China Dolls Trying to Walk the Fence Post

“We’ll im here to tell you now each and every mother’s son,
You better learn it fast  you better learn it young,
Cause Someday never comes” ~CCR~

SomeDay You’ll Under_Stand , then again perhaps , SomeDay Never Comes, for those who stand and do_nothing for Truth and Justice while they continue to pass on teachings of how to be a  China Doll.


cddMade in China, in years past categorized products as Cheap. As years have gone by China’s product line is now considered by some as a worthy purchase, thou as many other understand, the life expectancy of such products hit the trash can only to drive consumers to purchase more, with hopes they will get something of value and worth.

Much is the same for those who try to walk the fence post of Truth and Justice, they “believe” based on their “values”, that there is not a  line in the sand that ancestry does not condone (Cheap Values). Such as promoting the murders of innocents (especially life carriers of our future generations) , conducting ceremony for the supporters of the murderers of innocents, yep , the  China Dolls of modern day so called honorable, respectable so called spiritual role models continue to dish out vial values , trying to create  cabbage patch doll frenzies of what is valued to hold.

They try to prop themselves higher and higher on acts of appropriating culture and other Nations struggles, that in the past , the China Dolls never gave time for. Fashionable to be a China Dolls , eh?

rddAll of a sudden the China Doll in this fb posting has jumped on the exploitation wagon using the Elsi Fracking protest and people  of  the EasternDoorWay  as he tries to hop form fence post to fence post.

Not unexpected for the indoctrinated shAIMster mentality that shows so clearly in his mannerism.

Aparently Robert does not comprehend the stance of the Mikmaq relative to those he shores up with, i.e the AIM brotherhood/members that support the murderers of Annie Mae. Nor does he show any regard or respect for the stance of the Lnu (People of the Dawn).

The modern day shAIMster traditionalist , will it ever change? I don’t think so, it’s just the nature of those China Dolls.

yes, lets “attack” mascot names, explorers such as columbus , communities and law enforcement by labeling them “racists” and lets attack turkey day, while at the same instance promote so called  1st nations champions that are directly responsible for the murder of innocent people and hug up to the supporters of such sickness.

A support and promotion mechanism that continues to profoundly screw up traditions, beliefs and values under the pretense of being trustworthy and  honorable of ancestry. China Dolls that do_nothing for awareness of, or do_nothing for “Truth and Justice” for people such as (to name a few);

Justice For Perry Ray Robinson, Jr.

Annie Mae and other innocents;

Innocents as reported by Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter

The Mannequin Man, April 22, 1973, Easter Sunday, Cross hanging of a man inside Wounded Knee accused of being an informant.

Those cheap dolls continue to walk in the shadow’s of Bagaak  and  support sickness while they do_nothing to stop “it’s” migration, only to do a great job at creating long and lasting lastrealindians, the ripple effects of AIM. With leadership, role models and followers as such, do not expect the exponential escalation of violent statistics in NDN country to taper off any time soon.


bjHow I Love Bluejay, always something interesting in her inbox msgs!!!

Blocked by the China Doll, and now labled a Stalker, LOL!

“apparently there is someone, a Native person, who has chosen to stalk me and defame my character. But I’m cool. Gichi-Manidoo didn’t put me on Mother Earth to win popularity contests. I don’t consider myself a leader nor am I a follower. I just do what I do…things that I perceive as positive. Naming names ain’t my game…so this person will be unnamed. This person was blocked but has found a few other ways to keep up their pathetic attack. My elders taught me that the most important word to know is “zhawenim” – to have compassion for others, regardless of who they are and what they’ve done to you. It’s about thinking with one’s heart and forgiveness. I’ll think about that when I put some asemaa down for this person.” ~The China Doll~

 “but has found a few other ways to keep_up_their_ pathetic  attack.

went from singular person to multiple people eh? , too cute, yep, its not unexpected for people to get tired of those who talk out of both sides at the same instance.

How quaint, i am blocked, lol, “if “it’s me the China Doll is referring to, he can have his cheap medicine back.


Those who strive to keep truths in the lime light will be blundered and ostracized by the blAIM mentality , teachings and the old guard will continue to feed on the life and spirit of the Nations.

People can put their art work, poetry, writings, self serving recognition ahead of truths all they want and in doing so they will continue to be enablers for continued illness, it’s just the way things work.

An Interesting fb Dialog with the China Doll

**** below in part, extracted from above link ****


• Joe Wade Robert, quit evading the question for understanding, eh? or will you be like Jason and be to weak to state your beliefs and values?

in ref to Matthew King , here is a refresher ,
May 13, 1973: Matthew King, an Oglala elder and interpreter for Chief Frank Fools Crow, who spent time inside Wounded Knee and as a negotiator reports to the FBI that there is as many as “12” graves containing the bodies of several unidentified female corpses “just outside the perimeter of Wounded Knee.”
7 hours ago • Like

• Joe Wade question for understanding again; “Robert, so you feel it is productive for the youth, culture, and tradition to promote people who support the murderers of innocents, such as Annie Mae, Perry Ray Robinson Jr. , and the other innocents reported by Mathew King (who was Frank Fools Crow’s interpreter during wk2) to the FBI?”
7 hours ago • Like

• Denise Pictou Maloney You know what guys I am not interested into getting into a pissing contest here I will provide documents and proof to those that have requested it and for the record William I am not a troll, I am a daughter defending and fighting for my mothers right to life and justice . In very much the same way some of you say you remember my mother behaved. The facts are this AIM members and they all proudly claim membership ordered , kidnapped, beat, raped and executed one of their own women. They then lied for 38 years and said it was the feds who shot my mother. After the trials Clyde Bellecourt AND Leonard Peltier publically claimed support for the trigger man John Graham ( who was in the house in Rosebud and can name each and everyone of those involved in the vote to execute Annie Mae) Yes trials have proven and convicted 2 individuals who are serving life sentences , one guilty plea and an acquittal were also results of those trials. We are now at the conspirator level which is the inner circle who facilitated and stood by and who now currently publically support Graham hoping he never starts talking. Clyde uses AIM to hide his personal individual responsibility. My mothers murderers proudly claim they have AIMs Support. So it appears the discrepancy and confusion lies within AIM Inc. IF you are calling your selves AIM and Clyde supports women killers and he says he owns AIM then where is the distinguishing difference ? Maybe you should all ask him or think about calling yourselves something else?
7 hours ago • Like • 1

• Robert DesJarlait I don’t have to state my beliefs or values, they speak for themselves through my actions. People know who I am…and they are the ones who decide if I do good things in the community. I sure as fuck don’t need your worthless opinion as to who I am.
7 hours ago • Like • 3

• Joe Wade whoa, that last reply says volumes, yes your words speak volumes, tah, tah ….
7 hours ago • Like • 1

• Robert DesJarlait Fuck off

Nothing like Traditional China Dolls with Cheap Medicine , eh?


Hey China Doll, In closing, your side kick support group that goes about threatening people with weak cult medicine actions as noted in the lyrics below ,   will not break the Truths

Those Cloned residential schooling tactics are , what they are, soggy oats , not accepted, and returned to where it rightfully belongs



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