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3 Responses to “chase_terrance”

  1. rezinate Says:

    “Photo bombing”, an internet phenomena that can be hilarious at times
    and at others a little transparent. Kind of reminds me in some instances of groupies who exist for the sole purpose of having their photo taken with a recognizable person to enhance their perceived standing.
    Recognizable people like the prez, actors or actresses, sports figures, rock stars,or social commentators like Noam Chomsky or Terrance Nelson.
    If it’s about removing the element of fear and intimidation AIM should have been removed decades ago.

  2. PHOTO BOMBING | Rezinate's Blog Says:

    […]… Personally I don’t understand a lot of the crazes-once they catch on though it’s like lemmings to the sea, a headlong rush. […]

  3. Photo Bombing | AlternativeNewsToMe1 Says:

    […] (Image from Influenced To Death) […]

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