of violent statistics in NDN country to taper off any time soon.


bjHow I Love Bluejay, always something interesting in her inbox msgs!!!

Blocked by the China Doll, and now labled a Stalker, LOL!

“apparently there is someone, a Native person, who has chosen to stalk me and defame my character. But I’m cool. Gichi-Manidoo didn’t put me on Mother Earth to win popularity contests. I don’t consider myself a leader nor am I a follower. I just do what I do…things that I perceive as positive. Naming names ain’t my game…so this person will be unnamed. This person was blocked but has found a few other ways to keep up their pathetic attack. My elders taught me that the most important word to know is “zhawenim” – to have compassion for others, regardless of who they are and what they’ve done to you. It’s about thinking with one’s heart and forgiveness. I’ll think about that when I put some asemaa down for this person.” ~The China Doll~

 “but has found a few other ways to keep_up_their_ pathetic  attack.

went from singular person to multiple people eh? , too cute, yep, its not unexpected for people to get tired of those who talk out of both sides at the same instance.

How quaint, i am blocked, lol, “if “it’s me the China Doll is referring to, he can have his cheap medicine back.


Those who strive to keep truths in the lime light will be blundered and ostracized by the blAIM mentality , teachings and the old guard will continue to feed on the life and spirit of the Nations.

People can put their art work, poetry, writings, self serving recognition ahead of truths all they want and in doing so they will continue to be enablers for continued illness, it’s just the way things work.

An Interesting fb Dialog with the China Doll

**** below in part, extracted from above link ****


• Joe Wade Robert, quit evading the question for understanding, eh? or will you be like Jason and be to weak to state your beliefs and values?

in ref to Matthew King , here is a refresher ,
May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.”
7 hours ago • Like

• Joe Wade question for understanding again; “Robert, so you feel it is productive for the youth, culture, and tradition to promote people who support the murderers of innocents, such as Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson Jr. , and the other innocents reported by Mathew King (who was Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter during wk2) to the FBI?”
7 hours ago • Like

• Denise Pictou Maloney You know what guys I am not interested into getting into a pissing contest here I will provide documents and proof to those that have requested it and for the record William I am not a troll, I am a daughter defending and fighting for my mothers right to life and justice . In very much the same way some of you say you remember my mother behaved. The facts are this AIM members and they all proudly claim membership ordered , kidnapped, beat, raped and executed one of their own women. They then lied for 38 years and said it was the feds who shot my mother. After the trials Clyde Bellecourt AND Leonard Peltier publically claimed support for the trigger man John Graham ( who was in the house in Rosebud and can name each and everyone of those involved in the vote to execute Annie Mae) Yes trials have proven and convicted 2 individuals who are serving life sentences , one guilty plea and an acquittal were also results of those trials. We are now at the conspirator level which is the inner circle who facilitated and stood by and who now currently publically support Graham hoping he never starts talking. Clyde uses AIM to hide his personal individual responsibility. My mothers murderers proudly claim they have AIMs Support. So it appears the discrepancy and confusion lies within AIM Inc. IF you are calling your selves AIM and Clyde supports women killers and he says he owns AIM then where is the distinguishing difference ? Maybe you should all ask him or think about calling yourselves something else?
7 hours ago • Like • 1

• Robert DesJarlait I don’t have to state my beliefs or values, they speak for themselves through my actions. People know who I am…and they are the ones who decide if I do good things in the community. I sure as fuck don’t need your worthless opinion as to who I am.
7 hours ago • Like • 3

• Joe Wade whoa, that last reply says volumes, yes your words speak volumes, tah, tah ….
7 hours ago • Like • 1

• Robert DesJarlait Fuck off

Nothing like Traditional China Dolls with Cheap Medicine , eh?


Hey China Doll, In closing, your side kick support group that goes about threatening people with weak cult medicine actions as noted in the lyrics below ,   will not break the Truths

Those Cloned residential schooling tactics are , what they are, soggy oats , not accepted, and returned to where it rightfully belongs


We’lain , from Annie Mae’s Family

November 3, 2013

dby: Denise Pictou Maloney

On behalf of my family, of murdered Mikmaq activist Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, I would like to thank those responsible for removing supporters of my mothers’ murderer from the protest site in Elsipogtog.

Had my mother lived she would have been right there with you all and stood strong heartedly with Elsi in protecting our water and preventing the raping of our mother earth.

Four trials in the last 9 years that have resulted in two convictions, a guilty plea, and an acquittal have proven that Woman Warrior Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was betrayed, kidnapped, interrogated, raped, beat and executed by AIM members acting on AIM leadership orders.

Seven years ago when the truth was exposed Mikmagi warriors in support of our family stated that no individuals supporting AIM or Leonard Peltier would be welcome in Mikmaq territory until responsibility was taken. We are humbled and honored that her brothers and sisters did not betray her and kept their promise.

In the last several days I have been attacked publically and privately and called liar and accused of spreading rumors between AIM factions and their supporters in the states who sympathize with AIM and Leonard Peltier who both currently and publicly support my mothers’ facilitators, conspirators and murderers.

I encourage anyone who needs more information and facts regarding the murder of Annie Mae to contact me directly.

The events over the last week have sadly reminded me of the gaping hole left in our lives and I was comforted and humbled knowing in my heart that peaceful persistent resistance and the sacrifice of those who camped out at the site will and did eventually succeed as we saw today with the denial of the SWN injunction extension. Congratulations Mikmagi.

From the bottom of our hearts, We’lain XO

In the spirit of my mother,
Denise Pictou Maloney


A video memorial created by Annie Maes grandson to commemorate what would have been her 65th birthday.



Oct. 18, 2013;

SO I understand that supporters of the murderers of Mikmaq warrior Annie Mae have been invited to Mikmagi to fight our battles for us?

Seriously?? Harrison Helkcrow and AIM are in Mikmagi and we are wondering why fires are set and violence erupted? This shit didn’t work in wk11 why do they think it will work in MIkmagi?!!


~Denise Pictou Maloney~


Oct. 19, 2013


Fresh from the pages of Lastrealindians
We are getting messages that some AIM members are not welcome at the #Elsipogtog Blockade and have been told to leave the blockade by Mi’kMaq warriors. [can anyone confirm/deny this] Everyone everywhere who was born in the 1970s or after needs to own our struggle; we cannot be diverted from this powerful responsibility of our time to restore balance on Mother Earth and with humanity. We would certainly hope AIM is not being asked to leave #Elsipogtog because now more than ever we need each other; from the Atlantic to the pacific, from the arctic of TurtleIsland to the southern tip of Abyayala this land is our land. From Tecumseh to SittingBull our great warrior-philosophers have counseled us to lay aside our language & territorial differences to fight the common enemy greed that has attacked the peace in our hearts & minds since contact. We pray the AIM members already on their way to #Elsipogtog are welcomed as relatives the same as we will welcome Mi’kMaq in the NorthernPlains when that time arrives here. It matters not what we call the movement and it’s warriors be that AIM, NYM, Warrior Society, Tokalas, Stronghearts, DogSoldiers, we are all creeks flowing into the same river. This is not the century for division. Purify our atmosphere.


Oct. 20, 2013

” We don’t think we are creating division at all we think this platform shows that we have these 40 year old harsh divisions that need closure. This is not our beef to perpetuate. We want justice for Anna Mae, a Tru warrior. Be it the CIA or AIM” ~Lastrealindians~

Dear Lastrealindians , I do not believe you, since you blocked and banned me from sharing the facts and truth that pertain to justice for Annie Mae over a year ago. It IS your beef to perpetuate because you are supporting AIM members including Leonard Peltier who are directly involved in the cover up and conspiracy of her murder. Is it any surprise that one of your LRI creators is related to those with knowledge of what happened to Annie Mae.?

You want to know why AIM has been uninvited to the protest? Look up the definition of betrayal and lying. Clyde Bellecourt owns AIM ( his words) he states if you are not going thru him you are not AIM. He along with Leonard Peltier CURRENTLY publically supports and stands behind the murderer of Annie Mae including Leonard who shoved a gun in Annie Maes mouth interrogating her and spearheading the bad jacketing campaign that led to her execution.

They have ALL lied for 37 years. That is NOT wanting justice for Annie Mae. That’s called hiding the truth with smoke and mirrors. shAIM on you! And believe me it is AIM. If there was CIA it was your beloved AIM leadership who protected them all these years. Welcome to the truth . ~Denise Pictou Maloney~


“There are no Secrets, There is no Magic, there is only Common Sense” ~RedRain~

Time keeps on slipping into the future …. there’s a solution