AIM & Cheap Treats 2

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AIM and Cheap Treats 2

Received on 1-3-2014 ,  another Death Threat to Start off the New Year

Return Address:

601 E. Street NW

Washington, DC 20049

Send to Address:

Elivadeth Wade – as in Hell of a Death Wade


So what is it Boyz, you and the government handlers a bit upset again?  Still resorting to you pathetic GI Joe Syndrome acts to try and intimidate people with Cheap Treats, since your Weak Cheap Medicine and Ceremonies are not effective, LOL!

Such a pathetic group of sickness you guys reside with

Yep, tracked and logged with the local authorities …. Guess What, some people will never bow down to your sickness 🙂

A Message to the Sicko’s


In the Spirit ….
Justice for Annie Mae Pictou Aquash  Woman Warrior

What Kind of Bird Does not Fly?




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    […] Influenced to Death […]

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