We’lain , from Annie Mae’s Family

dby: Denise Pictou Maloney

On behalf of my family, of murdered Mikmaq activist Annie Mae Pictou Aquash, I would like to thank those responsible for removing supporters of my mothers’ murderer from the protest site in Elsipogtog.

Had my mother lived she would have been right there with you all and stood strong heartedly with Elsi in protecting our water and preventing the raping of our mother earth.

Four trials in the last 9 years that have resulted in two convictions, a guilty plea, and an acquittal have proven that Woman Warrior Annie Mae Pictou Aquash was betrayed, kidnapped, interrogated, raped, beat and executed by AIM members acting on AIM leadership orders.

Seven years ago when the truth was exposed Mikmagi warriors in support of our family stated that no individuals supporting AIM or Leonard Peltier would be welcome in Mikmaq territory until responsibility was taken. We are humbled and honored that her brothers and sisters did not betray her and kept their promise.

In the last several days I have been attacked publically and privately and called liar and accused of spreading rumors between AIM factions and their supporters in the states who sympathize with AIM and Leonard Peltier who both currently and publicly support my mothers’ facilitators, conspirators and murderers.

I encourage anyone who needs more information and facts regarding the murder of Annie Mae to contact me directly.

The events over the last week have sadly reminded me of the gaping hole left in our lives and I was comforted and humbled knowing in my heart that peaceful persistent resistance and the sacrifice of those who camped out at the site will and did eventually succeed as we saw today with the denial of the SWN injunction extension. Congratulations Mikmagi.

From the bottom of our hearts, We’lain XO

In the spirit of my mother,
Denise Pictou Maloney


A video memorial created by Annie Maes grandson to commemorate what would have been her 65th birthday.



Oct. 18, 2013;

SO I understand that supporters of the murderers of Mikmaq warrior Annie Mae have been invited to Mikmagi to fight our battles for us?

Seriously?? Harrison Helkcrow and AIM are in Mikmagi and we are wondering why fires are set and violence erupted? This shit didn’t work in wk11 why do they think it will work in MIkmagi?!!


~Denise Pictou Maloney~


Oct. 19, 2013


Fresh from the pages of Lastrealindians
We are getting messages that some AIM members are not welcome at the #Elsipogtog Blockade and have been told to leave the blockade by Mi’kMaq warriors. [can anyone confirm/deny this] Everyone everywhere who was born in the 1970s or after needs to own our struggle; we cannot be diverted from this powerful responsibility of our time to restore balance on Mother Earth and with humanity. We would certainly hope AIM is not being asked to leave #Elsipogtog because now more than ever we need each other; from the Atlantic to the pacific, from the arctic of TurtleIsland to the southern tip of Abyayala this land is our land. From Tecumseh to SittingBull our great warrior-philosophers have counseled us to lay aside our language & territorial differences to fight the common enemy greed that has attacked the peace in our hearts & minds since contact. We pray the AIM members already on their way to #Elsipogtog are welcomed as relatives the same as we will welcome Mi’kMaq in the NorthernPlains when that time arrives here. It matters not what we call the movement and it’s warriors be that AIM, NYM, Warrior Society, Tokalas, Stronghearts, DogSoldiers, we are all creeks flowing into the same river. This is not the century for division. Purify our atmosphere.


Oct. 20, 2013

” We don’t think we are creating division at all we think this platform shows that we have these 40 year old harsh divisions that need closure. This is not our beef to perpetuate. We want justice for Anna Mae, a Tru warrior. Be it the CIA or AIM” ~Lastrealindians~

Dear Lastrealindians , I do not believe you, since you blocked and banned me from sharing the facts and truth that pertain to justice for Annie Mae over a year ago. It IS your beef to perpetuate because you are supporting AIM members including Leonard Peltier who are directly involved in the cover up and conspiracy of her murder. Is it any surprise that one of your LRI creators is related to those with knowledge of what happened to Annie Mae.?

You want to know why AIM has been uninvited to the protest? Look up the definition of betrayal and lying. Clyde Bellecourt owns AIM ( his words) he states if you are not going thru him you are not AIM. He along with Leonard Peltier CURRENTLY publically supports and stands behind the murderer of Annie Mae including Leonard who shoved a gun in Annie Maes mouth interrogating her and spearheading the bad jacketing campaign that led to her execution.

They have ALL lied for 37 years. That is NOT wanting justice for Annie Mae. That’s called hiding the truth with smoke and mirrors. shAIM on you! And believe me it is AIM. If there was CIA it was your beloved AIM leadership who protected them all these years. Welcome to the truth . ~Denise Pictou Maloney~


“There are no Secrets, There is no Magic, there is only Common Sense” ~RedRain~

Time keeps on slipping into the future …. there’s a solution



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